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pickle corn.... We use to make it in a very large crock and I loved it as a kid, but just had not made any in years.  I had a couple of ears of corn I was given and for some reason it made me think of the pickeled ones. Snice I only had the two ears I cut the corn off the cob and just did put it in a pint  jar along with the brine and a few days later  I am brought back to my childhood and the wonderful sour  crisp taste of the pickled corn.  
2 weeks ago
This is incredible, over 30 thousand and not even 24 hours yet!!!
1 month ago
I knew it would be funded fast, but wow, in just a little over 3 hrs. Amazing!!!
1 month ago
Love this idea!!!  Is there a link we can use to put on Facebook or other sites to let people know abou this?   And thanks for offering so much at even the 1 dollar level.  Even if someone didn't want the greenhouse moive, That is a prize in itself.   I think this is one of the best greenhouse Ideas I have seen, I just want it connected to or a part of a Wofati house.  
Sorry I should have read the whole email and then I would have know .... so disreqard my question about a link.  
1 month ago

thomas rubino wrote:Oh Man, Joshua Bummer !!!
As a card carrying certified chocoholic I feel your loss !
5 pounds ahhh I could cry!  Please don't say it was the rain forest chocolate ....

I'm bad but I would have to find at least some to eat... I mean really how bad could rabies be compared to high quality dark chocolate?

In all seriousness, I don't "think" dried saliva would carry a disease ... bite marks I would dispose of. But untouched looking pieces??? I couldn't help myself!

siliva can carry desieses like rabies. When it is dry it should not be active but I found one sourse that said they would still advise getting treatment if someone had been in contact with salivaeven when dried.   And eating it could give you rabies. So why rick eatting it?   Even if it's not rabies other things can be in saliva  Yes most things  die when it has dried up, and been exposed to air and sunlight   I love chocolate too but why risk getting some desiese.  No Thank you.  
1 month ago
I think some are confusing rocket stoves with rocket mass heaters. They are two different things.  Yes there are some similarities but the purpose and function are different.    
1 month ago
This sounds like a book I would love to have!  I am so happy when someone takes the time to put a book together of natural medicines or wild foods that most of us no nohting about anymore. We have lost so much knowledge of the world around us in the last decades. I am glad there are still a good many out there that know about these things still and are willing to share their knowledge.  I know a little but am always trying to learn more about the natural world around me.  MUCH of the medical field now is not about healing but abou profit only.  Not that doctors or pharmesutical companies shouldn't be paid for their work and/or product  but it should be reasonalble.  And too many meds are pushed out before they are properly tested.  I wouldlike to be able to control some of my own healing treatments. And what better way then what nature has provided.  
1 month ago
I ideal place would be to live in a wofati home with a greenhouse.   Would that be possible?    Could they be done together?    I always liked that the earthships had a sorta greenhouse in the front of them I just dont want a home made from tires. Just can't see how there would not be some off gassing from them.   But do like many of there aspects.  Like rain catchment, grey and black water systems, cooling pipes unground to cool the home and/or geenhouse.    
OF course this is all a dream as I have not the land or funds to do any of it at present.  I would just like to know if it is possible to do both together or would they need to be separate?
Will all this be addressed in the movie?  I will support it anyway but just wondering.  
1 month ago

Cindy Haskin wrote:Ok, so I have long wanted to create my own yarns from scratch, and to that end have at least looked into all that is involved to do so from animals like sheep and alpaca. I'm now thinking I want to get into angora rabbits for the limited space requirements and ease of getting the raw fibers. I'm getting older and don't think I could manhandle a larger animal for it's fiber. But now I see that r ranson is raising silkmoths and this intrigues me. I am very familiar with mulberry trees as we have a mostly fruitless variety that is planted around here in droves, pruned hard each year and basically useless for anything but shade and a source of compostable leaves. I have learned that mulberry is also a good food source for ruminants like the goats we hope to have in the future. But....

Just how the heck does one process silk? I have yet to look into this but figured I might inquire within here. And if I only need some mulberry trees, that could prove just "too easy". So, please, either direct me to a more appropriate thread, or educate me here!!

I will say up front that at the moment my situation is minimal, in that I live in a tiny mobile home in a park in a city in southern california. Soon enough that will be changing to relocating to western WV on some acreage, with the plans of chickens, ducks, goats, bees, likely some cattle eventually, maybe some fish in a stocked artificial pond, and my angoras. But there is so much to learn ahead of the move, to be prepared at least somewhat, for the critters and their needs.

Thanks in advance.

You might want to buy some silk moth pods/cocoons and try doing those first before you go to all the process of raising the silk worms and see if you enjoy Making silk fiber.   YOu can soak the pods and then they come aprt easier. This degums the cocoon.  The hard part that protected the silk worm.
    I have a small electric spinner and have done it this way  you can also make batts out of the pods and either use the batts or spin those as well.   You can also just get a drop spindle if you want to try a traditional method. There are many youtube vids out that can show you the process.    I believe I got my silk cocoon on etsy.   You can also just get silk fiber and see if you like spinning that. IT is a little different than spinning wool.  And I like to combine them also.  There are silk Hankies/thin batts   to spin from    
You can get the pods/cocoons without the silk worm in it.  hers still has the worm in it       ,
The silk worms do not have to be killed to use the silk cocoons    you can let them hatch and then use the podsThere are a
  There are also vids to show you how to dye the fiber. either as roving or in hankie form or as yarn after spun. ,

Goo luck with what ever you choose to do. There are many more vids out there an some books as well.
1 month ago