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Live with a small community of people out in the back woods of southern BC, Canada.
No cell phone, TV or car. Instead, I have a walkie-talkie, the internet and a tractor.
To keep warm I have a Rocket Mass Heater in the shop which I love to tinker with....often.
Westbridge, BC, Canada
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Recent posts by Gerry Parent

Thanks Chris.
In today's stove chat (episode 38), Matt Walker mentioned a lot of the same things about the 4" that you did while showcasing an example.
I've run a 6" J for many years and could not imagine going smaller unless a person was right next to it and dedicating themselves to feeding it very small wood quite often.
Appreciate your willingness to experiment though and mention your findings so that we all can learn and grow from as well.
Matt Walkers Stove Chat tip 37 1/2

The question came up as to why it has been said not to use metal in a RMH, yet many stove designs have a metal barrel on the top? What's up with that?
This is only true for using it as a material to make the core which is then insulated, but when placed anywhere outside of the core, it often is a great choice as a radiant heat source or as a form to shape a bench or manifold.  
Come join the chat starting at 11am PST and see what questions and wisdom Matt has up his sleeve to share with us today.
Hope to see you there!

Jane Johnson wrote:I found all of these infos fascinating, wondering if it's cool to send this to a friend off site, or provide them with a link to join the immediately be redirected here...
What do you think?

Networking and educating people is one of the main reasons why Permies is here.  
Hi Tel,    For every 100th stove build, there is probably only 1 that is shown being taken apart. There are so many things to learn from it that to not show a post-mortem would be a shame. Its this type of information that is seriously lacking with a lot of those you-tube rocket stoves that everyone thinks are great, but then you never hear from again. So I for one am very interested in your findings (the good, bad and the ugly). Pictures would be very nice as well if you can.
2 days ago
Nice job Chris.  
The thermosiphon ventilation you speak of in the bench sounds like a good idea to keep the floor from overheating. Wonder though if it would also cool off the mass a lot quicker once the fire is out? Akin to not covering the feed tube once burning is complete and stopping draft from carrying the heat out of the mass.

Is the feed tube secured to the body or is it just resting there by its own weight?

The tall 4" feed tube opening seems like it would be hard to get the stove started because of its small size. I guess it could be removed for starting, then replaced once going?

3 days ago
Great input Mark! Thanks for the photos.
How has your Dragon been working out for you?
5 days ago
Great review Thomas.  I have one of those auto-darkening $100 helmets as well. Great for the occasional welding I do but good to know when to spend the money on something that is just more than a safety issue. The button on the side of that helmet that takes away the auto-darkening feature when you begin to grind is a nice feature too so you can see what your grinding better, yet be way more protected by flying sparks than simple safety glasses. Curious though, if you forget to push the button again back to auto-darkening mode, when you begin to weld you would be seeing spots for an hour afterwards?
5 days ago
Hi Troy,   Have you also considered just providing an air space under your core to help keep the heat from transferring downwards?

Some Examples
6 days ago
Hi Dan,  Big welcome to Permies!

Sorry I can't help you with your stove.

Here is a very basic way to include pictures... If you need more help, please ask.

To post a picture from your computer:
1) After hitting the reply button, below the text entry box click on the Attachments tab.
2) Click "upload a file"

To post a picture from a website:
1) Click the "Img" button along the top row of buttons
2) Enter the web address of the photo you want to include
1 week ago