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Recent posts by Mark Huntington

Tony Hawkins wrote:I live in arid mountains partially because of my hatred for mosquitoes. Everything else i can manage, but mosquitoes buzzing for months of the year is a non starter for me.

I like arid climates for a variety of reasons, but we are "stuck" in VT due to family.  I don't mean it to come across as stuck, it's more of a love for family.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
7 months ago
Hello Everyone,

My wife and I have been looking at a 14 acre piece of wooded land we really like. The first time we looked, not a bug to be seen. We went back two days later, mosquitoes everywhere. What I'm wondering is, has anyone looked a piece of property and been concerned with a potential bug problem?

This property is close to the top of a ridge, so I'm wondering if clearing a home site would take care of a lot of the bugs. This prpoerty is bordered by farm fields on one side and open hardwoods on the other side. The farmer sold all of his cows recently(which makes me concerned that there might be more development in the near future, but that's a different discussion).

So what do you guys think, should I worry about the bugs?
7 months ago
Thanks everyone, this has helped. I get very stressed about this sort of thing these days. I don't believe that anyone who pumps toxic fumes into the air (or Earth in general) deserves to live on this planet. A bit harsh but that's how I feel, very little respct for people like that.
7 months ago

S Bengi wrote:This seems like a start

Those are so cool! My wife is messaging someone now who is giving away an oak barrel. Thank you very much!
7 months ago

James Freyr wrote:I've had some less than desirable neighbors in the past and in my experience, getting someone else to change and live like I want them to live has been a dismal failure. I have learned through observing others that filing suit against a neighbor never resolves a situation and appears to make relations and situations worse. In the past, I have packed up and moved away from churls, realizing that I can only make decisions for myself and I am in control of only my life. Moving didn't mean I caved and they won, but exactly the opposite- I was the victor. Is moving to a new location an option for you?

I'm two rooms away from a complete remodel of the home we bought 15 years ago, the plan is to sell next spring.  It's more than just the burning.  Central VT has gone to hell over the past 20 or 30 years.  I grew up next door to the home we live in now, it's been sad to see the undesirables move in with their loud mud trucks, 4-wheelers, razors and dirt bikes everywhere, loud muffler on roughly every third car that goes by our house (we live on main street in a single paved road town).

Sorry to unload, I'm just not in a good place these days.

Anyway, thank you everyone.
7 months ago
That words sounds silly doesn't it - spinnable.

Anyway, my wife and I are new to composting.  Plastic drives me crazy (I won't get into that), so we're trying to do a wooden bin but we like the ease of being able to spin the thing.
I was thinking we could use an old galvanized pipe we have to lift the bin off the ground and spin the box.

Ridiculous idea?
7 months ago

I've dealt with neighbors burning garbage and filling my house with toxic smoke for several years and neither the town nor the state seems to care much about.  I'm wondering if anyone here has dealt with this issue and has any answers.  How can I prove it's actually garbage he is burning and not just a "camp fire"?

I'm at the point where I'd go so far as sueing someone, just to get them to do their job.  I have two sons and I don't want them breathing toxic smoke.  There's no reason anyone should need to live like this.

7 months ago

Mike Haasl wrote: But, birch has waterproof bark and the moist wood inside will start to rot very quickly.  

That's a good point since birch bark (usually white I believe) was used to make canoes. I wonder if there's a way I could remove just a little bit of the bark, in a way that would still look good.

Thank you both for the help!
8 months ago

My son and I found a neat looking root system yesterday that was growing on top of a flat rock, two trees actually.  Looks like the wind finally blew if over.

Wondering if any creative people out there have ideas as to what to do with this.  Maybe some sort of arch for the garden or... honsetly I don't know.

It's yellow birch, one of my favorite trees.

8 months ago

Trace Oswald wrote:

I did a quick search. Minimum credit score for a Churchill mortgage is 620.

"A minimum FICO credit score of 620 is generally required, but Churchill Mortgage can write loans below that credit score “on an exception basis. The lender also offers loans to customers without credit scores, using alternative data such as utility bills and rent payment histories." ~From Nerd Wallet, but other sites show similar information.
1 year ago