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Recent posts by denise ra

I just really want to have a bathtub! Soaks are my luxury. I guess I could figure out how to do it outside. But then that lets out 20 mph wind days, winter, days when the gas guy's going to drive down the road, worrying about snakes sneaking up behind me,...
1 day ago
For those of you using bucket composting toilets in your homes...would you hesitate to put a bathtub for soaking in the same room as your toilet due to smells?
3 days ago
Aaron Yarbrough, Would you have any qualms about having a bathtub for soaking in the same room with the toilet? Or would you ideally separate them?
3 days ago
John C. Daley, ground fault interrupt. Won't shock you if it gets wet.
5 days ago
Jay Angler, if the toilet doesn't have its own room then nobody will be able to use it when there's company at the house. Probably I should build a pit toilet for planting trees in for visitors to use. I wonder how far that needs to be from my deep well?
5 days ago
It is good for a person to know if they are a magical thinker. For example, I think it would be wonderful to live on the North end of my property where the sky is darker and a county road is not right on top of me, but there is no electricity there. I think to myself that will be okay, I don't have to have electricity, I can wash my clothes in a bucket and I don't really need a refrigerator. After about 2 years of thinking this I finally realize I really really want a washing machine and air conditioning when it's 100° for 3 and 1/2 months in the summer! And if I have to live on top of a county road to get it I will. But, it took me 2 years to figure out what was true for me. So now I know that I am prone to magical thinking and I have friends now whom I can run my decisions by and they will tell me if that sounds reasonable or not. So, if you don't know yourself very well before you start homesteading, you sure will afterwards!
1 week ago
Aaron Yarborough, nice looking bathroom. Thanks for photos and pic.
1 week ago
R Scott, all good advice and that refrigerator box idea is brilliant.
1 week ago
I am building an 8x 20 shipping container tiny house. I will have a bucket toilet system with its own little room. Can those of you using such a system please suggest proper dimensions? I believe most people keep a spare bucket in there? And a bucket of shavings. So those will need storage in the room also. Photographs and sketches appreciated.
1 week ago
John C Daley, thanks for the Varilite roof info, I will check it out.
1 week ago