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since Jan 12, 2017
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Live with a small community of people out in the back woods of southern BC, Canada.
No cell phone, TV or car. Instead, I have a walkie-talkie, the internet and a tractor.
To keep warm I have a Rocket Mass Heater in the shop which I love to tinker with....often.
Westbridge, BC, Canada
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Recent posts by Gerry Parent

Everyone has probably seen this log rack when it made its viral round on the internet a while back, but just wanted to include it here as a reminder of how easy and quick it is to make.
In this case, I just needed a temporary place to stack some firewood next to my chopsaw to reduce its length to 12". Within 5 minutes, the rack was done and I was loading it up. Very sturdy and when its no longer needed, super simple to take apart. Nothing is nailed or screwed, just plopped in place and held by friction. The sides supports could have been kept upright if I had jammed a few more scrap 2x4's in the cinderblock holes but kind of like the angled look.
2 days ago
Wonder how cold it gets there with no or very little insulation in the walls? Perhaps just a summer beach house? Yours in comparison is going to be like a fortress worthy of the Great Canadian white north eh?

Always learning Peter. That's great! I bet when you go to bed you dream of rice hulls and rocket stoves. :)
2 days ago
Looks like it a tool that allows grass/hay/straw to be layed down lenghtwise through the hoop and then compressed it into a tight bundle by pulling down the handle and held in place at a set point with a pin that fits into one of the holes. It is then lashed and then released to begin the next one.  
Totally pulling all of this out of my (clean) butt :)
2 days ago

Justin Hadden wrote: Also I’ve had lots of trouble finding information on how exactly a batch box system works, and I don’t ever build things that I don’t feel I have a decent understanding of first.

Justin,  Check out Peter van den Bergs website which will give you all kinds of information about batch box rockets .
2 days ago
Hey everyone! Nathans Rocket Tandoor Oven build made a guest star appearance on Matt Walkers Stove chat this morning!
Matt really liked the uniqueness of the build and appreciated the way in which a rocket core could be used.
If you missed the show, Matt usually posts them on his You Tube channel the next day. Look for Stove Chat 15
Great job Nathan!
5 days ago
Congratulations Nathan on a successful blast off! Seeing your stove all together and running is a delight. Appreciate your documentation and descriptions for others to learn from. Keep it up!
6 days ago
In Matt's last stove chat 14, he had a question concerning the differences between a high mass vs an insulated firebox, cf blanket and using clay tiles starting at around the 7 minute marker.

Also, looking through my notes, he also mentioned in chat 12 around 25:50 minute mark about IFB insulated fire brick (kiln brick) vs CFB ceramic fiber board comparisons.

Hope these help to answer some of your questions.

1 week ago
Yes, Peter was the designer of the core. He is a man of perfection and very good at what he does. His development thread is here: small scale development
One of his photos shows exactly how this P channel fits to the core.

As far as cf board, not everyone has access to it or is out of their price range whereas casting can be more appealing to some. Hard to make a trip wire or backsweep from cf board than it is to cast but also much more of a learning curve with casting too. Nice there are options, each with their own inherent benefits and drawbacks.
1 week ago