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James is in his forties, is an active homesteader who is married, and has no children aside from five cats. He is a graduate of The American Brewers Guild and while he no longer brews beer he does dabble in the fermentations of food and dairy. He resides in the state of Tennessee where he runs a small farm. An avid gardener for more than twenty years, he also raises chickens and cows, has a few fruit trees and hopes to add bee keeping, pigs and goats to the farm. When he has free time he enjoys hikes through the woods and reading books.
West Tennessee
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My wife and I fried a turkey. Not pictured are mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing and gravy.

11 hours ago
I thought this was funny because I think it's absurd and labelling has gone too far.

14 hours ago
Great article David. I think that positive thinking encompasses many things and gratitude is one of them. Thank you for sharing!

19 hours ago
I invite you to join in having a discussion on how thinking positive to stay healthy, especially during covid, can benefit us. I’d like to share my thoughts and a turning point in my life. I think most of us are aware of things like eating right, staying hydrated, getting some amount of exercise, and doing things like washing our hands and even choosing to wear a mask, not only for ourselves but for others too. But I believe there’s an oversight that hasn’t garnered much attention, and it’s health related to how we think. If we look around and pay attention, there’s a lot of polarizing issues and divisiveness occurring in countries across the globe, and here in America we have an election year along with covid. People unfortunately are taking sides such as red or blue, mask or anti mask, each side creating an us v them mentality, and each one believing they’re right with few stopping to think about the greater whole instead of just the individual self. There seems to be a growing divide and conquer thought process. I think this is largely fueled by fear, bad news and deliberate fear mongering by media with consequences that are not limited to dividing communities and destroying friendships and families.

I think in todays world we need calmness and sensibility, thinking and acting from a place of centeredness and calm that is rooted in positive thinking, instead of reacting with emotion and the ego. I imagine there are at least a few out there who would agree with me.

Negative thinking, especially the continuous, daily worry not just from problems from each owns personal life but also “news” and the spillover that occurs in non-traditional internet news sources like youtube or reddit. Negative information and bad news is everywhere regardless of whether it's credible or fake. It can be difficult to avoid and it can be stressful, and mental stress can cause physical health problems aside from having a poor outlook.

Fear, worry and despair are mind poison. Are you familiar with the old saying don’t worry yourself sick, or you’re gonna worry yourself to death? I think there’s a reason old cliche’s stick around and I think there’s something to it. I believe the solution, dare I say cure, is love.  Thinking positive and from a place of love can have many benefits, including health benefits, and often without trying it can spread to others, benefiting them, and it’s not difficult. Simple things like thinking about how great next seasons garden is going to be instead of whatever worrying thought of the moment. Smiling and waving to a neighbor manifests love. Taking a few seconds to write I love you on a scrap piece of paper and giving it to your spouse, child or parent will manifest love and positive thinking. Try it, it may make you smile, and I think most assuredly will make the recipient smile. Spontaneous things like these interrupt autopilot thought processes like worry for both people. Perhaps even deliberately start a conversation with a friend, housemate, child or spouse to talk about something positive and get the mind off the hamster wheel of worry.

We are often creatures of habit, and I think the first step to changing how we think is awareness. If we notice the negative thinking, then we are aware and suddenly a choice presents itself. Now it’s up to each of us to willfully keep thinking negative or to change and choose to think of something positive. And when we slip back into negative thinking, soon we will notice again and have a choice again. And each time we notice, awareness builds. As we consciously choose positive thinking when our idle minds want to wander into the negative space, positive thinking displaces the negative. And if we visualize a pie chart, with time the positive slice grows and one day, it will be greater than the negative slice. And as days grow to be joyful, the negative will continue to decline. Thinking positive from a place of love nurtures not only the person doing the positive thinking, but it also has positive effects on others that interact with them.

Not too long ago I had an epiphany of thought. I imagined myself old and dying, reflecting back on my life. And I thought about a lifetime of negative thinking, worry and fear and realizing that I squandered a lifetime in mental suffering and all the self-inflicted limitations that comes with it. Then I imagined myself reflecting back on a life of having positive thoughts, having days of learning and creating and doing things that are joyful and benefit not only myself but others as well. And I then realized I couldn’t go back, and began to consciously choose to think positive and my life has changed forever. I can say it’s amazing, and I feel great. Change your thinking, change your life.

I hope this post inspires at least one person to choose to change how they think.

More reading for those so inclined:
Positive Thinking in Coping with Stress and Health outcomes: Literature Review

I've had a MyWeigh brand digital scale for approaching 20 years. It has a 1200 gram capacity and readability to 0.1g to a limit which I can't remember, then it's readability is 0.5g increments. The capacity allows me to set a bowl or small pitcher on it which might weigh a couple hundred grams itself, tare it, and still be able to weigh 500 or 700 grams of flour or water. If you want a good and accurate mechanical scale, I think a good old fashioned triple beam balance is the weigh to go.
2 days ago

John F Dean wrote:  I would assume there is supposed to be some kind of lubricant in there that maybe isnt there any more.

It runs in the same bath of gear oil as the rest of the transmission. If you can read the dip stick on the transmission/rear differential, since it's all the same housing, it will reveal any shortage of lubricant.

3 days ago

Scott Stiller wrote:How do y’all feel about my thoughts of not bringing things in from other places? Stubborn or semi-stubborn 😂?

Since you asked, my opinion is semi-stubborn . I'll echo Chris' comments about being wary of bringing onsite organic matters like manures and composts as there is no real good way to know what's in them, and the risks can be high.

I bring in inputs such as lime, sea minerals and wood chips. As long as they meet my standards of "coming from the earth" then I will use them. For me this means and includes wood chips, rock dusts, biodynamic preparations (since I'm not at the point of making them myself) and things from the sea like kelp and sea salt. I have used fish hydrolysate in my garden also.

3 days ago
Here's a few things I and we (wife and I) have done. We got rid of television and don't even own one, and the one we had was an older flat tv, not the "smart" ones that are connected to the internet with cameras and microphones. One benefit we like and realized immediately is so much more can be accomplished in a day without that distraction detracting from life and fogging our minds.

I got a protonmail email account and have been in the process of migrating important emails to that account, and my gmail account has been relegated to my spam account, and if I have to give an email address for any reason, I give away my now junk gmail account.

I dumped chrome on my phone and use the duckduckgo web browser. While i'm talking about my phone, I have an android phone, which is owned by google, so I think they're still mining all my data and usage anyway. I would love to ditch my phone altogether and go phoneless, but I am married, and my wife makes some compelling reasons as to why I should keep it in case she needs to get in touch with me. I will admit it has some handy and very useful features, such as a calculator, a clock, a stopwatch, checking the weather, and a nifty app for gps mapping fields on my farm. I will also say I do have some sort of addiction to my phone and its conveniences, and being aware of that, I am taking small steps to wean myself from my phone. For example, I leave my phone in the house when I'm out on the farm. I've been occasionally leaving my phone at home while going out (don't tell my wife). I don't think they can track my whereabouts and shopping habits if my phone isn't with me and I pay with paper money.

I never had, and still don't have a facebook account. I joke with my wife that if I end up a widower, I'll finish dropping out and tuning in, and dump all technology, load my truck full of hand tools and books, and go live in an isolated cabin deep in the northern woods and no one that knows me will ever see me again.

Amazon is a tough one. Being a sort of introvert and empath, if I can have the friendly guy in the brown truck bring me goods so I don't have to go anywhere, I'll use amazon first before driving to a city to purchase goods. I do enjoy driving to small farms to chat with other friendly farmers and buy meat, dairy and chicken feed.