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Beau Micah Davidson is a permaculturist and natural builder, lo-tech mycologist, herb farmer, acoustical and audio engineer, homesteader, tradesman, artist, husband, and dad. Prior to homesteading and permaculture, his experience included a successful career in the Nashville music industry, a painters and fine finishers apprenticeship in Melbourne, Australia, and an analog recording studio in the urban core of Kansas City.  This is where he met his wife, Kristen, and together, they fell in love with soil & microbes, started a family, and moved to Beau's 6-generation farm in South Central Kansas, where they now specialize in growing and wildcrafting culinary and medicinal herbs, mushrooms, and woodland goods.  Beau and Kristen serve on the Leadership Team for Estuaries, a ministry seeking to incite a cultural ecology that fosters spiritually holistic, emotionally healthy, and intellectually rich believers who are capable of engaging meaningfully with culture.  He holds a B.S. in Recording Industry Management: Production & Technology, with minors in Mass Communications and Film.
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Recent posts by Beau M. Davidson

paul wheaton wrote:

Beau M. Davidson wrote:Bootcamp Experience Log

I think this is the best so far.

I'll let it marinate over the weekend.  

Maybe someone will still beat or improve it.

Bootcamp Edutainment Log
Bootcamp Endeavor Log
Bootcamp Experience Log
Bootcamp Educational Learning Legacy, or BELL.

"Ring the BELL."
What if we call it Payday.  

Reframe it with the message that sharing is the job.  

Jeremy VanGelder wrote:BootCash or Boot Cash might have better SEO. BootCoin?

Has anyone had a look at google trends with these and the other good candidates?
Although I personally have room for more alliteration in my life, I don't particularly see the advantage.  
About to move some stuff around.

Need to call this something.

Bootcache is great.  Probably has poor SEO though.  

What if we call it the Permaculture Prize.
I got you covered, Rob!  Thanks for your care for the boots and your investment in the future of permaculture!

BRK stands for Biological Reverse Kickstarter.  There is a whole story there, which I will spare you, because we might be about to change the name.

Clay McGowen wrote:Beau, you mention wool insulation behind fabric/burlap as part of the 2024 PTJ - is there a specific reason you're looking to try something other than mycelium here?

No, just that I had the wool and burlap on hand already.  For the side-walls, I was thinking not mycelium in case of moisture - although that should be mitigated, so it shouldn't be a problem.  

What if you had Mycelium-based Structural Insulated Panels, do you think you could devise a way to affix them to the inside?

I do think that would be a viable path.

What if you had access to a bunch of cedar planks, would it be worth investigating cedar as an exterior for the Myco-SIPs, or are the fungi going to be too sad?

I do not expect most varieties of mycelium to adhere to cedar.  It might be possible to dessicate a mycelium panel and adhere or affix it to cedar cladding, but I would rather not.  I am more drawn to letting it do what it wants to do.

Why are you thinking cedar?  Rot resistance?  If rot is a concern, mycelium is probably not a great option.  If we're mitigating against rot, then cedar shouldn't be necessary.

If you were attempting such an experiment, would you keep the method and use second flush bags cut to fit?

I would prefer to grow SIPS in their final form, but yes, it could be possible to assemble infill from second-flush bags and let them grow together.

At T17:30 Beau talks about spreading these bags in hugels etc. - if any were spread on the berm in Near-Arrakis, I can confirm yellow oyster mushrooms fruited in late May 2024 :)

That's awesome!  Yup.  Any pictures?

Per T40:16 & T40:21 it looks like the solar system is a 12 Volt 200 Amp DC system; further, at the second timecode, the object under the digital read out looks to be a fuse block or bus bar of sorts.
If that's the case, adding a circuit could be relatively straight forward with two light bulb socket bases.
There are 12V bulbs made by Bulbrite which are 25W and fit into traditional sockets, sold in a two pack for ~$3.
The thing I haven't figured out is the thermostat - I'm imagining there exists a 12v inline thermostat which could be wired onto the positive lead, but I've done very little searching and would love another perspective here.

I think we have a thread somewhere ideated solutions for this project.  Do you have access to the PTJ planning forum?

1 week ago