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I'd went through the same process,  same result. I was given a good set of plans by someone on freecycle but haven't found anyone to make it. I haven't even found one to rent or hire around here. Closest was rural Tennessee.
1 month ago
yes, I was going to ask, where? I haven't found any smaller manual ones available in the States.
3 months ago
For some reason no "thumbsup" showing for me on any posts.
Here's One Thumbs up for 12

Diane Kistner wrote:Those of you growing kiwis in the South (e.g., Atlanta), I've been wondering about the two Ken's red females and male I planted on an arbor that gets a little late-afternoon sun but not much during the day. I was thinking I need to dig them up and move them into a sunnier area, but they do seem to be growing and branching okay (although I think I need to plant Daikon radish around them, as suggested in an earlier post).

In zone 8a, do you think they'd be okay left where they are and just the soil around the roots opened up some?

I'm in Atlanta [ITP, West Midtown] and have 2F1M planted in full sun for 5 years; no fruit but generally healthy growth. I'm scratching my head how to get them to fruit.
5 months ago Recompose have studied this issue extensively and already have a composting system designed, built and legislated approval for Washington. They have major investment secured and are opening a 'prepurchase' system this month, with services beginning November 2020.
This is a bona fide replacement for the current [very polluting] burial options offered to  most people in the USA.
5 months ago
I love using hand tools and have a classic curved-blade sickle, but it has a serrated edge and is difficult to use in alternative situations than cutting long vegetation. This sickle looks to be a much better device; better made obviously, and I much prefer the smooth knife edge. Also much more versatile and probably easier to use and maintain. Also nice to be able to order from a 'local' maker; the last hand tool I ordered (an adze) was two months ago from east europe; still stuck in customs! :-/
5 months ago
The link in the newsletter is incorrect <>
It should be

Yury Smirnov wrote:

Andrew Tailby wrote:Hi guys just went to the url link and has said that the domaine is up for sale when you click on the link and in its place is links to dating sites.
Sorry i cant give a photo that shows what i saw on my phone

What link do you click, Andrew? This llink work well, when you click on it.

8 months ago
Hi Jasper, Rachel and Steve,
I have a permaculture style 3/4 acre garden ITP just west of Midtown.
Been here about 6 years. My aim is partly wildlife habitat (certified NWF/Audubon), partly food (bees, trees, berries, vines, vegies), partly recreation/education (3 school age kids).
I'd love to meet up. My schedule is very flexible.
10 months ago
A treasured gift.Perfect for guests.
11 months ago