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You have always 3D printed.

The big push for 3D printing isa push for removing the human element.

Slip Form masonry:
2 weeks ago
"Any thoughts on this would be appreciated."

I think we have lost our way.

You shouldn't have to pay property taxes.

For starters.

2 weeks ago
Basset hounds.

I don''t
t have the photographs to prove it, but they are SHAPED like beans.

The viable ones,.

The LARGEST EDIBLE BEAN is luvapottamus.

Not edible.

You are not allowed to eat the most edible big bean.

2 weeks ago
I screwed up my opportunity to grow persimmons.

In Oklahoma I'm pretty sure all the native trees are "astringent."

I got some wood for free with fruits on, and I buried them deep into my berms.

Never gave them a chance

.I did that on accident.

I never particularly liked the local persimmons.

But my grandfather was always on the hunt for them when we were in the forest. he never told me why.

I want my food forest to have some of the locals.

I expect it's a medication.

2 weeks ago
SEED SPICES you can plant in Zone 6B and maybe get seeds.

Cilantro, Mustard, ASIAN sweet basil

Why plant seed spices?

It costs roughly $2 to but 200 sweet basil seed packaged as garden seeds.

It costs roughly $2 to buy 20,000 sweet basil seeds as a spice

If you buy them as garden seeds it's a ripoff.

You can just cast them out like rye grass is they are spices.

2 weeks ago
I haven't been able to grow ir in Oklahoma yet.

Same with Cumin, and a few others,.

I'll start a new thread on it. Spices to plants

2 weeks ago
The seeds are a key spice in East Asian cuisine.

Fenugreek. Mustard, Cumin, Coriander, Cumin, blak pepper. other peppers, many other ingredients.

But you can't make most East Asian dishes without fenugreek(We call it Indian food in the UK-centric consumer culture)

Need it for Indian food.


(Forget Pakistan and the hundreds of other cultures within and without India and Pakistan)


fenugreek (n.)
leguminous plant in western Asia and North Africa, Old English fenograecum, from Latin faenugraecum, literally "Greek hay," from faenum (see fennel) + Graecum (see Greek). The modern form in English is from French fenugrec.

I'm a noob using it in my own cuisine.

2 weeks ago
The Floridian/ Mississippian method for crowing corn at the time of Columbus was to clearcut forrest on a rotational method.

Different corn, different more diverse forest, lower impact.

The Large city enters of the Southeast were built along flooding rivers that deposited silt regularly from floods, and that's why it was a moundbuilding culture.

Smaller villages used similar methods and developed some of the technology along CREEKS.

Creek Indians.

The Creek method is you raze part of the forest, there's no weeds, so you don't have to weed it.

You plant your beans and corn and squash, and yu are a happy camper.

You can spend the rest of your time LEARNING new things.

You just let the trees come back in, and compete with EACH OTHER.

And clearcut some older ones. When you need to.

The pines and oaks eventually overpower the smaller trees.

And when they do you have house lumber and firewood.

Spend most of your day fishing, hunting, and making high quality tools, clothing, status symbols.

2 weeks ago
I'd inoculate all the large logs with mushroom spawn.

But focus on the top later if resources are tight.

I'm guessing mushroom fruits can go up a long ways.....I just started the shitake log stuff recently in open air.

I think for most permaculture you should like the logs to get digested fast.

It's nice having them in there as sponge, but digging up dirt to top them is the hardest work.

My whole setup is a gigantic sponge.

But I constantly add mulch to it.

I'm looking forward to the day I can dig RICH SOIL off the berms to start new ones, instead of digging the flat areas.

2 weeks ago