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since Oct 14, 2018
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I'm a quiet goatherd establishing a permaculture homestead on old logging land at the edge of the wilderness.
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Recent posts by Kate Downham

I will announce it in this thread once it's live. I am thinking it will start on a Tuesday in the afternoon, USA mountain time. Looking at the calendar, possibly the 10th of November might be the right day for it to start! I will keep you all updated as changes are made.

I will also post a preview page of the Kickstarter in this thread before it goes live, and that will have a button on it that you can click to be emailed as soon as it begins - that is probably the fastest way to find out.
2 days ago
It will go live later this month, or early next month. I'm keen to be able to send the books out quickly after the Kickstarter ends, so I wanted to make more progress on it before the Kickstarter begins. I'll post the link here once it's ready.
1 week ago
Cream of nettle soup. Made by sautéing an onion in butter, adding some parsnip or potato and plenty of chicken broth, simmering it until the parsnip is tender, then cooking the nettles in it for 5 minutes before adding milk and blending it with an immersion blender.
2 weeks ago

I've made these a few times, both with and without the caramel sauce, and they are really tasty. I used almond meal in place of the ground-up seeds and goat milk in place of the coconut milk and it worked really well.
3 weeks ago
A few more photos edited and added to the book
1 month ago
The blurb on my first post has been edited to put the stuff about cooking these recipes in any kitchen (and not just off-grid) towards the top.

Any more feedback on the blurb or anything else is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your feedback.
1 month ago
Thank you all for the kind words!

There will definitely be an e-book available. It won't be ready until a week or two after the physical book is done, because it takes time to make it into a scrollable and clickable ebook.

The physical copies will be printed and shipped from a printer as local as possible to the backer, so shipping costs will be very reasonable.
1 month ago