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Recent posts by Beau Davidson

Terry Austin wrote:Sorry if this has been covered previously.
In hugekultur does the wood/logs need to be whole or can they be wood chips?
The reason I as is several companies in the area offer to give wood chips free a d will deliver them free if they Re in the srea.
Any ideas and feedback appreciated.

Per Paul's talks, wood chips are not to be used in hugelkultur beds. The primary reasons, if I recall, are as follows:
-Increased wood surface area results in increased available carbon, which binds nitrogen and hinders growies.
-Beds don't last nearly as long as whole logs.
-Whole logs provide lasting structure and diversity.
-By importing wood matter from unknown origin via commercial sources, you may unwittingly introduce persistent herbicides to your system.
1 month ago
Ijust extended our underground well line 100 feet to place a new yard hydrant at our orchard. Will that satisfy this bb for cold? The langauge dies not specify interior plumbing, but I wanted to check first.
2 months ago
Adding measurement image to meet bb requirements.
2 months ago

Eric VonRaderson wrote:

Beau Davidson wrote:Learned to weld and torch today - super fun!

Yah but how long did it take you to make the stump that it sits on? Eric wants to know so I can estimate how long it will take to make a stump for an anvil.

The tree probably grew for the better part of a century. Then I yanked it from the shop and bolted it down.

But anvil stumps - now they're a whole other story.
2 months ago
Simple sourdough bread in the rocket oven.

3 tbs sourdough starter
4 c flour
2-3 c water
pinch salt
let rise for 2-24 hours
Today, I made some firewood racks to house more wood behind the Fisher Price House. I modeled them after the ones in front if the house. To insure they don't collapse on a toddler (or other kind of mammal) I screwed the top into the house studs. Pretty sturdy.