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Recent posts by bernetta putnam

lattice doors-google images theres many types/designs
9 months ago
is there any water? chance of power hook up? and how much? would you want to trade for a house?
10 months ago
#1 is missing--a cook(nothing runs with out one.)  
this would be someone who not only cooks and servers the food, but, ones know how to save food for the winter/future.

Clothier- I would think is just as important as the cook for replacing and mending, or everyone will be farming naked.

?-transporter- as in drives tractors/plows, horse drawn  or a semi truck?
10 months ago
maybe there cold? or breeding?
10 months ago
could they have stuck there heads into a hole? in a fence or container? and then gotten stuck and injured pulling themselves out??
10 months ago
two ways of doing this:

1. knit/crochet- would be good for what you listed for things like hats, socks gloves
2. weaving and sewing -would be good for the bottoms you want, as that involves making clothes from fabric with patterns and sewing.

you would need to decide which if not both you need to learn about.
im a sewer as 1. just takes to long for me to get a finished product.

I started with a book like this one:
where I live if its not store bought and completely sealed, no parent will allow it.
and no fresh fruits either. :<
10 months ago
a quick google search for herbalist courses online shows there are degrees you can get.
11 months ago
I know nothing about raising pigs, but as a soon to be customer for some.
I would not call you if there kid friendly, why? because this makes me think there pets.
and I don't want to have to skip around the fact im going to eat it. I would suggest different words in your advert like not dangerous to children.
11 months ago