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Recalled this great source on the restoration and management for this type of forest and species (around the 18 minute mark):  
  You may inquire with Charles directly here: and:
1 month ago
Ron Finley has a great take on the process of creating a communal garden space:
1 month ago
These guys heal up pretty fast too and can adapt if something got injured or simply were born genetically different. We had a duckling a couple weeks ago who hatched with a very severe wry neck and a week after it started healing up, two weeks and now looks perfect and is even venturing into water. If the bleeding doesn’t stop Id recommend applying slight pressure and sealing the wound. Hopefully it gets more energetic!
2 months ago
Hi Wendy,
It’s usually better to allow the duckling to hatch on its own and this may take a day + after its broken the egg which is totally normal but sometimes a helping hand is needed, depends a lot on the situation. Blood is not a good indicator but the fact that it is peeping and moving is very hopeful! Ducks are very hardy birds and will certainly put up a fight . Ive found that getting them into action as fast as you can in a group setting allows them to get over the impact of coming out of the shell. So if you happen to have other ducklings around they’ll try to imitate their peers instinctively and start feeding and drinking water (adding a teaspoon of honey or molasses and apple cider vinegar also boosts them up). Great idea on keeping it warm.
Best wishes!
2 months ago
I had this same predicament a few years ago and based upon experience applying a zoning mentality to this kind of vision is the sanest approach, for me at least, cause they depend on a zillion factors specific to you and where you are that you will start to solve only when the jump from dreaming to action is made and applying permaculture design is always the best way to go ;)

Find a core, a zone 0, your home and center, define the principles which will determine everything and be very honestly crude with yourself before involving other people and what kind of community you want to create and be a part of, whats acceptable for you and what not? include the time factor and if its going to be a life long term project generate the necessary filters that you need. Start with yourself and create a design that works for you and this will dictate a framework that will attract the right people if that’s the case. Also know that the bigger the group, the site, and the intention the more you have to consider and solve, but hey that’s part of the fun too.

By doing this you will also narrow a bunch of technical aspects that will solve almost by themselves. Like with zoning you start expanding from that core out and solving with good design the needs that start sprouting to then start interconnecting them: from land search filtering (in my case I don’t like the cold and a tropical warm setting was a must for me) to budget (do you want to deal with the maintenance of a big site ie finding And generating more resources? Just the fencing factor for example exponentially grows with the size of the property and this will determine the budget too) to every other aspect.

In any case, jumping into it is always scary but usually its all that’s required.

3 months ago