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Robert Ray

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since Jul 06, 2009
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I encourage you to just take a weekend and see just how difficult it is to live off of foraging alone. I'm as other have said not saying it is impossible but very labor intensive. If by foraging, we are including hunting and fishing far easier.
2 months ago
I'd give a thumbs up to the Rad cargo bike. I was looking for just a pedal cargo bike like the Surly but the Rad Power bikes seem to be an affordable altenative. Two friends have Rad Power Bikes but not the cargo model and they love them.
2 months ago
Maybe for storage you want to look at a Goal Zero or similar system that is mobile and you can move around. I poo pooed them until I was able to use them during a very large relay run and ran LED floodlights off of them rather than previous years generators and was impressed with their performance.
3 months ago

Realistic expectations on what you can do with 100 watts and storage. A big battery bank can store the energy but depending on usage how long will it take to top the batteries off with 100 watts.
What do you want to run would be the starting point in determining just how much or how big your system needs to be.
I run 1000 watts on my bus and it is way more than I need but with that 1000 watts I have never needed to run my gen set.
I plan to install 1000 watts on my house this summer with a way to piggy back the 1000 watts from my parked my bus to the house storage. That additional 1000 watts giving my house system 2000 watts and the added battery bank of 4 T105's for storage will be a huge boost, and still give me a portable 1000 watts when we use the bus.
3 months ago
I agree with Thomas 100 watts is just not very big. Storage would be the answer in my opinion. Longer runs (extension cords) can have an efficiency drop.  Bank the excess for use when you need it. Nobody can eat all their zuchinni's, store it so it's available when your needs are higher. I use the Harbor freight panels to run fans and pumps in my greenhouse, and they have been trouble free.
3 months ago
Strawberry spinach aka. beetberry is almost an invasive thanks to my chickens spreading the seeds. Red orach self seeds, I don't have to plant it anymore.
3 months ago
I've always wondered about mountainous terrain and the distance calculation. I currently rely on the turtle method and watch who ever I am with. A slight duck 5 miles, ears to the collar 2.5 mile ears below the collar 1 mile or closer.
3 months ago
Have you considered the trades? My daughter became an apprentice and was making bank right out of the gate. She now carries three journeyman cards and has an education with no debt.
3 months ago
I agree that "common sense" is weilded as a bat sometimes. Once the q-tip insertion gets so deep in the ear it hurts you have gone too far. Is that common sense or is that a lesson? I haved used it so often with my daughter as she was growing up I'm not sure in that context it was wrong. Fill the glass to the very top with milk because I'm thirsty, I'll spill some on the way, maybe filling it twice is better. Is that common sense or forward thinking?
I carry skin staplers in my kit, and super glue.  Looking at the zip tie affair it seems that the one way lock stands up quite high, I can just see myself hitting that higher block and saying ouch. Suturing is a handy skill to have, staples are easier if self administering.
4 months ago