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Recent posts by Emil Spoerri

Howdy, my name is Emil, I'm from the Catskill Mountains in New York and grew up on the Delaware River. I have been on a food journey for many years and deeply involved with the practice and study of organic agriculture my whole adult life. I have a lifelong profound interest and curiosity of plants and animals. I live an extraordinary and eccesntric life. I am a connoisseur and food is the primary import in my life. I am a maverick and a leader, a student of history and carry the import of those great philosophers who came before me. I try to be a benevolent if non participary to modern society, I live to be the change I want to see in the world.

I collect exotic tropical fruit trees in the food forest orchard I have planted on a tidal creek, I have over 25 varieties of mango from around the world, Borneo red jackfruits, sapotes and annonas, coconhts and more. I aspire to shepherd countless generations of a broad diversity of animals, not limited to traditional livestock, I am now expanding my agricultural horizons and investing in production of tropical fish, no furry animals besides my cat until I find the right lady or I expand my holdings as I plan to do in the near future.

I would like a lady friend who shares my values, respect and devotion to creation, I am hoping to find a partner with a similar life trajectory as my own or at least shares some of my enthusiasm and lust for life
Not excited for the new normal either? Come join me in South Florida and let's live life to the fullest while we still can ^_^ life is sweet, only bitter sweet cause I have no one right now to share it with. <3

Added bonus, I am a giant man with a giant heart standing at 206 cm , here stands one of the biggest catches in the sea
3 years ago
(posting for a friend who does not use the internet)

Estero Florida, one acre tropical fruit tree garden
Seeks friendship with kind hearted like minded man
No smokers, no liars no scams.
Leave message with phone number, no text or e-mail
4 years ago
I have been eating raw meat for 6 or 7 years. I find raw meat to be much more digestible and create much less digestive strain than cooked foods. Raw meat is in fact so easy to digest, that it does not even require chewing, it can be simply cut up and swallowed like pills, it digests just fine. If you practice, you can even build up your carnivorous instinct to bolt down large pieces that barely fit in your mouth, like a hungry dog.

Beef tapeworm is rare or non existent in USA. Beef tapeworm, at least the kind that infects humans, requires human manure (containing tapeworms) to be left in fields where cows eat, to complete their species to species life cycle. As far as I know you also couldn't be infected as long as the meat is handled cleanly even if the cow had the tapeworms. Parasites while being much more common than most believe are also much rarer to be present in raw meat than is commonly believed. Most of them that are present can't survive your digestive system as they are all predate on species they have evolved to infect. This is why alternating species on a pasture reduces parasite load as for instance a sheep parasite will die if consumed by a horse. I believe you are more likely to be infected by a parasite from eating a salad than you are a steak. Liver flukes are widespread and their eggs are in the slime trails of snails.

I would say raw meat has vastly improved the quality of my life. There was one time 6 years ago when I was eating raw meat that I had obtained a vast degree of health and happiness than I have experienced before or since. My farming life has been very difficult and I have not been able to replicate the conditions of that year but that is my dream in life. Hopefully next year I'm going to be doing everything right.

I posted a thread a little while after I started doing that, 6 years ago, here it is https://permies.com/t/9301/kitchen/Raw-diet

Also for those who are interested, we have a forum where we discuss this topic as the sole focus of the forum. http://www.rawpaleodietforum.com/

I apologize to Paul and everyone for not being active on the forum for many years. I have had some hard times. Hopefully I can be more active and have more to share in the near future.

Lately I have been planting tropical fruit trees on my acre in South West Florida. I have 6 mamey, many mangoes and coconuts, among others. I harvested my first custard apple this year. It was delicious! tasted like a giant and nearly perfect strawberry, with bit of creaminess.
5 years ago
Looking for a talented individual or individuals ready to rough it! The mountain is for real. There are bears, mountain lions and other things that go bump in the night.

We have over 100 acres of land that was logged for fir but is still verdant in manzanita and oak and has been being reclaimed for the past couple decades. We have the machinery to make swales, ponds, dams, hugelcultures and we have and we do and we will. However our biggest and best machines are in disrepair. There are many trucks not operational.

We love it here, but we can't hack it on our own. We need to go to Florida or Cancun or something. We would gladly sell the place or rent or partner with someone who has more than a song and dance.

Not only is this an opportunity that has the potential to grow into many things, but an opportunity to be part of a wonderful community.

There is also a A2/A2 jersey cow and a herd of icelandic sheep to be tended to as well as livestock guardian dogs to help watch the place.

Orchard, large garden bed, pristine watershed with local salmon and steelhead, epic views at the base of a 7000 foot mountain. It don't get much better than this!
6 years ago
I raised grass fed dairy cattle for 4 years and grass fed goats for 7 I have raised many other kinds of livestock. I used portable electric fence to graze the same area for no more than a day, for no more than 3 days a year with well over a month before they grazed the same place. I have worked at a dairy farm and I have processed quite a lot of my own milk as well. I have extensively studied pasture management and organic livestock herd health. It's all that I want to do but it is probably too big of a responsibility for me to handle all by myself.

I think a good community would be one with people who share common desires and world views, who can work together on our collective environmental, economical and social goals. Like a family. Honestly I am mentally wounded from the friction I have experienced trying to communicate with people who seem to simply be unable or unwilling to understand or care and the loneliness of not having anyone to talk to about basically everything that I have achieved and learned, that brought me happiness and health.

You know I just want what I fought and failed 7 years for, to have a means of existence that is beneficial to my environment, my self and others, to be able to provide for ourselves without having to rely on the outer society. But I don't have the emotional endurance to hack it all by my lonesome. Joel Salatin said "don't expect to go out into the wilderness and carve out a paradise all by yourself". Alan Nation said something like "the best business is either a business that's run like a family or a family that's run like a business."
7 years ago
Hi, I'm an ethical carnivore. I want to live with other ethical carnivores who want to re-imagine our world and make our own feeble attempt at recreating Eden.
I don't think we can keep standing around blaming others for the upheaval and chaos that is destroying the world we barely even know. We are living in the present and the future is tomorrow and whatever we do right now actually has direct implications. Would any other ethical carnivores want to be the change they want to see in the world with me?

I try to be an unfettered pragmatist. It is my conclusion that the most simple and impactful method in which we can acquire material wealth, while simultaneously directly benefiting our environment, feed and nourish other people, create a base for our own community and families to grow, would be to have a well managed dairy farm or ranch that sells direct to consumers and/or value added products. If I can live to the day where I have seen this goal accomplished and carried out and handed down to another generation then I will be able to die a happy man.
7 years ago
Make sure they are eating as much as they want, not allowing them to free range will probably suppress milk production, perhaps take them for an hour walk to eat twice a day, especially a while before the sun goes down around 4-8 o clock is when the grass has the most sugar. Get them in with a bull as soon as they come into heat so you can milk again sooner next year unless of course they are already bred. How old are your cows? Young cows never make nearly the milk that older cows do and may dry up sooner. They could have been through some kind of trauma such as a predator chasing them.
8 years ago
How many hectar do you plan to run? Will you be herding goats on range land? Will you have goat fencing or will you herd the goats and pen them at night?

Perhaps a moderator should link this thread to another section where more people will be able to find it.
8 years ago
Depending on the available forage you are probably going to want to have another species in with them, cow or sheep. Cow would probably be easier to deal with if it is a fairly tame one as sheep can be very wiled and get into all sorts of trouble that cows tend to avoid by nature. I wouldn't put too much stock in a sheep that wasn't wiled. Pigs would work plenty too and in my experience even big pigs hate horns from even little goats (dwarfs) and avoid the goats.

The problem with goats is they prefer to eat the tops of most things and waste the rest and they are very picky and fussy and if you try to make them eat down the forage they will likely try to break out and likely rightly so because they are probably not getting optimal nutrition. You will need to help satisfy this craving with minerals, the more variety the better and ideally in addition to kelp.

I think in order to make this work in most places you would need to move the fence several times a day. Getting goats that are less fussy (non dairy goats like kikos, angora, pygmy, even boar crosses, spanish or fainting) may likely help. Unless I was living in an arid climate or in a place rampant with goats favorite foods (totally overtaken with kudzu, honey suckle, autumn olive, willow) I wouldn't try to do the goats on a grand scale but rather have them as a small element in a herd of cows, sheep and/or pigs.
8 years ago