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i watched and waited ,but there was no sign of Les
22 hours ago
remember him well ,seen all the episodes on tv and the repeats a few years later , his style was easy going , and the series for me was a top up on the australian adventure thing i got hooked on after following the films of Alby Mangles.
1 day ago
italian chestnuts, i have been trying to grow theses for years ---i should know better by now--but--i still try --- every december and the polish grocery shop sells bags of them  by the kilo , those that escape a roasting ----are planted up ---and germinate readily---but suffer root rot a few years later in the soil around here---my quercus rotundifolia  oak in contrast --has prospered--damp wet water logged ,dry hot ,frost  ,and 4 seasons in one day ---no problem they keep going--green leaf all year round--heres my next brain fart---given that decades ago there was an industry of chestnut grafted onto oak ---what if chestnut was grafted onto rotundifolia oak --which seem to tolerate water logged soil better--just a dream inspired by a good dark rum and ice--its xmass,cheers tony
3 weeks ago
there is the lamella style roof makes use of shorter sections timber planks
hello , good idea to start out thinking of the volumes and amount required ,my own on- going projects required building a 55 foot by 30 foot shed with a concrete floor to store bales of material ,bags of lime by the pallet load , and store /shelter the mixer and telehandler plus myself out of the elements so i could mix and pour at my own pace----a perhaps bit over the top but i cant see how i could have managed or progressed through out the year . The bales i have hold 25 kilograms of compressed material which make up 200 liters by volume of final mix , so that times 5 gives me one cubic meter of mix , so the next step is to do measurements of wall s floors ,roofs  by length ,height and thickness or depth of insulation you want   ,break this it down into a wall or floor section at a time then add them all up to give a rough total volume.This volume wont change much by adding in the proportions of lime and binder plus water to it---but its total weight will --which will decrease again as it dries out .The costs of material and delivery are cheaper in bulk of course and thats were having your own loader pays off , and for my situation provided the power source for the mixer   , another  bespoke requirement for large batch making ---i found there was too much time and effort wasted mixing up small volumes ---less than 200 liters for me . It can be done by hand , i have done so when forced to ---telehandler blew a hydraulic hose ---and it was a few weeks down ---so it was back to manual labour ---i used an old bath tub and pitchfork --and it was an effort but not as bad as it sounds---extra help on carrying the buckets of mix was greatly appreciated though , and lots of determination required, cheers
1 month ago
When i did some reading up on beam and pole building for my own project , some of it was about the japanese methods and timber used ---but way beyond my skill --so i used rough sawn timbers and logs for framework but the tree species for timber is very restricted around my part of the world--and quality stuff is very expensive--so most of what i used was sitka spruce --very coarse and with the odd red pine and larch log---all rough and ready stuff . The japanese sites mentioned working with their local types of red pine ,black pine ,cedar and cypress ---all fine grained and high quality.
3 months ago
think its called vermicomposting, i am trying to engineer a system for use it in my next toilet system
3 months ago
i would like to live in a community where if you roll a log down a road most people would just nod and greet , round my way if i tried that there would be text alerts put all over and i would be posted up on a social media page---then followed home by a police car   ,still might be worth it though , i have my eye on a large piece of scotts pine trunk --just waiting for the property owner to be at home when i pass it again. Seen this idea for the chainsaw method ,as even thinking of plunge cutting by hand held freestyle  just makes my backbone turn to jelly and custard.
6 months ago
its warm and bees are active , missed seeing a swarm passing through my neighbours tractor shed, but this has spurred me on to start hive number two for next season just in case
6 months ago