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When I hiked the Appalachian trail in 2014, I realized I wanted to live a simple life close to nature. I am moving to 8 acres of raw land in north west Michigan in the spring of 2019. I look forward to building my homestead, food forest, and home.
north west Michigan
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Recent posts by Justin Gerardot

I have started putting my groceries directly back in my cart. Using my own bags is not allowed because of covid restrictions. I just load them into bags or boxes when I get to my car.

This seems silly to me, because I'm touching everything anyways. In my mind this doesn't seem like this will have any effect on covid transmission rates. Perhaps the grocery stores want to look like they are being proactive. Perhaps the plastic companies saw an opportunity to produce more bags. This is just a minor inconvenience, so I dont mind too much. I just imagine other people are takin the easy way out and using the bags.
3 days ago
I think that running the exhaust through an earth tube could work if it goes downhill. As the heat is released the air should fall. This would eliminate the need to reheat the cooled exhaust.

I posted this idea months ago here earth tube exhaust and it did not get any responses
Books are once again 35% off until midnight tomorrow. The link from last year still works
3 weeks ago
I would also add the soil and mulch now. I tried fava beans as a cover crop this year and they did great. They were sold for sprouting at my health food store.  The grocery store can be a great place to find cheap cover crops like 15 bean soup. I had great results this year growing radishes as a cover crop as well (still green in zone 5-5.5). I would throw some cheap cover crop seeds down now because you are not out much if it doesn't work. Many of the seeds that fail to sprout this year will come up in the spring.
2 months ago
I have not built one myself, so I cannot recommend an amount of material.

I just had the thought of adding a step integrated into the mass if you want more material (more bench height). This would give your feet a nice warm spot, but you would have to climb to get to the bench.
3 months ago
Gregg, I have 10 acres near manistee. I have been camping on the land making improvements while trying to figure out a future home. If you are in the area, feel free to camp here for a bit. If we get along, you could stay long term.

Feel free to ask any questions.

I glanced at your plans, they look nice. I'll look at them more tomorrow because it is late.
3 months ago
Hello, I bought 10 acres near manistee and love the area. I am getting established while camping. I have been collecting many different trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers. I could see trading labor for some transplants, seeds, or tubers at some point.

You could gain experience, possibly gaining badge bits for the PEP program, on my land before you find a place of your own.

I would also be open to trade my labor for something while you get started.

Welcome to permies. I have learned so much reading this site and the people here are helpful. You can get many different good suggestions or answers for your questions.
3 months ago
I also enjoy finding more and more grey hairs. I first noticed one or two around 25. Now at 36 they are noticable from a distance. They seem to represent experience or wisdom to some people. I like to joke that they justify my 'wise ass' comments 😃

I have not noticed that they are more likely to fall out. I do not do anything special for care (shampooless for maybe 4 years), but then I don't really care if they fall out or not. I have always grown lots of hair, so I don't miss the few that fall out.
3 months ago
Just bought a ticket because I won a ticket to the pdc. I'm so excited to meet everyone and learn a bunch of cool stuff.
3 months ago
I have some hardy kiwi seeds that I have not planted. What is the best way to get them started? I think i will make a bed then plant the seeds to overwinter in ground. Would starting them in a nursery work better? I guess I have enough to try both.

Thanks for any input
4 months ago