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SW Missouri • zone 6 • ~1400' elevation
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Recent posts by T Melville

Chris Kott wrote:Now all you need is a catchphrase.

Wonder what Cheetos would charge for the rights to "It ain't easy bein' cheesy"?
11 hours ago
139 g polydough + 2 rashers of bacon + 1 slice american cheese, air fried 15 minutes at 360° = cheesy bacony pie tart thing...

Next time, I'll distribute the sriracha more evenly.

11 hours ago

r ranson wrote:Could I take this one apart?  https://www.amazon.ca/Protection-Brightness-Flexible-Gooseneck-Included/dp/B083DG5CK1/ref=pd_bxgy_img_3/146-1355246-0254943?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B083DG5CK1&pd_rd_r=f21f5a4f-e7c6-4665-a6f3-553589364f0a&pd_rd_w=hid5o&pd_rd_wg=d9254&pf_rd_p=ce6c479b-ef53-49a6-845b-bbbf35c28dd3&pf_rd_r=TQXP6F4KXPSXYY2NBXMV&psc=1&refRID=TQXP6F4KXPSXYY2NBXMV

It looks likely, but I can't see inside it's shade, so I don't know if that part can be put into your shade. Have you thought of a flexible LED strip? Luminoodle has some that look reasonably priced. I really like the outdoor rope light I bought from them, but I'd consider the indoor products, they have adhesive tape backing. Either line the shade or wind around some kind of tube where the current bulb (and harp?) are? Their white strips have a little higher color temp than you specified, I thnk you can adjust the red green and blue individually for the colored strips, basically dialing in any color temp you like.
4 days ago
"It's always the last place you look."

Gee, ya think? Oh, I found it a while ago, why do you ask? Why wouldn't I keep looking?
5 days ago
The ring broke yesterday. Made it about a week. Also the color didn't hold if it got wet. It was no longer green.
6 days ago
4) Towel drying rack:

My wife complained that wet towels in the dirty clothes stink after a few hours. We didn't want to do laundry immediately, every time someone showers, so I decided to use some bamboo and make a rack they could hang on to dry, right above the dirty clothes. When they're dry, we just drop 'em. I intended to lash it together, and for it to be free standing. The culms kept sliding out of my lashings. I didn't know how to last right. Also, the legs could've used some horizontal bracing lower down. Finally connected the legs to the cabinets to keep them upright, and wired the non-structural towel bars in place. Works great, but if I ever redo it, I'll try to lash it together, and to have it stand up by itself.

6 days ago
Is there any way I can prevent their return?
6 days ago
If your dehydrator is large enough, you could build a tumbling basket inside. (Make sure air can flow through.) Most of the energy a dryer uses is for heating and air movement. You have those covered. You'd only need to run a small(ish) motor, and you could use wind or solar for that if you like.
6 days ago
If cats aren't from here, can ours be deported, please?
6 days ago
Replacing petroleum with people, during the zombie apocalypse?
6 days ago