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James is in his forties, is an active homesteader who is married, and has no children aside from five cats. He is a graduate of The American Brewers Guild and while he no longer brews beer he does dabble in the fermentations of food and dairy. He resides in the state of Tennessee where he runs a small farm. An avid gardener for more than twenty years, he also raises chickens and cows, has a few fruit trees and hopes to add bee keeping, pigs and goats to the farm. When he has free time he enjoys hikes through the woods and reading books.
West Tennessee
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Turkey & Chorizo chili with garden cornbread.

It's July and not exactly the sort of cold weather that my wife and I usually find ourselves making chili in, but we had things in the freezer and pantry, and the sum of the ingredients ended up being chili. The chili cooked in the crock pot over the afternoon and the cornbread has peppers and zucchini in it. Turned out delicious!

19 hours ago
Hi Libby, welcome to Permies!

I think that piece of coal is pretty cool. Coal is ancient organic matter, and if it were mine I'd put it in my garden!
22 hours ago
It's July 10th, and aside from being National Kitten Day, it's National Clerihew Day. I don't know what that means so I looked it up. It's about a guy names Edmund Clerihew Bentley, born on todays date 1875. He came up with a style of goofy poetry. More here:

I'll go first.

Permies permaculture forum
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We talk about gardening and have pies
Instead of being angry at bad guys

2 days ago
Hurray July 4th, national barbecue day!
1 week ago
I think what’s going on here isn’t exactly new, only the target, beef, is new. I believe there will always be people or groups of people, perhaps even cabals, who want to decide what other people should do and use power, influence and junk science to persuade. If we look back in history for examples, the sugar industry might take the spotlight. One day it was decided by scientists that fat was unhealthy and increased heart disease, and a low-fat diet promoted good health, but this research was secretly funded by the sugar industry which included bribing Harvard scientists(1,2,3). With evidence amounting 60 years ago showing sugar to be the likely culprit behind the increase in preventable disease, big sugar industry needed to maintain their position of power and profits. It’s now understood that fat plays a critical role in good health (4,5).

I don't want to derail this thread and keep the focus on meat. I mention the above as an example in reference to:

nancy sutton wrote: Who are the 'they' who would benefit, because 'they' obviously think they 'can' drive down meat production and consumption.   Hmmm....

I don’t know who the “they” are behind this traducing campaign against meat, but I’ll wager a bet that money is the root of the vilifying tactics, which I believe come from a louche group with vested interests. Like everything happening in cycles, I think one day this anti-meat house of cards will collapse and those behind the non-information, half-truths and downright lies will be revealed.


1 week ago
If they are what I think they are, they allow people shooting firearms to hear conversation and other sounds normally -  there is a little microphone that picks up sounds and relays them to a little speaker in the earmuffs. There are electronics in it and when a very loud sound such as a gunshot comes through, it instantly turns off and does not relay that sound and they act as normal earmuffs. I believe just not pushing the button to turn them on will make them be normal earmuffs. They are adjustable - each earmuff can be lengthened or shortened where it attaches to the headband.
2 weeks ago