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I am a carpenter/mason/gardener etc, living in France, Morvan. Have small garden with about 200 different plantspecies a small natural pond, wild fish. Share a veggie plot/tree nurserie/mushroom grow operation with a local bio cattle ranger, it is being turned into a permaculture style bio diversity reserve. Seed saving and plant propagation are important factors.
Every year i learn to use more of my own produce, cooking it, potting it up. As well as medicinal herbs/balms. Try to be as self sufficient as financially possible without getting into debt. Spreading the perma culture life style and mind set, which is the only sustainable path forward on this potentially heaven of a planet we are currently ravaging with our short sighted and detached material world views which lead to depression, loneliness, illness, poverty and madness.
France, Burgundy, parc naturel Morvan
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It's a green wash is my feeling. I've read the article. They state, they want to sell mycelium(which one?) to absorb CO2 to people who are tired of waiting for the government.  Which sounds great, but mycelium has other needs than just grass.They completely brush over those needs and present it like a magical fix all.
Which i doubt you need, because fungi are everywhere anyway. Just give them moisture, something to chew on and the right grass etc.
On the other hand they might be the best mycelium for capturing CO2 but what grass do people grow anyway? Grasses come in all sorts, which mycelium binds best with which grasses. It's the grasses choosing the mycelium they like to team up with. So you can throw the miracle cute cubicles and they might even not be compatible. But who cares? People are not going to know or care to find out which grass monoculture they are nurturing with chemicals, pesticides and fungicides.
There is a world to win, but companies tend to sell these panaceas, and the cooler they look, the less i trust them.
Guilty until proven innocent goes for all companies in my universe.

I started this topic by the way.
22 hours ago
Weather seems to be changing, there are no real winter's any more. I plant lots of stuff in autumn/ end of summer.
Garlic, spring onion, endive, mustard leaves, black radishes, Brussel sprouts, Kale, Brocolli, Palm Kale, Minutina, Landcress, Winter Salads, Swiss Chard, red beets, golden beets, most of these covered in a ground cover of lamb's lettuce or miners lettuce. Many herbs like to be planted outside in autumn too, thyme planted in autumn survived the summerheat gloriously, the spring ones had problems.
It grows slow but steady, i take a leaf here and a sprout there kind of thing. All stuff that can take quite some freezing temperatures, but the slow growth of winter i prefer above the ground flea attacks of summer.
It could be that i will lose all my effort to a very strong freeze, but i like to imagine i am saving the seeds of the most frost resistant specimen and work with those the coming years. The pressure of weeds changes as well in winter. More grasses and the like.
And in spring these plants that survived just explode into abundance while others are speaking of start ups.
I guess saving seeds has made it that i take chances, if they die bummer, start again in spring.
5 days ago
Exciting to be part of the inner circle running my favorite website. Thanks senior staff for having made Permies into what it is.
I find springs and groundwater confusing too. If you dig too deep, you can lose water because it can find a way deeper into the rocks. Then one has created the situation that you lose water that would otherwise seep through the soil on terrain below the dug hole. Seal it well at all times i guess. People use pigs for that if that's any help.
A spring would be ideal. My understanding is that if you hit one it is water coming to the surface under pressure from higher areas. They can keep going all summer and when harvested at all times they can blow out all the debris that is blocking the "pipes" and become stronger. That would be a jackpot. I guess that's what you're looking for. Ideally high at your terrain, in that case you could use it to create a meandering stream of interconnected ponds feeding own surrounding soil as long as the spring keeps feeding it. Shade out the ponds and blocking winds will be helpful stretch their existence into the hot summer. Any interesting nitrogenfixing shrubs you can plant like Goumi and Seabuckthorn? Maybe Italian Alder, which can withstand more drought than regular Alders..
Any way i don't agree with the elders at all that you have to cut all the trees which don't produce fruits or nuts. They attract wildlife,insects, birds and all which will fertilize your land. Some shrubs might be annoying, like Maythorn or Sloaberry, for their thorns which can puncture tires, but they're good to keep wild animals out of places where you grow trees in the middle of them. Maythorn known as the oakmother in middle ages in England, removing it was punishable by being whipped.
As well you can use trees for firewood and if no need use them to chop n drop or make wood chips. As well they suck up water from deeper layers and sweat it out through their leaves. Meanwhile bonding with mycelia and feeding soil life while blocking sun and wind..Trees produce soil. Good luck..
1 week ago
Same here, i saw it, thought hope someone will know...
Happens sometimes.
People are very busy.
What is the wood Japanes use? And what kind of properties does that have?
That's where i would start personally.
1 week ago
That's terrible Pearl. When i have bad backpain i use rosemary salve. I put it on at night. It makes that the cappilaries open and it improves bloodcirculation, so mu8scles get rid of the build up bad acids and waste, they feel much fresher during the morning which is important if you're rebalancing your back by will power and attention. They will be more supportive that way keeping your body in a way that's less painful.
It's easy to make, just toss rosemary in sun flower oil, keep it under using a cloth with a rock on, wait a couple of weeks, get the oil out and use some bee wax to make a salve. 1 ounce to one cup.
If you want to see if it works for you, you can make it also au bain marie, toss some rosemary twigs in a bath of sunflower oil and heat it up until it starts to smell of rosemary, then it will also be in the oil. Apply it on your back with a sock drenched in it or something. When it works for you make the salve, much less messy then keeping the oil. If not try lavender, that works a bit the same, or make a mix. Lavender is also calming for sleeping.
All the best Pearl.
2 weeks ago
Jane, i think William is onto something, he has rats and has never seen them in his grapevines. I guess it's possible they would go in at night, but they feel much safer on the ground. I'd worry more about attracting hornets and wasps. You have to take the grapes away when ripe or they will tell their nest members where to go. I use wasps to look for ripe grapes and other fruit and take it away. I'm not bothered, our wasps are quite passive and otherwise i take it early morning when it's too cold for them.
If you want something nice and natural you're always "negotiating" with nature how much your share is going to be, unless you kill nature. By observing and studying nature we can outsmart nature and turn flows our way. I find that enriches my life and i talk to likeminded folk who are trying to do the same.

It was a very hot and extremely dry year again and the grape in the elderberry did better than other places. I guess it appreciated the cooling and grapes were biggest in the tree. It was not structured for climbing in. So a lot went to feed the wasps. The bee eaters were very happy with that abundance and i have learnt to recognize their screeches this year.

I've been looking after about 25 grape cuttings in pots, 20 of my neighbor which have big sweet grapes , i am going to plant them on our food plot. Mostly in trellises made of pseudo acacia robinia. They'll function as a shade barrier as summers get dryer and produce grapes as a bonus. Small fruit trees are there as well, so they'll enter those in time.

It will be fine. I've seen a Native American tribesman on a film about permaculture, he said we plant one third for the wild life, one third for the tribe and one third for the planter. I believe that is a balance i can live with.

2 weeks ago
Thanks Heather, great film, teared me up.
I loved how he spoke of going from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance!
That hits to the core.
water cup
This is what the poorest can do, imagine what we could do!
3 weeks ago
Getting used to unusual ideas take time, astronauts recycle their own bodily fluids. Some people get a kick out of sex with it too. Maybe one day we will have to bio mine sewers for potash, i prefer to use the ashes of my woodstove in moderation. Phosphourous is in animal waste and in plants and insects and if the soil is healthy, mycellium will access it and move it towards the plants in exchange for sugars. I try to build soils using the wood chips of nitrogen fixing, fast growing trees. I am very lucky to have access to these and be healthy and energetic enough to transport these.
I am sorry to hear your situation is not good in regard to health Josh. I am totally aware of the systemical collapse, ecological collapse, spiritual collapse even. But Permies is hardly the forum to discuss these matters. Here people try to focus on finding solutions.
Recycling sewage will always be too energy intensive, because people take some weird medicine and hormones and heavy metals etc, better let it sit and let nature take care of the nasties in there before tapping into that.
Despite the dire state of the earth i am thankful  and aware that modern technology has offered us the possibility to communicate and develop a working natural system as for most of human history people who wanted to change things felt totally isolated and were dependent on old wife tales and neighbors who didn't have best intentions at heart. Look at us communicating piss with strangers and making sense and moving forward, educating each other. This has never been possible and we are all working together towards progress.
Isn't there someone around who could help by bringing wood chips or old straw bales, or are you in a desert like situation?
3 weeks ago