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since Sep 09, 2017
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Hi. I live in ireland. I have been living with my rocket heater cooker for nearly 2 years. Works great. You tube. Rocket heater cooker ireland. You guys might like it. Best wishes.  Richard
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the burren. west of Ireland
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Hi. Ime semi off grid... 🤓
I have a mains connection which i will be disconnecting. I have been filling IBC tanks and i now have lots of water for my trailer and garden. I was thinking of setting up a solar panel-charge controller- battery- (invertor)... to run a small pump to increase the water pressure from the ibc tank to house hold water guzlers ( washing machine-wishdosher😁).  Many of the pumps have conflicting promises... or they cost an arm and a leg and a kidney😁...
Just looking for any suggestions...
Thanking you in advance.
Richard. Ireland.
3 years ago
When you love telling normies that you compost your own chocolate, as you wait to see the expression on their faces as they realise what you just said..... 🤣🤣🤣😂😎
3 years ago
The riser is insulated only. It works well for me but i am planning to make 'the most perfect rocket stove' some time soon...🤣😲🤓
This year will be my 5th winter.
Thanks for the considered response.
3 years ago
I made this 5 years ago and it is still working great. Ive modified the firebox but the basics are unchanged. It works great in my 32 foot trailer.