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Hi, I am in Canada and would like to attend this event. I am hopeful that the border will reopen before next July, but... it might not. Would you be open to me reserving a spot, with the possibility of a refund or raincheck for a future event if I am not able to attend due to the border closure?
2 months ago
Not sure what your greater plan is, but just in case it's helpful, you might consider putting up a pole barn/gazebo before starting your house. I did this using 6x6 pressure treated posts (lots of people use 4x4) and gravel to hold them in place. I used some of the not quite perfect live edge 6x6s from my first couple days of milling for the headers, 2x8 rafters and some 1x live edge for the perlons. Metal roof on top with long eaves 20x25. No walls in summer, hang canvas in winter. It has served me well for years now storing all of my extra building materials out of the elements, outdoor kitchen, general shady hang out spot, cat loves it - and it is an absolutely beautiful structure. It also gave me a great, easy and quick project to practice on before really digging in to the main house. I started out using an easy-up, that fell over after the first couple rain/wind storms..

6 months ago
Sent a purple mooseage, we run a herd in CA for fire prevention as a co-op, and would be happy to absorb a few extra head for as long as you need.
For a longer term solution you may want to look into getting an amateur radio license and setting yourself up with a microwave internet connection. The actual equipment cost is only about $300, but you will need to study and take the test before you can transmit. There is a great website and book about wireless networking in the developing world that could be an invaluable resource for anyone looking for better connectivity in a rural area. Chances are that there is already a mesh network setup by the local hams in your area.

2 years ago