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Recent posts by Aggie Mae Opgenorth

You can dry kale, it’s good for soups and sauces but it’s not attractive. There are Kales that are very hardy. We grow it year round though the aphids win the battle some winter.

You can also dry these treats: I “let it dry completely after It’s washed and then smear the leaves with an oily nut butter. Currently that sesame butter and sprinkle with (lots of) salt and seasonings- Kevin likes hippy dust and smoked paprika. I roll it, smash it and sometimes cut it into palm size chunks, then flatten it out so it fits into the food drier. It’s dohe when it’s dry over done if it turns to dust when you touch it. It keeps, but we early it faster than I can make it.
2 months ago
I do the wire circles but I also have a huge outdoor worm bed. It’s one of those square Rubbermaid double wall composers.  I gave them each a counter bucket with a hinged lid  so all neighbors throw all their food waste and pulp paper in it. I sift it twice a year. I use most of the castings and sell the worms. I sold 10 pounds this spring and 5 of the 9 pounds I harvested a few weeks ago. @ 20.00 a pound it’s worth the effort. Plus it keep food waste out of the landfill. The worms move deeper if the ground freezes but if there is food, they eat almost any plant and also paper, they repopulate quickly when they surface. Freezing is not a problem here in Oregon.  
2 months ago
Thought I visited often this is my first post. Would love to meet people in my area... COVID19 will end. Right?

I make and sell Kimchi and Sauerkraut organic now, locally sourced “un sprayed” later. The smoke and ask and 7 days of twilight has not been kind to our cabbages or kale. Though the chickens have really enjoyed the 7 billion aphids on the kale.  I had to harvest all the cabbages at once so gave huge batches of both kimchi and sauerkraut in crocks. Far more than I can sell to my usual customers and refrigerator space is going to be a concern in 3 weeks so if anyone between Albany and Portland is interested check my Craigslist post.

About us. We, my husband Kevin and I, live in urban Salem, Oregon. Over the past eight years I have been slowing filling every inch of out 1/4 acres with food. The house next door , which has stood empty for  the past five years, is for sale and we have made an offer. Hoping  for the best. The two 1950’s era houses sit on almost 3/4 acre and could easily House four families. Wanting to start a small intentional community. I’ll post pictures if anyone is interested in my ramblings.

Today’s ramble is about economic self sufficiency...
I’m trying to build some income. In Autumn, aside from Fermented foods, this year I am also make Keto friendly cooking sauces and condiments.  We will see how it goes...

In the winter I make or recycle and decoratively l paint bee hives. I make the Ware’ hives I sell from from recycled wood that I get from local mills.  

In spring it’s (almost) ALL about the bees. I offer set up and a year of support and education when I sell hives. I sell organic Asparagus, strawberry starts, worms (not a big seller) and worm castings. Some years I sell plant starts, but so many people do this now I didn’t bother this year. Might start offering exotic or interesting plants. I grew an interesting heirloom tomato’s one a plum/paste that stayed green and a cherry/plum variety  “Atomic” from Bakers that was quite a hit and I saved seeds.

In summer I do what needs to be done on a farm just on a smaller scale. So far we haven’t been selling honey after our friends, family get their jars we give the rest to our local food bank.

Then it’s Autumn again. We have Chicken, beess two Pyrenees and two giant cats. Five kids. age 20-42 (finally) all grown and living their own lives.

Time to get back to cabbage shredding...
2 months ago