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Hello there!
I've long felt the 'call to cultivate'. I found Paul and his stuff in 2017, and have been steadily watching and learning since.
I'm a Pod People, and have listened to all the numbered podcasts, up to #514.
I've visited Wheaton Labs several times now! Simply put, it's awesome.
I (still) feel pretty un-knowledgable about a lot (all?) of this stuff, but I'm really excited to learn, and learn, and learn.
That's part of why I am really into SkIP and PEP; because I can learn, and also because it is awesome.
My big-wild-crazy-scary-to-say-out-loud dream is to live in a town with no cars that can feed itself, even if I have to build it myself.
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Miami, 11a, Am, apartment dweller
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Recent posts by Ash Jackson

Great! I'm glad it's still working. Some apples for you for helping to test it.
3 days ago
My pillow is made of cotton fabric, with unbleached cotton stuffing. After being stuffed, it's about 11x11.
4 days ago
Hey Ash, welcome!

I love your idea, and would like to 'yes, and' you into considering SKIP as an additional curriculum your site could host and/or a means to accomplish some of your goals.

Regarding rosemary, and any other definitively edible plants, you may consider taste tests with the age groups with which you plan to work. My son when he was seven, found rosemary leaves much too strong for his liking (the same ones that I was worried were too bland to cook with).

Lastly, on knowledge resources, I think a book on foraging specific to your biome/growing zone would be helpful, too. Thomas Elpel writes a great one for the Rocky Mountain West, I'm sure there's a similarly great one for your semi-continental warm georgia area.

Welcome again!

Alexandra Malecki wrote:Can someone help direct me to instructions for how to add pictures within the text instead of an attachment? I'd appreciate it!

I'm sure there's more than one way to do it, but the way I know how to is to make a thread with your pictures uploaded as attachments (or an imgur with the pics), and then link the photos into the body of your post, as explained here:
1 week ago
Trello has changed (i.e. monetized) the way the PEP Badge tracker is shared to users. I've checked it out.

The trello board should still be accessible for current and future folks, but if it's not, please let me know, here:

Happy PEP'ing!
1 week ago
Here is my woven basket. I used palm leaves, asd I can imagine weaving with a stiff material would be quite a different experience!

Weaving like this, with idiosyncratic materials, gives me such an appreciation for our machined materials and tools. Material that's the same width and thickness across its length? Yeah, not today.

Minimum requirements are:
-  make a woven basket
-  minimum size: 4" across and 3" deep

Provide proof of the following:
 -  your raw materials
 -  your woven basket in-progress
 -  your completed woven basket showing it meets the minimum size
3 weeks ago
It's not Monday, and I may not get another BB done tomorrow, but I finished making twine out of palm leaves, and it feels really nice to be back doing PEP.
3 weeks ago
Here's my 20' of plied twine, I used palm leaves.

The thickness varies a bit, and I played a bit with how often I plied in a new leaf.
3 weeks ago
30 Days of PEP is an idea for a structure to help someone get started with PEP, and help them gain and keep momentum.

If you feel PEP is a little too wide-open, or a little too big to get your arms around, and you don't know where to start, perhaps 30 Days of PEP can help with that. It's like a PEP planner, with one BB per weekday planned out for you. All you have to do is the BB. It's also a way to promise ones-self to stay committed to PEP, for thirty weekdays.

Be sure to post BB pics in their BB threads, not here. Pics and posts here are for cheering, bragging, and camaraderie. If you find yourself thinking you'd rather do a different BB on Tuesday, then do it! And still share here that you've joined to do 30 Days of PEP.

Day of the WeekWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
Monday: Cooking DayCook a Stir Fry!Cook a Soup!Bake a Pizza!Cook 2 Cups of Grain on the Stove!Make Loaves of Bread!Vinegar Brine Pickling!
Tuesday: Critter DayStart up your Ruth Stout Composting!Build a Mason Bee House!Make an Insect Watering StationPlant a Nectar Harvest!Plant  Mulberry Trees!Chop & Drop!
Wednesday: Tool DaySharpen a Knife!Pass The Cast Iron Skillet Test!Clean The Oven!Create or Restock a First Aid Kit!Oil Kitchen Woods!Clean a Bathroom!
Thursday: Craft DayCarve an Ugly Spoon!Sew a Patch!Mend Cloth by Darning!Make a Beginner Birdhouse!Repair Window Screen!Brand a Location!
Friday: Cleaning DaySweep the Floor!Wash the Dishes by Hand!Reuse Dishwater!Clean the Kitchen!Use a Bucket of Water from the Shower!Clean an Oily Dish without Soap!

30 Days of PEP is an idea for a structure to help someone get started with PEP. It is not the only idea, and is not the only way. If you're already started with PEP, or have many BB's complete, this may not do what you want it to. You are, of course, welcome to join in the 30-days of PEP idea, and substitute your own BBs for those listed above.

Who's ready to do 30 Days of PEP?
1 month ago
Thanks for keying my attention here. I'd forgotten about this idea.

Yes! Let's reboot it. I'll post a new thread in the PEP forum with the grid, and post the link here, too so anyone who wants to find it can do so.
1 month ago