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Hello there!
I've long felt the 'call to cultivate'. I found Paul and his stuff in 2017, and have been steadily watching and learning since.
I went to part of the 2019 PEP Jamboree at Wheaton Labs! Simply put, it was awesome.
I feel pretty un-knowledgable about a lot (all?) of this stuff, but I'm really excited to learn, and learn, and learn.
That's part of why I am really into PEP; because I can learn, and also because PEP is awesome, too.
My big-wild-crazy-scary-to-say-out-loud dream is to build a town with no cars that can feed itself.
I'm a Pod People. Podcast Progress: 370/4NN
Denver, 6a / BSk, rental house dweller, going back to Wheaton Labs soon
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Recent posts by Ash Jackson

Thanks for sharing those, Mike! Those look cool, especially the monster there all over Austin. I'll have to take a look at those when I'm back down in Texas again.

There's plenty by me, I'm still just getting my senses trained to find them.
4 days ago
Once I cleaned the outside of the car, it only made sense to clean the inside.

Cleaners used:
Vacuum cleaner, everything
Water under moderate pressure and a brush: floor mats
1:1 Vinegar/Water mix, windshield
5 days ago

BB20 Certification: 20 PEP Badge Bits

To apply, please show you have earned 20 PEP Badge Bits.
:: At least 20 :: Any PEP Badge BB, Any Level :: Oddball, 1 Full Point Equivalent To 1 BB ::

Earners of BB20 Certification are currently entitled to a packet of Sepp Holzer grain to be mailed within the U.S.  If you wish for a packet of 42 grains to be mailed to you, please post saying so to this thread and a staff member will contact you to coordinate details.

Sometimes, PEP events will only be open to people who have earned a minimum number of PEP BB's. The number I've seen most often thrown around has been BB20.
Current BB20 Event at Wheaton Labs:

"The Double Trouble!"
5 days ago
I don't know enough about this stuff yet to innovate.  I had to start in the evening so the car surfaces weren't so hot, but took an extra action shot this morning because my phone camera isn't so hot, either.

- Simple green concentrate + water to clean. I used a bucket.
- Meguiar's wax on the glass and front of the car.

(The wax should have a warning, stating that once you put it on part of the vehicle, it'll look so good you'll want to put it on all of the vehicle...)
5 days ago
Thanks everybody for a great meeting!

Be sure to post your BB's when you've completed them.

I look forward to seeing everyone else's Wood Burned Signs next week!
Chiming in this happened to mine, too. I was surprised/pleased. Sur-pleased.
"What would get YOU to do a BB?" / "How to get people doing the Permaculture Experience?"

Hi, I'm Ash. I'm trying to find more answers to this question. I think the answers will be as plural and varied as people are.

:: What are BB's? What is PEP? ::

I'd like to learn what will get you doing BB's.

Brainstorm Ideas & stuff tried
600  The presentation of the information
 601  Forum-format poses a knowledge barrier for some; hard to learn a thing if one doesn't know it's there
   601.1 Libraries have librarians.
610  Make the information more visible on permies (i.e. more visual / url / digital on-ramps)
611  Square images on top/side banners at permies
  611.1   SKIP
     611.11  Straight to the SkIP Forum:
     611.12  Straight to the PEP Forum: (my preference, since that's where BB's happen)
  611.2   Specific BB - (e.g. "The Skills to Inherit Property begin with... Sweeping the Floor!")
  611.3   Specific Badge - (e.g. Cat pawing ball of yarn goes to Textiles)
  611.4   What is SKIP? - A bright-shiny "this is SkIP and BB's" type page. The Homepage of SkIP, as it were.  Could Include:
     611.41  22 Aspects Page:
     611.42  What is PEP/PEX:
     611.43  How long should PEP1 take:
     611.44  The SkIP Page:
     611.45  ?? What other information is needed to get someone from Level 0 to Level 1 in SkIP / PEP / BB knowledge
  611.5   BB Club - Happeining here, Right Now!
     611.51  Example: PEP Planner Group:
     611.52  Whatever the next iterations of this look like, hopefully there's more than one at a time someday There is!
 612  Cross-post PEP threads to related topical subforums (e.g. Food Prep Badge to Food Prep)Doing
 613  Make Badges for people (already done)
 614  ?? Other ways to make info more visible on permies? ??

620  Make the information more digestible (i.e. more mental on-ramps)
 621  Re-frame or re-describe PEP
   621.1  Say SKIP instead of PEP?
   621.2  Rewrite "What is SKIP?" Thread? - This seems to be coming up in other conversations, as well. Done:
   621.3  Pose SKIP as "structured re-skilling?"
   621.4  "Do you have a skill you want to show off?"
 622  "there's a BB for that"
   622.1  Some people more likely do to the BB if they know it even exists
   622.2 Help people gain system knowledge
     622.21 How?
 623  a PEP badge tracker -
 624  An app -
 625  A structured "Intro to PEP" BB or video or something
 626  People can list their "20 easiest BB's" -
 627  ?? Other ways to make the information more digestible? ??

630  Make it social: seeing other people doing BB's as encouragement (i.e. social on-ramps and social hooks)
 631  Game-ify Badges more, BB5/10/20, "Air" Badges -
 632  PEP glory page on permies - hi-score page (social hook)
 633  Hi-score thread
 634  Public top-banner recognition of people achieving Badge-hood?
 635  "Air Badges" to denote at least 1BB earned in that aspect (i.e. I've started this badge) - Done, a smashing success!
 636  ?? Other ways to make the activity social? ??

640  Make the information more visible on other websites
 641  SKIP
 642  ??

650  Make the information visible in other formats
 651  PEP book
 652  PEP podcasts
 653  ?? Other ways to make the information visible on other websites? ??

660  Get lots of people talking about it and excited about it
 661  The "Otis" "carrot"
 662  ?? Other ways to get people excited about it? ??

670  ?? Other ways to re-present the information? ??

700 Working on BB's in groups
 701  bb buddy helps with the social aspects
 702  helps people feel connected
 703  helps bring people back
 704  helps people feel validated for their BB
 705  helps people feel excited about...stirfry (for example)

710  working on BB's in groups: In-person
 711  PEP Jamboree (WL) -
   711.1 Takeaways? (I mean, I had fun)
 712  regional local skills meetup, "for these things, we'll be doing these according to the rules of PEP. You don't have to, but I and a couple of others are doing this. It's basically the same, but we'll just be taking pictures also."
 713  A free BB60 event at Wheaton Labs to help propel attendees toward PEP1
 714  ?? Other ways to work on BB's in an in-person group? ??

720  Working on BB's in groups: On-forum -

 721  Monthly PEP Planner - Made a planner, with 1 BB each day for a month.
   721.2  BB's picked were themed by day of the week; (e.g. Monday was cooking day)
   721.3  Some work to make planner,
   721.4  A BB a day is likely too much for many people
   721.5  Strong virtual PEP group resulted, and persisted for about 6 weeks
   721.6  But how much of that was due to the PEP planner?

 722  Weekly PEP Sprints - Picked 2 BB's each week
   722.1  One slot was reserved to take someone through a full badge
   722.2  The other slot was for novelty, or to make it easy to join in anew
   722.3  Less work to create individual segments
   722.4  Didn't seem to get people as excited in the same way
   722.5  BB's chosen happened to be ones the prior group had already done, precluding them from participating
   722.6  A BB a week is likely right for many people

 723  BB club - BB of the week / SKIP club,
   723.1  possibly many more, shorter threads
     723.11  big long thread can sometimes be a deterrent to people joining in
   723.3  include a super easy BB every week (system knowledge on-ramp)
   723.4  nominate someone else to follow after you?

730  working on BB's in groups: Live Digital-in-person (e.g. zoom) call - BB Club -
   730.1  initial join-ees of the BB club get freebies (hook), if people attend at least 3 of the zooms, they get freebies, or something

 731  Format idea 1: 3 BB's for a week
   731.1  last week's 3 bb's
   731.2  what needs to happen for this week's 3 bb's
   731.3  include a super easy BB

 732 working on BB's in groups: Live Digital-in-person weekly zoom call - Format idea 2: just one BB per week
   732.1  work on a single badge as a cohort
   732.2  e.g. bodger club
 733 ?? Other formats for BB clubs? ??

740  BB Mentor program -

750 ?? Other ways to work on BB's in groups? ??

800 Working on BB's alone, posting results / progress
 801  This is the native setup of the current system (post in BB threads)
810 Individual posting to individual's specific BB thread
   811.1  Thread created small attention for the videos themselves. I'm unaware of any other people pursuing BB's because of the videos, though.
 812  ?? Other ways to work on BB's alone, but still sharing it? ??

900 Change the information
910  Change the information to be more broadly applicable
 911  PEX
 912  PEAnywhere - -
 913  PEfumt
 914  ??  Your version of PEX? ??
920  Change the information to be easier to do
930  Change the information to be less stringent

1000  ?? Other ways to get people doing BB's? ??



My understanding with the numbering is; if you have an opinion on #612, then you reference that so a dozen parallel conversations can occur in the forum format.

I've made this a wiki page just to facilitate my easy-editing long-term, not because I'm saying what's here is official in any way. If that was the wrong choice, just let me know.
Upon encouragement, I've cross-posted this to forms related to several of the PEP Aspects. If that was the wrong choice, just let me know.
Hey Kevin, just so you know, the zoom call is at this thread:
6 days ago
Hey Kevin,

I've noticed, you've been on a tear with PEP.  The call went well! I'm just trying anything I think of or hear about to try to get more people doing BB's.

I saw you already did your map. Want to join in anyways?
1 week ago