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Recent posts by Robert Ray

If I have a sucker jump up along the roots I move the unanticipated plant elsewhere. I put it in another place and let it go, scion wood or root stock for something later.
1 week ago
What about a Norwegian kicksled?
1 week ago
I use a Insta-pot now for making my pulled pork the speed of the pressure cooking  for me really helps in meal prep. It is great for ribs too.  I had never heard of vinegar based BBQ sauces till I spent time in the Low Country of SC. very diffferent from the tomato based sauces I grew up with. I pressure can pulled pork with a tomato based sauce, maybe this year I'll try some with the vinegar, honey, red pepper sauce recipe I stole while in SC.
1 week ago
We've used old skis and snowboards to make  Adirondack chairs.
1 week ago
I repaired some muck boots with a Permatex product called The Right Stuff. Not as viscous as shoe goo, goop or e-6000. Very flexible and tenacious.
1 week ago
I'm am still trying to develop the perfect green house.  Things that have worked for me: the ground where I live is pine duff over pumice so the pumice is more or less lightweight sand. Building a wofati style would have been cost prohibitive for me at the time. I built 4 foot tall raised beds that went around the interior perimeter of the greenhouse the only break at the door. Essentially creating an above ground wofati. I picked up a trailer of moldy hay for just hauling it away and placed the bales in the beds filling up the base so I didn't have to fill them entirely with dirt.  A hay hugel.
My next project will be a green house that has the raised beds not only inside but extend three feet beyond the greenhouse structure. My intent is to scavenge any water that comes off the greenhouse. In addition with roll up sides I could drape the sides over the external beds or drop it straight down for the original greenhouse foot print. Ideally I will be able to line the beds and they will be a reservoir for self watering beds.  I look forward to what others suggest and what you decide to impliment.
2 weeks ago
Teperary beans love the initial monsoon rains and then the dry conditions afterwards. Some of the desert buckwheats are invasive but do well in dry conditions and are very short season from planting to harvest.
2 weeks ago