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Wood type is a major consideration.  One of my grandmothers used aspen exclusively because it burned clean and not too hot.  As I recall she would throw in an occasional piece of oak to boost the heat, but it wasn't too often.  Oak also is a very clean burning wood.  My other grandmother used juniper.  I remember going on trips with this grandfather to gather juniper for her stove.  He took nothing but an old '55 chevy pickup with racks, an axe, and willingness to work, and boy, let me tell, you that was work!  Juniper is also a clean burning wood.  It appears to me that these old timers knew what they were about because they never burned pine or other soot forming woods in these stoves.  Both stoves were Majestic stoves.  One of my aunts, (first grandmother's sister) also had a Majestic, but this one was plumbed for heating water.  These mountain folk were "off grid" before it was 'chic'.
1 week ago
I'm nearly 60 and my gums have receded as well, but I don't worry too much about it.  Maybe because I'm a guy, whatever.  Your gums and bone grow from the inside.  First of all, quit the milk, sugar, and all meats.  I have concluded that it's all a world domination attempt by big agra, big pharma, and big medicine to keep us all guessing.  Simple is better.  Get away from those three things and ALL REFINED foods.  There are a ton of relevant new studies out there supporting this.  Give your body the tools it needs.  Go vegan, this from a life long meat eater.  I'm in a water only fast right now to reverse the damage I've done to myself over these past several decades, so I know there is hope even for receding gums.  Keep your chin up and go get 'em girl.
2 weeks ago
I built a walipini once in Santa Fe, NM.  Turned out to be a massive undertaking to dig a 30'x50' hole 6ft deep.  Unfortunately I lost all the pics with the inevitable computer crash.  Bummer.  Be that as it may, I'm still in the passive solar game with regard to putting up one these greenhouses.  My next attempt will be one of these, or one that GERES designed for the trans-Himalaya region.  I would love to see what Dan Has to offer that is different or better than or in addition to the designs I have seen.  Looking forward to the discussion.
2 weeks ago
Lay down wood chips thick and heavy everywhere.  The Chooks will love the biology that magically shows up.  When I say thick and heavy I mean 8 to 12 inches of wood chips.  I functions as a deep litter, cover the earth, gives the chooks lots to do, provides lots of food....I could go on and on but why.  They will wipe out the currants and gooseberries, not necessarily the plants, but the leaves and fruit they can reach.  Giving them the life forms that show up in the wood chips is a real plus for all parties concerned.   Edible Acres does have awesome documentation on chickens, wood chips, and composting.
2 months ago