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Hello there!
I've long felt the 'call to cultivate'. I found Paul and his stuff in 2017, and have been steadily watching and learning since.
I went to part of the 2019 PEP Jamboree at Wheaton Labs! Simply put, it was awesome.
I feel pretty un-knowledgable about a lot (all?) of this stuff, but I'm really excited to learn, and learn, and learn.
That's part of why I am really into PEP; because I can learn, and also because PEP is awesome, too.
My big-wild-crazy-scary-to-say-out-loud dream is to build a town with no cars that can feed itself.
I'm a Pod People. Podcast Progress: 370/4NN
Denver, 6a / BSk, rental house dweller, going back to Wheaton Labs soon
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Recent posts by Ash Jackson

A misty morning.

I almost finished peeling a whole tree

I also love all the signage here at Wheaton Labs. It's such an efficient way to convey information to the swaths of people who come through.
12 hours ago
Today was a day at the Abbey...
The Abbey hugels have more lamb's quarters than they want.

So I Chop 'n' Dropped it onto the roof
1 day ago
I believe I have my PEP badge in Food Prep & Preservation!

My BB Links:
- Skillet Test:
- Dry food:
- Vinegar pickle:
- Salt brine:
- Water bath canning:

- Grain - Stovetop:
- Grain - Crock Pot:
- Grain - Solar Oven:
- Grain - Haybox Cooker:

- Stirfry:
- Soup:
- Pizza:
- Bread:
All week there's been a huge box of mushrooms here at Wheaton Labs. They were starting to turn, and so I got permission to dry a couple pounds of them:
Yesterday Jaqui brought split pit peaches! That means today we canned peaches!

The recipe was simple:

- quartered, peeled peaches
- apple juice

That's it! I was surprised how easy it could be!
Fred let me know the willow feeder at the lab needed the fly trap cleaned out:
A place to share the fun and interesting things I've seen at Wheaton Labs.