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Annie Collins wrote:

Glen Thomson wrote:I think the better name is HEWS heater, for High Efficiency Wood System. Or for fun, call it a Super Hughey system.

This is my favorite so far. It's short, simple, and quickly tells what it is. I would just maybe add "burning" to it so that it becomes High Efficiency Wood-burning System. And HEWS is easy to say as well as remember, too.

HEWH - High-Efficiency Wood Heater
4 months ago
Could this chimney cowl be adversely affecting my chimney draw?

1 year ago
Final Build prior to a stone facade.
1 year ago

Shawn Harper wrote:Sorry about the delay in reply. My compost pile was about 6 yards in size, flipped daily. I don't know how it handles over winter as I had to move last month and the new pile isn't hot. sucks buying feed.

Would that be 6 yards long?  How wide?  How deep?   I'm guessing it's not 6 yards square.  
2 years ago

Shawn Harper wrote:I've been successful with almost entirely reducing feed requirements by using a compost pile for my 7 birds. I still give them food but they don't seem as interested in it.

How big is your compost pile?  Does that work year round?
2 years ago

Graham Chiu wrote:Very nice.  How are you distributing the heat to the rest of the house?

A thermostat controlled fan pushes air from the ceiling into the ductwork.
2 years ago