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Tj J wrote:getting a bunch of rocks and "installing" them somewhere that I have seen bugs or slugs


This sounds interesting - do you have photos?

Really love this thread
Thank you
2 years ago
Thanks for the feed
I am in the Winelands/Breede River area of South Africa
We have a Port Jackson invasion on the land we bought two years ago.
My small herd of goats, sheep & Boris, the Ox - all love the Port Jackson
I am kept busy cutting it to have available to them over night.
During the day the roam free & help themselves.

I see it has a high protein content - good for my milking girls

I was wondering if the Tanin content may act as a natural de-wormer/worm inhibitor?
2 years ago
Thank you for sharing your journey
2 years ago
So it is healthy for the soil?
I was worried about it killing earthworms etc
I use it in the chicken run were I get nice compost...
3 years ago
What are the uses of Diatomaceous earth? I was led to believe that it will kill internal parasites - now I have been told that it won't.
What is the research? &/or theories behind it?
3 years ago