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Thank you Jack that actually puts things into perspective.What I gather from what you posted and what I read someone else owns the water rights.I was looking at a piece of real estate.That says that.The interesting thing is they actually pay 500 a year for the land to remain fallow/not be farmed on but you can graze livestock build a building or have a residentual.Which would be considerably hard as there is no water rights.Colorado has some rather interesting laws regarding water/farming.
3 months ago
Land Information
Land Type Pasture
Irrigation Water False Rights
Ditches False
3 months ago
Hello I am having a hard time finding/figuring out what exactly false water rights our.Can someone explain false water rights in average joe terms.
3 months ago
Out here in southwest Yucca fiber is traditionally used to make cordage.Also it has been used to make shoes.I know in montana you could probley use lichen to make sometype of yarn/cordage.
3 months ago
I have tried the zai and demilune techniques.They definitely help and work.Also try the one rock wall technique to slow down the water.swales and berms help too on contour.(using the a frame level)You may need to water in extreme drought.Look at the leaves of your trees they will give you a good indication if they our extremely thirsty.After the first year of planting the roots will establish themselves and you should be good.Look up Sepp Holzer if you haven't already.Hugelkulturs are also a great way to store water.Mulch Mulch Mulch definitely helps.You may need to put in some work the first year or two but after you establish your trees they should be self sustaining.Good luck on your planting.
3 months ago
I know of  Williams Arizona used to have a friend lived out of an rv.Hauck Arizona.Holbrook Arizona.The best way to be sure is to call the county clerks office that you want to live in.You don't need to tell them the exact location your living or what not or name for that matter..
3 months ago
Food systems our slowly being set up.More and more garden beds were being planted and orchards being planted.There our many fruit trees at the lab.Also apricots planted.Food systems take time to set up.When I left there were building more infrastructure to support growth.Also a water well needs to be drilled  to consistently water gardens needed to be implemented.No way to predict rainfall.In short I think getting the water is the key to setting up a garden/farm.I would be curious to see some animal hunsbandry going on.I think this would be the fastest way to meet the self sufficient calorie requirements at labs.Be interesting to see the progress.
3 months ago
Jen fan That's awesome you our able to hike with your goats.I've seen it in pictures but never tried it.Our your goats bottlefed or did you train them with grain to follow you?What you using for their bags?Our they specifically designed for goats or our those horse saddlebags?Awesome picks by the way.
I know of a couple north east pa with a strawbale 20 sum years they just replaster every few years.The farm is called Quiet Creek Herb Farm check it out.the hand scuplted house author evanto has lived in cob structures for 30 plus years.Good Hat and Good shoes is all you matter what house you build their will be maintainence unless you go with a stone house like Hellen Scott nearing authors of the of luck.
4 months ago