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since Apr 05, 2017
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When I hiked the Appalachian trail in 2014, I realized I wanted to live a simple life close to nature. I am moving to 8 acres of raw land in north west Michigan in the spring of 2019. I look forward to building my homestead, food forest, and home.
north west Michigan
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Recent posts by Justin Gerardot

Has anybody tried to exhaust a rmh through an earth tube? I think the tipi rmh exhaust ran through the ground to get back to the barrel before entering the chimney. It seems to me that a earth tube going downhill would allow the exhaust to fall as it releases its heat. This combined with the push from the rockety bits seems like it would work.

If this works, running it through or underneath a hugelkultur bed could jumpstart the growing season.

5 days ago
Thought this was fun

1 month ago
I would support at a higher level for a sketchup file or detailed plans. I will be glad to encourage innovation with some of that stimulus money. I can't think of any better use of it
2 months ago
Thanks for the suggestions. I love the planting sideways idea. I'll try some of that with plenty of mulch for the grass. I think I will try some direct seeding with markers as well.
2 months ago
I got a scythe from them last year and was pleased with the quality. Do they still send the 'scythe book' by David Tresemer? I would recommend reading the use and care section before getting started. The history in the beginning of the book is interesting, but can be skipped. If you seem too sore or tired, something with your technique likely needs tweaked or the blade sharpened. Have fun learning to use this great tool.
2 months ago
I bought 1 ounce of black locust seeds (maybe 150) and would like to start a few patches for coppice. Is there an easy way to do this in a meadow? I can give a few of them more attention/mulch, but would rather spend more time with my fruit and nut seedlings. I think I might try in one of my patches of sumac and/or autum olive thinking they might help a bit with the grass. Would you reccomend I start a nursery area? I would like to avoid this if possible, at least on a large scale.
I also have a few spots with mature deciduous trees. Maybe the transition between woods and meadow would be a good spot.

Thanks in advance
2 months ago
I did not see staghorn sumac in my quick scan of this thread. The sprouts or even new growth on the tips of branches can be snapped off, peeled, then eaten (cooked or raw). There are uses for the 'berries' as well. Check out samuel Thayer's book the forager's harvest for a detailed description and instructions.
2 months ago

It's funny you say that. My dad made a gift for my lady that is a bird made out of old metal pieces from a junk yard. He used part of one of those rakes for the tail. It has a rock for a body.

Trace I would love to see a picture. That could be helpful for those of us that are more fartsy than artsy like me. 😃
2 months ago
I guess I just had to wait a while. I got an email from gir bot giving me the pioneer title.
I completed my scavenger hunt. Now what do I need to get the next one?