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Recent posts by Byron Gagne

February 4 2021.  We started with a mild winter rarely below-15 here.   But the last few days we have been below -30 some nights as low as -40.  That’s we’re my didgital stops.  This am was -35 I decided to climb in and get a reading was above 0 for sure and a ready of 8 would be conservative.  

That’s good there is a draft free environment got 15 on one side and 4 sows and my boar on the other
7 months ago

Eliot Mason wrote:Wow! indeed!  

28 F would be a big difference, but 28 C is nearly incomprehensible!

For those of us stuck in the non-metric world ... that's a swing from -18F to 46F.

And yes, once we stop celebrating we will ask you to measure with the same or comparable thermometers to avoid measurement error.  : )

I feel you don’t believe my results?  I reported what I got with what I have.  First thermometer is mounted in my house and for curiosity I grabbed my compost thermometer as it was handy.  21 pigs in a 3 ft tall room 8 ft deep 16 ft long would be able to create enough heat to easily create this temperature difference.  
10 months ago
Yes I’ve thought about this also to go down.  But I’m afraid of water !   Being totally flat here all buildings I plan on having the floor at least at grade if not higher.  Just to play it safe.  

The use of the building will be for 10-20 hogs a year.   Maybe a couple moose, buff or bou hanging to age.   Not a high use facility.  As far as the butchering is concerned.   More freezer storage and fridge that doubles as a place to cool meat before Cutting and wrapping.

Maybe I should build the butcher shop on grade as a attached building and have access into the fridge freezer from there.  Then I could build it as high as I want and. It worry about berm if dirt so high.
10 months ago
Yes I hear you about making the ceiling as high as possible in the butcher shop.  My plan is to have a skinning pole outside then slide it into the shop.  We’re it would be parted out on a table, cut and wrapped there.  The cooler would be for hanging hogs and wild game that come in.  I will think about changing the ceiling height.   I always said now matter how big you build it you always fill it!

I do have to earth berm all this so keeping the ceiling as low as possible is a huge benefit.  But it still has to be useful.
10 months ago
-20C here this am!   The only thermometer 🌡 I could find was my compost one lol.  So I feed out to the piggies and climbed in.   Bedding was dry and so warm inside.  I measured 8C!  28C difference!
10 months ago
Here’s a quick sketch while the creative juices or flowing
10 months ago
Alright I just finished my wofati inspired pig shelter.  It was -20C here this am and above zero and toasty in the pig shelter!!!

So speaking of -20.  This coming summer I would like to attack a wofati inspired freezer, cooler and possibly a butcher room on the end.

Here’s my thoughts
Build on grade because my farm is totally flat.  If I had a hill I would do it differently but stay with me here....

On grade I’m thinking of building a pole barn out of 8x8.   Be 8 feet wide, 24 feet long, and 8 feet tall.
This would be shored with full demensional 2x6 walls and ceiling on the outside.  

Earth would be Bermed up all the way around except one entrance.   The earth will have earth tubs in it to freeze the surrounding earth around the structure hopefully creating a perma frost.  

The structure will have three 8x8 rooms inside.   The deepest hopefully will remain frozen year round.  The middle room acts like a cooler/buffer and the outer room be a 8x8 room for processing.  Meat saw, grinder and work table.   The unit will have hanging beams and tracks installed to move the animals through.  

If I can get the deepest room to remain frozen year round I could use it as a freezer the middle room will be a fridge/“ freezer in the spring” And outer room work area and buffering.  

I’ll run the in ground runs tubes in the back.  The earth berm will extend out to 20 ft alll the way around and insulated from the heat of the summer.  In winter the tubes will be opened allowing the 8 months of cold that we get to cool and freeze the mass.  Hopefully I can mimic perma frost here.

Should I use foam insulation for the mass?
Or so thing different and ideas?

I have a sawmill so my logs go a lot farther and building is easier then using rounds.   That’s why I like beams and 2x6.

Our winters or quite cold.  Last here had a good week around -50C. We often hit -30-40C.   When it does get warm it’s -20-15C

Our summers can be warm 21-35C day time temps But cool nights.  May June July aug or the warm months

Sept Oc starts freezing at night

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Definitely winter!

April freezing at nights.  Warmer to cool days

Basically I got 5 months below freezing guaranteed.  2-3 months of buffering temps. Hi

I feel we cold store enough cold in the earth to pull this off if it’s properly designed.

Planning stage at the moment please give me your 2 cents!

I will draw up a sketch when I get a chance
10 months ago
Everyone is off the fields and home in the winter shelter.  Picked up two tamworth sows.  Tammy 1 and Tammy 2 lol.   Ready to see what winter throws at us.  At least this year I can knowing there protected!
10 months ago
Got all my burrows moved over except one, and the boar they didn’t want to get in the trailer yesterday.  I went out this am and they were sleeping in it lol.  So this afternoon I may truck them over and put them in the burrows pen.   Then to work on loading and moving the sows.  

I manage to score 15 pallets of frozen pumpkins.  700 lbs each pallet weighs according to the label.  This will cut down on the feed bill and help with deworming.  I hauled 2 dump trailer loads yesterday.   Pretty excited about this score!
10 months ago
Got one gate completed one more to build.  I think I got a hinge system figured out also.  So can raise and lower the gate depending on the deep bedding and snow pack.  Stay tuned!  I milled a thicker board and set at there eye height.  The pig only sees as a barrier.  Using moving boards I learned how well this works.  Be interesting to see if they challenge the gate.
10 months ago