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Recent posts by suomi--Nicola Lloyd

Hi  Janne😀, we are living about 35 klm from Savonlinna. Seed swap....brilliant, love it.
We grow most of our own veggies and the usual friuts,but not Japanese Quince,so we would love to give it a try.
We do have seeds but they are  flowers and veg. I can send a list if you are interested😀.
I would love a mulberry and some nut trees, but I think we are just too far north.
We have chickens and sheep, we grow extra winter squash for the sheep and pretty much everything else goes to the chickens😉.

4 years ago
Hi Clovis,
Good to see another Finn here! we are close to Savonlinna, where are you?
6 years ago
Hi Isabel,

As Clovis said there are lots of amazing small plots for sale here in Finland and they are pretty cheap! we are in eastern Finland on a small farm and its beautiful, lots pf hard work but worth it.
If you plan to find work here..... well thats a different matter, that might not be so easy.
But if you have any questions or need some help please feel free to ask.
Good luck ....
6 years ago
Hei Milja, welcome to Permies. Just to let you know we have our own Scandanavian forum in the regional section, it would be great if you can also post on there, we need to get as much info as we can.
The best time to mulch is when the ground is wet, which right now is pretty difficult as its SO hot, its up to 30c today and no sign of rain any time soon!!!
We have sheep and chickens so we are lucky to have mulch ready to use.We usually do a heavy mulch in the autumn when its wet, it then has the winter and part of the spring to do its thing and its then ready to plant in. prhaps if there are any farms near by you could ask for some old straw and start with that.
What are you hoping to grow?
By the way we are close to Savonlinna, where are you?

6 years ago
Yaaaaaa! Thanks Burra Maluca for sorting that out for us.

Oh this is exciting...... lots to discuss........
Happy Summer.
6 years ago
Hei, from Savonlinna, Eastern Finland.
It would be great for us Scandanavians to have a regional forum, there are many things that are very specific to our part of the world, also I would love to hear from people up here and share ideas...... so please, please, please can we have our own regional forum.
We have a small holding with sheep and chickens, four hectares of field and garden and 13 hectares of forest, we are pretty new at this and love to experiment!
looking forward to getting intouch with more people.

Greetings, Nicola.
6 years ago
We are also having a rather strange and frustrating season, firstly I grew over 50,broccoli,cauliflower and cabbage plants, they all reached the beginings of getting their third leaf and I left them uncovered for only half a day ( I had them covered with fleece to keep cabbage fly away) I came back to cover them and they were covered with little black insects eating them! they had turned them into skeletons....... gggrrrrr.
I have planted more seeds and this time they will remain covered........

Also something is eating my beans! they have just gotthen their first two leaves, but not for long! they have also been eaten. Once again I have planted a whole lot more seeds so I hope they will survive.

Last year we were stuggling through lack of rain and crazy high temeratures, this year we have had rain but the pest numbers are way up, although I have noticed a larger number of ladybirds around, which is amvery good sign.

Onions, carrots, potatoes, strawberries sweetcorn beetroot and squashes seem to be doing great, so all is not lost.
On a good note our regular Corncrake is back, he is spending most of his time " crakeing" patroling his area. He loves the fields infront of the house, they are both pretty much natural meadow.
All our growing areas get a good cover of mulch, its usually well composted sheep,and chicken manure.

Goog luck with the growing Nina.
Greetings from Savonlinna.

8 years ago
Spring is on its way here too..... we are in Finland! however we still have lots of snow,lakes are still frozen and we wont be putting anything into the ground untill
end of May and even then thats really early!, its more like early to mid june! but then of course we have an explosion of growth as our days are long....very long and warm.

But I have to say my fingers are itching to get my seeds started.........

8 years ago
Hi Jill,
It seems like you have pretty much tried everything!
We also have a Maremma, she is 5 years old and we are really lucky as she stays on our property. We have sheep and chickens which she protects.
Our property is smaller than yours,its only 5 hectares around the house and we have the whole thing fenced in, and we have never had problem with her going off the property.
They are a great working breed.

Good luck with your dog, let us know how it goes!

8 years ago
Hi Peter,
I have had seeds from; Real seeds, Tamar Organics both of which are easy to find if you google uk them.
You can get seeds within the EU easily but not from the states due to strict regulations.
We are in Finland and have found both the companies have agood variety and they post to us no problem.

So enjoy ordering...... and growing!

9 years ago