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Recent posts by Angela Wilcox

Have you ever had the dream where you are in a public restroom and on the toilet and you can’t get the stall door to close and darn it if you just have to go so badly?

You know you’re a permie when the
toilet in your dream looks just like the humanure toilet you use daily that your neighbor built for you for $30, three years ago.
17 hours ago
Congrats!! Please post pics?
Joshua, Thank you for posting  your experiences in order to help newcomers make informed decisions.
Gilbert, these are amazing.  I'd like to sling a whole bushel of apples your way!  Thank you for the photos.
1 week ago
Congratulations on using your noggin to reuse products to make shoes. How cool! Thank you for posting here. Do you have any photos of your work you’d like to share?
1 week ago
Have you though of making a type of sifter with hardware cloth and a wooden frame? Or some other materials? You might be able to place your sifter over a box or wheelbarrow, put a shovel of soil on, then shake allowing the soil to drop under and the plastic to stay above.  Of course, the smaller particles might still go through, but it might catch out some of the other pieces. The sifter can be repurposed as a compost sifter for making finer potting soil.
2 weeks ago
How disheartening!
Do the scabs show up all over the tree trunk or primarily low to the ground?
3 weeks ago
What a thoughtful offer. I hope you connect with someone.
4 weeks ago