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Began adult life like most did way back 50 years or so. Got married at 18, but wisely didn't get pregnant until 5 yrs later. Even more wisely, recognized I could handle one child, but might just lose it if I had more.
Disabled with myalgic encephalomyelitis, a neuro-immune disease with no known cause, treatment or cure, in 2008.
Now feeling fairly decent and am working on improving my cooking by adopting traditional methods like sourdough, presoaking and heritage grains, and gardening by soaking up all I can with the daily-ish newsletter. I've been lurking, but needed to register to make a forum comment. So I did.
I culture milk for kefir, tea for kombucha and support my sourdough habit.
Eau Claire, WI
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Recent posts by Ellie Strand

Was I the only gardener who picked up on Mike Jay's excellent suggestion?

How about making pee cubes (a yellower version of ice cubes) and distributing them around your property to fertilize shrubs and plants as they melt?

I love it. Just need to be careful about adding too much N.
3 years ago
Redhawk: thanks for sharing these interesting memories.
3 years ago
I don't think I'll try an experiment, Karen. The method sounds like there is a potential for a lot to go wrong--starting with mechanical damage to the tomato transplant while trying to insert a wire into the exact center.

I've never heard of or seen a tree with pennies pounded into it, Redhawk. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
3 years ago
All my toms were hit this season. We had an unusually wet spring and summer into fall here in NW WI. I was online to confirm that I would use a 1:10 bleach solution on the cages to kill the fungi spores when I ran across this on http://homeguides.sfgate.com:

" You can help prevent early blight and late blight by inserting copper wire into the stem of a tomato plant when the stem is about as big around as a pencil.
Cut 16-gauge copper wire into 3 inch pieces by using the wire cutters.
Measure upward 1/2 inch from the soil level on a tomato plant's stem. Push a 3-inch piece of copper wire through the middle of the stem. Center the wire in the stem, and bend the wire's ends downward at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the procedure for all the tomato plants you want to treat.
Put on eye protection. Pour 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into a new spray bottle. Do not breathe in the hydrogen peroxide's vapors. Do not add water to the spray bottle.
Spray each tomato plant with the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Cover each plant entirely with the spray. Repeat the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide spray application every seven days during the growing season."

Seems like torture to me, but if anyone here has tried it I would love to know how it turned out.
3 years ago
I have a neuro-immune disease that results in brain fog when I am fatigued. I tried to figure out how to gift a copy to my brother, but going to the patreon account left me really confused. So I went to PayPal and purchased it for $1, but then couldn't find the gift button someone mentioned. I tried to download the video and send it as a gmail attachment, but ended up on another forum page from a year ago.

Really sorry I messed up. It IS me and my brain, obviously not your doing as many other folks are having fun with this.
3 years ago

First, thanks for the chloramine/humic acid info. Now to my question: have you noticed any difference since you started to use humic acid to remove chloramine?

I have drip irrigation hooked to municipal water that treats with chloramine so humic acid is not practical. Does anyone have a solution?
3 years ago
Fantastic resource!
I harvested Pheasant Tail mushrooms from an elm tree stump in the back yard this spring; unfortunately I can't find the photo I used to ID them. Very tasty, though.
Looking forward to learning more.
3 years ago
I started saving greens two summers ago when I bought a square dehydrator. Lots of good suggestions already posted for how to dry them. In the Excalibur, place on trays at the lowest possible heat setting.

My dried greens go into smoothies and dog biscuits along with hemp hearts for omega 3s.
3 years ago
UPDATE on plastic sandwich bags: three bagged applets tore off the tree during high winds (40mph gusts). Everything else looks okay.
3 years ago