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When I hiked the Appalachian trail in 2014, I realized I wanted to live a simple life close to nature. I am moving to 8 acres of raw land in north west Michigan in the spring of 2019. I look forward to building my homestead, food forest, and home.
north west Michigan
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Recent posts by Justin Gerardot

For the bathroom I would probably just use a bucket style composting toilet until I built anything 'approved' by the people who think they have the power.
1 month ago
How about buying or building a shed then insulating and adding AC and a wood stove. It could be a future shed or guest house
1 month ago

David Livingston wrote: hermaphrodite. ( good word for scrabble that )

Im not seeing how this word even possible in scrabble.
1 month ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:Actually I think parents can teach their children all they need to learn. In a 'perfect world' there's no need for schools. It's because 'modern society' wants adult people to earn money and to work away from home that schools are needed (parents do not have the time for educating their children).

The most important thing children need to learn (in my opinion) is how to interact / communicate with others (humans, animals, the natural world). And then they need to learn to read, so they can read all that's written on everything they need to learn more ...
Math is important too, because whatever you want to make, you need to do calculations.

I agree that there is no need for schools, at least how they are now. I think they are used to indoctrinate children to think that they need careers, to unquestionably follow orders, need to fall into debt, need to go to a university, to be blindly patriotic, ect... How would they tax us for 40+years if a larger portion of society was more self reliant, perhaps only working part time jobs. Sorry this is probably too political because this is not in the cider press, Im probably just making more work for the great staff.

I would like to see critical thinking emphasized. How to do good research would be a good subject to hit upon because education is a lifelong process,  we learn as we want to know something. I would love to see emphasis on the scientific method, the 'science' is never settled. With these three things and basic reading, math, grammar, ect... would set people up for a successful life no matter what path they choose.

Many of the things in this thread would be great to have as an option for the children to learn, if they choose. I would like to see more real life skills that are elective. If I have no interest in gardening, perhaps I would like to take a class on small engine repair or welding.
4 months ago

Jenny Wright wrote:
I'm pretty sure you can read your Kindle books in your PC browser on a special Kindle webpage. https://www.howtogeek.com/715760/how-to-read-kindle-books-on-your-computer-or-a-website/

Thanks. I would like to read offline though. looks like the kindle app only supports android, iOS, windows and mac. Seems like I would have to have one of those to download.
4 months ago
anyone know how to download kindle books to the PC? I am glad I did not pay for this only to find that I cant download
4 months ago
Do they dig? I am going to be raising chickens Justin Rhodes style with movable electric fence this year. I think that once they are big enough to not be on the chickens menu they could be in the same enclosure.
6 months ago
I like to throw leftovers in my cast iron pan then add scrambled eggs for breakfast. If I am not eating eggs, I like to use a double boiler so I do not burn the bottom
6 months ago
I think this would be a good time to figure out a design for future fires. Designing in fire breaks followed by fire resistant plantings could help. I have not done any fire resistant designs, so I wont be much help with practical stuff.

If you have time, I would consider walking through recently burnt areas (1-3 years). This will give you an idea how quickly the area will recover. Maybe you could focus on establishing desirable plants or putting in water features if the natural recovery is adequate.
1 year ago