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Oh yeah, I just skimmed over his videos, and he had this guy come out to help him design his property.

His name is Andy Monks, and he's in Rockville.  
1 month ago
I'm in St. George and watched a bunch of this guys videos (I think he's on a smallish lot in Hurricane).  He doesn't upload to youtube anymore, but I think he's active on another platform if I remember right.  He seems to be plugged into the permie scene, and might be someone to maybe contact.  I googled him and he's on fb.  That might be a way to go.   Don't go to, though, it's a chinese website.
Here's his yt page.

Personally I know nothing, so I'm useless to you, lol.

Welcome to Southern Utah.


1 month ago
I'm not selling this but I have been looking around TN, KY, and VA.

I really liked this one, but all the road frontage not so much.  Figured I'd share it on here because it seems like it might be a good place for somebody.  Of course seeing it in person it might not be anything special.  I'm too far away to look, and just not serious enough....yet!
The beds I built can't be moved, but they are built over concrete.  It's worked great for me every year, and it's like a jungle in my backyard right now.  I live in the southwest desert, and there really hasn't been any measurable amount of rain for months.  I don't know if we've even had an inch of rain this year!  I use drip emitters and water with city water 3 times a day right now (it's been 100F the last week, and will get about five to ten degrees hotter for the next three months with little to no precipitation.  
My beds are filled with earthworms, I spotted baby preying mantis today on some leaves, and there are ladybugs around but not a lot.  I also heavily mulch my compost with fine wood shaving from my woodchipper.  There is also a network of fungus below the surface.

Here's a thread I did about it a few years ago.

Here's another thread I did showing the progressive steps to turn a backyard concrete driveway into an urban food forest.  It's the same as the first thread, but it really shows before and after better.

Good luck with your project!

Jay Angler wrote:Related - important help required!
My friend bought Capsicum Flexuosum seeds. Apparently they can take a month to germinate. They're a perennial, deciduous, pepper. You *need* two to get fruit. "Can get 10' tall and live 30 years" according to the package.

First she planted 4, 2 germinated, only 1 survived.
Then she planted 3 more seeds and so far, no sign, but she doesn't think it's been a whole month. She's using some top heat (halogen bulb).

So, I now have the rest of the pkg. I'm thinking of putting them on my heat mat in the hopes that bottom heat will help. There are only 4 seeds left. The instructions actually said to start them in January, but I suspect that was to get fruit. If they're truly perennial, I don't mind if the plant just gets strong this year.

I will do some more research myself - but I thought I'd start by posting here and see what people know or think about this plant. I recall reading somewhere that pepper seeds in the wild tended to go through a bird's gut before germinating. That makes me think that filing with my really fine file a bit of the seed might help. The seeds are black and I would say a little thicker, tougher looking, that sweet pepper annuals that I've planted before.

Hi Jay,

I remember getting excited when I heard about these pepper plants, but when I saw the fruit, I lost interest.  Here's a decent video that goes through the steps, and she seemed to have good results.

Good luck!  (Maybe I'll buy some seeds off you if you're successful and want to sell some in the future.).  

3 months ago