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Recent posts by Skandi Rogers

Do not buy a kettle like this, with a lid that operates on a button we had one, and after about 18 months the hinge on the lid went. so we took it back and it was replaced without a murmur. a year later the new one broke in exactly the same place, so we took it back and they would have replaced it again but we asked if we could spend a bit more and get a different model. They agreed so we bought one with a pull off lid. no hinge to break.
3 hours ago
We pulled some out at our last house it hadn't fallen apart because it was under wood chips, but the chips had grown a lot of weeds and some of their roots had grown through it. We found one end and started to roll it up moving as much of the lose stuff off it as possible, but not bothering with the roots etc that were stuck through it (mainly grass) we rolled the entire lot into a large ball/heap and left it there under a tarp to rot. after a year all the weeds had turned into compost and it was a fairly easy job to pull out the strips of fabric.
14 hours ago
I'm 7b but oceanic so cool wet summers. We have white clover here between our strawberry rows, it's mixed with grass and a few other weeds, it doesn't seem to out-compete many perennial weeds, it co-exists happily with dandelions and buttercup. it does stop annuals like chickweed and fat hen.
It runs so it needs a nicely defined edge, and for us it gets around 6-7 inches high so it needs mowing if it's going to be walked on. Ours gets mowed around once every 2-3 weeks in summer. Here it doesn't die back at all flowering around the same time as the strawberries are in full production.
1 day ago

bruce Fine wrote:
the last inexpensive wool blanket I bought was infested with some sort of bug larvae that all hatched in middle of winter with the heat of wood stove in the house.

Yuck, you can stop that happening again by freezing the blanket before you use is or even bring it into the bedroom! I have to say that's not something I would think of doing with a blanket before using it, but we do wash all bedding before use so maybe that would work to.
1 day ago

Eric Hammond wrote:Greetings, last fall I harvested some wild pawpaw seeds, kept them in the fridge over winter and sprouted them in the spring of this year.  Now I have 5 paw paw trees about 6 inches tall in nursery pots.  What do I do to prepare these plants for winter? I have an unheated greenhouse i could leave them in.  Should I plant them in the ground?  I'm in zone 6B

Sorry I can't help but I need to know as well, I only have 2 left from 6 slugs ate the others but I would like these 2 to survive the winter.
3 days ago
If turning off the light is proving a problem you can buy light bulbs with remote controls. I don't mean smart lights from a smart phone I just mean a LED bulb that has it's own remote, they screw into a standard socket. we have one in our living room because the light switch is on the opposite side of the room from the door we use, and trying to make it all the way across the room avoiding a coffee table and various abandoned chairs gets old fast.
3 days ago
The photo of the "raw" seeds on the table doesn't show the names written on the paper the camera didn't pick them up at all :( the first photo was taken when the plants were picked, as you can see by the nice fresh chickweed in the coriander!
But from left to right The bushy twigs are coriander "calypso" these are actually self sown volunteers
hiding under the coriander on the paper are nasturtium,
sharing their piece of paper are poppy seed heads "Mauve shades"
above them are tomatoes "Victorian Dwarf" I've been saving these for 4 years now
and the cucumbers right up the top are "cornichon de paris" (sp) I don't think they are F1. it will be interesting to see if they come true
the bottom sheet of paper contains clockwise from top left;
Pot marigold
A blue/purple mallow, I found it growing in a ditch a few years ago and grabbed some seeds the bumble bees love it.
Field poppy
Lovage I'm not sure why I think I will need 300 lovage plants next year.. but hey lets do it!

I'm not submitting the peas or the angelica they just happen to be in the photo.

The second photo is where my seeds live. it's an airtight box so they are all sealed in paper and then into that.

If needed I have photos of the plants as well except the coriander where the whole plant is in the first photo.
4 days ago
A tree in the wrong position is just a weed the same as any other plant. We're cutting down literally 100's of trees on our 5 acres, all self seeded sycamore and elm. most are small up to 8inches or so but one that needs to come down is over 2foot thick. It's most certainly a weed, it's even grown up through an old building it is in a terrible position and casting shade all over my vegetable area and of course since it's a sycamore it's happily replicating itself everywhere.
Annoyingly we have to cut down 20 oak trees that the previous owner planted as a windbreak, for some stupid reason he picked oaks and then planted them 15ft from the barn they are already starting to overhang it after less than 20 years. We've also planted several fruit and nut trees in appropriate places, there's a horsechestnut I am considering murdering and another sycamore than needs to come down but that needs planning with the highways department as the road will need shutting when it is dropped.

So cut it down and plant something somewhere else or if you have no space, donate to a charity that plants trees if that will help you with it.
I grow a red oakleaf variety a romaine and little gem (baby romaine) Now my climate is not at all the same as yours so I can grow these all summer long. and I grow them because that's what my customers want, and little gem holds very well on my roadside stand, lose leaved heads just wilt within minutes even if kept with their roots in water.
if I grow just for myself I grow little gem and iceberg because that's what I want. Which exact variety I grow depends on what catches my eye when I am buying seed!
4 days ago
I can't see borage working with cucumber since borage tastes of cucumber anyway. Leek should work just like onion. I did some asian pickled carrots with garlic, ginger and star anise once, they were good, but where to use them was the question. I do Danish red cabbage which is (surprisingly) red cabbage, vinegar, sugar and redcurrant/blackcurrant juice.
4 days ago