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Recent posts by denise ra

NRCS is natural resource conservation service, that is the government. I will be using pipe that can be pressurized and pressure fittings.
16 hours ago
the trencher that I want to rent says it will trench four and a half to five inches wide. It is the less expensive trencher to rent for sure. Will I be able to put a 4-in pipe in that trench?
1 day ago
This is a project that the NRCS is involved in and so they're keeping me out of trouble in terms of knowing whether I need air release valves, drains, and the sizing of the pipe. What I still haven't decided is whether to use polyethylene or PVC. Before the price of PVC went up this week because of the ice disaster in Texas I was planning on using PVC. Now I'm not so sure. I have gophers so I'm pretty sure PVC is the better idea.
1 day ago
I plan to use pipes if I go under the gravel roads. I'm only using one and a quarter or one and a half inch water pipe, will if 3-in container pipe be good enough? The other people I've asked have suggested using PVC for the container pipe.
1 day ago
C. Letellier, please define narrow. Yes, I'm sure 24-in. is deep enough. The locals only bury 18". I will be using a schedule 40 PVC or PE pipe. The roads I have to cross are 10 ft wide gravel roads, do I really need to go 10 ft out on either side with a casing pipe?
1 day ago
I'm putting a water project in on the farm. It's got to be buried 2 ft deep. I'm going to rent a ditcher. One of my rental ditcher options will make the trench four and a half to five inches wid,e the other is six inches wide. How do I fill in the ditch after I've laid the pipe? With a shovel, or a hoe? So I just have to walk the whole mile and then step on top of it after I filled it? The ditch is through tall native grasses like little blue stem. Is this going to be a problem either for the ditcher or for refilling? I'm going to rent a ride on ditcher. Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing so any practical advice is welcome.
2 days ago
D Nikolls, do you live in your 20-ft container?
4 days ago
At CRMPI they have a sauna attached to one of their greenhouses and on nights that are going to get super cold they fire up the sauna and then enjoy it, and then afterwards leave the door open to the greenhouse. This is the only heat source for a greenhouse at 8,000 ft in the Rocky mountains.
3 weeks ago
I'm in Western Oklahoma east of Amarillo. That's the great plains, not the high plains. My elevation is 2,000 ft. Jack Edmondson sounds like you are closer to me than the original poster. But I'm pretty lonely for permies over here in Western Oklahoma.
3 weeks ago
Please come join me in Western Oklahoma! I'm lonely for permaculture people. No restrictions and no building and planning department for the county. My guess is that rangeland in Northwest Oklahoma is running $1000 to $1200/acre. I don't know what the smallest size plot people would sell is, maybe 40 acres? Maybe not. I'm constantly having realtors contact me about people wanting to buy. If you want to talk specific counties, send me a purple moosage.
4 weeks ago