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Recent posts by Kyle Knight

I installed a new outlet in my bathroom for a bidet with a heated toilet seat.  Only need the one outlet so I got one with a nightlight instead of a second outlet.  This outlet is downstream of a gfci and I tested that functionality as well.  This is a repeat bb for the straw badge.
2 weeks ago
Put in a new fart fan with light in the bathroom.  Switches are nice for lights.
2 weeks ago
Submitted for your approval. I installed a new fart fan with light in my bathroom.  I'm putting in a drop ceiling which isn't finished yet.  Sorry if it looks weird.
2 weeks ago
I installed a new fart fan with a timer.  Behold!
2 weeks ago
Here's a couple pics of the completed wiring
3 weeks ago
I put a water heater I'm a new place in my basement.  
3 weeks ago
I put in a water heater where there wasn't one before, I hope that counts.  I ran 10-3 romex to a new box where the heater ended up, it's a new dedicated 240v 30a circuit.
4 weeks ago
1  develop a possible residual income stream that brings in at least $5 per year
2  perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid at least $50
3  develop residual income streams that brings in at least $20 per month
4  wood-burned sign
5  wood box/crate
6  install 40 square feet of boards to a structure for siding (inside or out)
7  picnic table
8  three scoops with an excavator
9  15 minutes moving dirt/soil with the loader on the tractor
10 repair a light switch   1/2 point
11 install a power outlet 110v ac   1/2 point
12 put a new end on an extension cord   1/2 point
13 Add a 220V circuit and circuit breaker and outlet - 1 point
14 Install an exterior grade outlet (code compliant cover) - 1 point
15 Trench power to an outbuilding properly - 10 points
16 a stack of ten pancakes
17 hash browns that fully cover the skillet
18 grain - stovetop
19 grain - slow cooker
20 water bath canning
21 vinegar brine pickle something
22 salt brine ferment/pickle something
23 cook stir fry
24 make soup / stew / chowder
25 Make 6 quarts of stock from veggie scraps
26 Dairy
27 nettle
28 nettles
29 drive a truck and trailer backwards
30 Railroad Spike Sign
31 Timber Tool Repair
32 unclog a drain with zip tool
33 perform a water quality test
34 Replace a toilet 
35 start and operate a batch box rocket mass heater for 1 hour
36 club style mallet
37 sharpen a knife
38 drop 6" to 8" dead standing tree with a chainsaw
39 install a permanent clothes line
40 simple bed or bunk bed
2 months ago
I'm running power out to the site where my yurt is going to be erected.  I'm running 3x 6awg direct burial wire for 230v 60a.  In my neck of the woods direct burial needs to be 24" deep. The trench is 150' long.
2 months ago