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I would start with why you have so much liquid coming out of the bin to begin with, rainfall shouldn't be able to get into the bin so should have no bearing on the amount of liquid coming out of them. On the point on draining it, that's a lot of compost and a lot of nutrients in one spot soil will not be able to cope with such a huge input, you would need some form of filtration system.  what comes out of the compost heap reflects what is going on inside, if you are getting a lot of stinky foul liquid coming out then the inside of that compost will also be wet stinky and foul. The excess liquid and the fact that is smells to me suggests that you have to many greens and not enough browns going in. Or I would guess in this case to many kitchen scraps and not enough paper/card/straw etc.
1 day ago
Not so much cut away as never got into. I don't have a personal smart phone and it's starting to be a major problem, many places prefer payment with an app (mobil Pay) some even refuse cash which is actually illegal here. Our old phones can't receive messages other than basic text messages and many text messages nowadays are not actually sms's but rather media messages which means we don't get them. There are also many discounts at the local shops that are only available via a mobile phone, there is talk about corona "passports" that would be on your phone... There is no Amazon here so that's easy enough to avoid, but what you could do there is use Amazon to find the item you want and then go directly to the company, many sell direct as well as through Amazon.

You can avoid Microsoft on a computer with only a little bit of extra work. My email is with Yahoo and has been since 1999 so I wouldn't be about to delete that unless they stopped supporting it.

I bought my first thing from Amazon in 2002 it was an out of print book, it took them 3 months to source it but it turned up eventually. (edible and medicinal herbs of Britain and Northern Europe)
I have to say I do not see the W at all unless I look specifically for it.
My first thought was NO that's extra work, but then I had another thought, which is if there are more people certifying then there will be more variation in that process.

My idea would be that you can request a review that goes to a more experienced reviewer. (if your original submission was checked by one then you are out of luck) I would not charge but I would have a one review limit. for a second review the submission would need to be significantly changed.
2 days ago
One of my favourite you tubers did a video on this problem (though with Broad beans)

It does stand to reason that if you grow 10X the normal amount of flowers there will not be enough insects to go round in the first year. If one keeps doing that and simultaneously provides enough water and living space then the number of pollinators should go up and the problem will sort itself out. Maybe in the meanwhile one would need to be busy with a paintbrush.
2 days ago
Luckily our neighbour is a mow it once a week kind of guy.. so are the others, unfortunately they all mow acre+ lawns so it takes an AGE.
3 days ago
This thread may be even more relevant right now and there's some good points in it. We have exactly the same situation with his family. for Xmas they write lists of presents they want and everyone has to buy from that list, the trouble is some years the list is very expensive. We're the only ones without "normal" jobs but looking at us you couldn't tell, They are always trying to buy us "nice" clothes but the only time we wear them is to visit them! We are an hours drive from them which costs 2 days food in fuel it's not to bad but a few years ago they were expecting us to do it nearly weekly and that was just to much.
My family don't really do gifts so everything is cheap, my aunt sends me books, my mother sends me a food parcel. this year they are getting sown and embroidered bags, last year it was socks. however my family live in a different country so it is expensive to visit requiring plane tickets.

Nina Jay wrote: Once somebody offered to pay for our trip... that was when it hit us that we cannot be honest about our situation!  We just couldn't figure out what to say. We couldn't take the money of course. I'm still not sure what to make of that incidence. Don't ever want to be in that situation again though. I guess it felt too humiliating, like we were children and they were our parents or something.

Why not? Didn't you ever pay for a friends bus fare? Or pick someone up from the airport? Both are paying for a trip. I take money from my family if they offer for plane tickets, I know they can afford it and if they want to see me then they either have to come here or pay for me to go there.

The best excuse is livestock, even dogs. you always have to go home early, and you can never be away overnight.
3 days ago
Paper bags will be fine, we sell potatoes in them up to 5kg at a time, they cope with getting damp as well, though they will not cope with landing in a puddle.
3 days ago

Mathew Trotter wrote:And while I'm going down the root crop rabbit hole, how do people feel about burdock as far as eating quality? It's been on my radar, but I've never had it and I've never heard any rave reviews about it. The calorie count makes it a good fit for this project, but I feel like it might be one of those things that I'd eat if I were desperate, but wouldn't go out of my way for. And garden-wise, it seems like the kind of thing you'd treat like sunchokes: put it somewhere you don't mind it coming back every year.

Burdock tastes really nice. It tastes like globe artichoke, it's only biannual so it doesn't keep coming back in the same place, but it's very happy to seed itself, don't put it near paths or you and every other creature will be covered in it's seeds for months. I have broken a garden fork trying to dig one out before... but still worth it.