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Been reading and researching all things permaculture. Ready to take the next step and do the work, take the classes and eventually find a community that I can participate in living a life outside the the paradigm of simulation.

-Many of my past experiences include Army(deployed), prospecting, floor hand on natural gas rigs, massage therapy school, photography school, hippie'd out of a backpack for years, shrimping in Georgia, grew cannabis in Colorado and other.
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Marla Kacey wrote:Ooooo!  I don't know about the wofati geodome, but that first picture of yours sure got my idea center working! I can see a tiny home inside a geo-greenhouse with a bit of planting space all around the inside.  Should at least make winter heating of the home lots easier.

On the wofati geodome, you could always add extra bracing within each triangle.  Might also need some serious support inside to hold the dirt back.  Interesting idea.  I love domes!

Oo, oo!  Or perhaps a circular structure of logs just inside the dome where ever pressure would be applied from outside.  Kind of like a concave(or is it convex) dam?  Any pressure from outside would make the joints stronger.

Oh shoot.  How am I going to get to sleep now?  This is too cool!

Great idea with the greenhouse dome for tiny home living. It would definitely make winter days more tolerable.

I think extra bracing's may be needed depending on the amount of area between framing poles. Also consider what would be used as the shell of the dome.

Now this is only one of a few concepts but as my highly accurate depiction demonstrates if the soil is distributed evenly along the shell than the force from the outside should be minimum at any particular place.  
4 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Interesting idea Garrett , I will be following along to see how it might be done .  First thought would be in the construction of the joints where the triangle points all come together. That might be a challenge?

I've thought of this as well Miles and wonder if maybe bolting some metal plats into the logs. Maybe a Japaneses style connection of some sort included.
4 years ago
So I've been following Jesse Grimes videos and learning about the wofati design. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of geo-wofati. Any thoughts on this? Any pros, cons or unique considerations that come to mind? One would be to presume that logs would be needed to bare the earths weight.
4 years ago
I'm getting a car ride. I'll go ahead and bring the table! Your not allowed to pay. You already paid by cracking the whip on Paul to create more podcasts.
4 years ago
Much appreciated Paul, keep up with the beast mode. These are all situations I can work with. As long as y'all don't have any pist off red mares that need handling I'll be as happy as 25 apples. I'll go ahead and pay the fee tonight, aiming to be there on December 2, depending on the flights. Also, I'm a trained/license pending massage therapist/structural bodyworker. Could I bring my table to help anyone in pain? No charge just smiles. Lastly, great podcast last night! It got me pumped to get there!
4 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

Garett Conner wrote:Is the Gapper program still in motion? The ranch that I'm working at is slowing down for the winter and can fly on over at anytime 'til March, maybe longer. I'm thirsty to learn and get my hands dirty.

Yes! We'd really love to have more gappers come through! Though please bear with me as I spell out some caveats about this year and this timing.

Gappers are mostly on their own for food and housing after they arrive, which usually means tent camping. Understandably, not everyone is up for winter camping in Montana. There might not be projects to help with through Paul or Fred this winter, which leaves gappers on their own a lot, or seeing if an ant might like their help. This past year, as an example, most of our gappers have camped in ant village and helped ants with their various projects.

For a bunk indoors, we now have the boots to roots program, though unfortunately that is currently full, with a waiting-list only status at this time.

I so wish we had more indoor bunks to offer apart from the boots to roots program, but there a boat load of reasons why that's not in the cards right now. So while the last thing I want to do is be discouraging, I definitely want to be realistic and up front about what to expect over the winter. I hope that helps!

Can I build some indoor bunks? I have plenty of money for food. What did people bring and do to handle camping outside in Montana?
4 years ago
Sorry but it appears that my specialness is showing but how do I properly get a hold of Kia and Fred about all this? Or is this the preferred form of contact on this site.
4 years ago
Is the Gapper program still in motion? The ranch that I'm working at is slowing down for the winter and can fly on over at anytime 'til March, maybe longer. I'm thirsty to learn and get my hands dirty.
4 years ago