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since Apr 17, 2018
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forest garden fish fungi trees tiny house earthworks bee solar woodworking greening the desert homestead
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Im an artist living in a very special jungle jumping from farm/conservation efforts to art creation in both the digital and physical realms
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Colombia - Tropical dry forest
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Recent posts by Andrés Bernal

Just $134 away! I bet before the day ends :) A new day will bring a new stretch goal!!
3 days ago

Giordano Bernard wrote:

Andrés Bernal wrote:Yes, its two ebooks! Sorry for the misunderstanding. The one that is ready to download is to print with designs for notes, the notepad. The big one (guide)  is being exported and uploaded!!

Thanks all for your patience, you’ll get an email sometime tomorrow to download all the files!

I just saw this post now about the guide being exported and uploaded and the downloads to be ready the day after this post was written. Has there been any troubles? it was 2 weeks ago and as for now I can't find any mail about the guide. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your hard work.

Hi Giordano, sorry for yet another delay. I decided to improve the content substantially and that has taken a bit longer than expected but focusing on this. Very very soon you’ll be updated to download and enjoy.

Thanks everyone for the patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Ill keep you posted.
5 days ago