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Thank you for such detailed answers! These are perfect!

I'm hoping you can help answer some questions. My son is working on a report for school. They were all supposed to pick a famous person or someone who inspired him, and he picked you! He loves your videos.

He needs to know about your schooling. Did you go to college or get certifications? What was your favorite subject?

Did you have any pets growing up?

Your favorite food is pie, right?

What's your favorite book?

Do you have a favorite sport?

Where were you born?

Your favorite hobby is gardening, right?

Oooh fun! I'll play!
11 months ago
My boy’s bottom lip frenulum is tight. He’s been complaining about it hurting and it bleeds sometimes, and it’s made a gap between his teeth. He’s 6. He doesn’t seem to have problems with the upper one, but his tongue frenulum was also too tight when he was born. He had a hard time nursing, and they did a quick little…slice?...at it when he was just a day or two old. That one has been fine, but the one by his lower teeth has problems. Tonight he asked me to look online for things we can do to help.

Is there anything we can do that will help it stretch? I’m looking on google and just see frenectomy surgeries. They didn’t have to remove his tongue one, so why would they need such a big surgery for this one?
11 months ago
my pictures seemed to work using the link Nicole gave.
Cool. I've wanted to go to a pdc, but I've never had the money. be neat to win a ticket to this one!
Maybe log out and log back in? I think I did that when I made my account and did the name-change-thing. Maybe it helped? Worth a try!