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Recent posts by frank li

Took less than a minute to get industry report.......

"EPRI found that most panel recycling in Europe through the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE) Directive—which established rules for solar panel recycling in 2012—happens at glass recyclers. Panels are crushed or shredded and then glass and metals are separated. Other chemical and thermal processes may be used to recover high-value material like silver or copper."
4 years ago

Nuclear technologies, both from military and commercial applications, pose a complex of environmental justice issues in terms of current and future risks they pose to people and environments. These risks, as both nuclear testing and nuclear reactor accidents have shown, transcend national boundaries, can span millennia, and can have multigenerational health risks. To explore nuclear risks and environmental justice, we focus on issues only in the continental U.S. However, we recognize that the risks are expanding at a global level with accumulations of high-level nuclear waste, mining and milling waste, and unresolved serious nuclear contamination problems at military sites in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia (see [1]).
4 years ago
Yes, totally different control.

Hey, you know youve got the good stuff when it has the "auto work" feature!
You guys are probably fine. Its a different beast.

The OP is having trouble with settings or had cell voltage dis-association that was short cycling the charge modes.

It will be interesting to find out. Those 20$ "tracers" are definitely not great and the one in the photo is already bypassed onto the harborfreight controller in the image, taken a year or more ago.

4 years ago