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Recent posts by Beau Davidson

Simple sourdough bread in the rocket oven.

3 tbs sourdough starter
4 c flour
2-3 c water
pinch salt
let rise for 2-24 hours
Today, I made some firewood racks to house more wood behind the Fisher Price House. I modeled them after the ones in front if the house. To insure they don't collapse on a toddler (or other kind of mammal) I screwed the top into the house studs. Pretty sturdy.
Hugeling in a blizzard! There's nothing quite like tucking in seeds on a freshly mounded bed for a wee winter snooze. Hope I get to see what this'll do out at Allerton Abbey.

My 12' is conjoined with Mike's 24'. It is demarcated in most the pics by stakes or a change in mulch appearance. Final size is a couple feet larger than the requirements in each dimension to accomodate the curve and satisfy the demands of the site.

Dug and built with the excavator.
Seeds comprised of (in order of greatest volume, Nitrogen fixers comprising well over 80% of seed count):

Yellow Blossom Clover (n)
Crimson Clover (n)
Golden Clover (n)
Giant Clover (n)
Chickling Vetch
Lamb's Quarters (mulch combo)
Mullein (mulch combo)
Holzer Grain (exactly 40 seeds)
Austrian Winter Peas (n)
Black Locust (n)

3 Sunchoke tubers
3 Comfrey root cuttings

Conifer branches from site logging and trimming
Straw from the Abbey
Lamb's Quarters

3 days ago
 PS   Beau, are you coming back to our humble home and if so when?

Planning on it! I'll give you a ring here presently...
6 days ago
I fixed gaps in probably 200 feet of junkpole fence today at Allerton Abbey. The individual gaps I filled probably amounted to 30+ feet. Wanted to eliminate any debate for certification. The pictures that follow show each section in need of repair, followed by its corresponded repaired section.
1 week ago
This week at the BB20 event, I had the pleasure of preparing pancakes for 9 ridiculously lovely humans. They were a bit in-and-out as they were starting their day, so I have a pic of everyone who ate, as well as individual pics with their food in front of them.
1 week ago
Wee little rocket mass heater rake. Next time I may make some design mods, but here it is.
1 week ago
Learned to weld and torch today - super fun!
1 week ago