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Recent posts by T Melville

I started feeling sick late on 3/26 or early on 3/27. I don't think I've even been exposed to covid yet, but my syptoms could be covid, cold, flu, alergies, stress, or maybe some other things I haven't thought of. I got better each day, and decided I was too well to call myself sick on 3/31. I want to do the responsible thing and not expose people if I'm contageous, but it sure would be handy to be able to go to town or church. I'm looking for some guidance on when I can responsibly be around (a few) people.

My symptoms were basically body aches and seemingly random swings between unable to stay awake and unable to sleep. I've also had dry mouth and been either too hot or too cold even in the same temperature room. I normally have those last two, so they may not be symptoms of my being sick. The other four people in the house have shown no symptoms. (Honestly, I was in a stressful situation and got worked up over stupid crap. I really suspect that's all this was.)

Stress and alergies aren't contageous. I'm pretty sure I read: for flu one week from last symptoms, for cold two weeks from exposure. I haven't really found anything helpful for covid. Does anyone have that info?
2 days ago

bob day wrote:I took what seemed to be the best advice here for my needs and reformatted the zorin with the new tricia- linux mint with the cinnamon desktop, and the same issue of no wi fi is still a problem,(although it did recognize the bluetooth immediately on installation, so I think I can use it with my phone as a hotspot.) but I have been working with  a network cable just to get the thing going and generally am doing very well.

Is your hardware either really old or really obscure? Drivers for WIFI cards, at least the common ones, are usually baked into windoze or popular flavors of linux. I've used Mint / Cinnamon on a flash drive with our laptop and it connected just fine without messing with drivers. How certain are you that the card is functional? Just for kicks, you could install a ported copy of android onto a flash drive and boot from it. I once did that to test the card in a friend's laptop. Windoze wouldn't talk to it at all, denied anything was wrong with the driver. I tried to update the driver anyway, still no luck. I wanted to know if it was hardware or software, so I booted from my oreo stick. Connected just fine. Wrote her a letter to show the guy at the shop so he could focus on diagnosing software rather than hardware. Last I heard, she'd plugged in a cable and just used it like that.
6 days ago

Bryant RedHawk wrote:hau Diane, If you have a small space where you can dig a hole you can use an in-ground composter setup. I used a plastic waste bin (garbage can in the USA) buried it a little deeper than half way, cut out the bottom and planted it lid up.
Now I can simply toss anything I want to compost into this bin, put the lid on and wait until I have something else to add to it. I never turn never have to remove anything but, if I wanted to get the compost from this bin all I'd need would be a dog poop picker upper and a bucket to drop my compost in after I grabbed a scoop full. Worms will do a good job of moving the decomposed goodies under ground for you. (my old one that was used for 20 years, had quite a large circle of superior soil around it starting at 1 year and the circle just kept growing larger every year after that.


Dr Redhawk says so. link
1 week ago
That's about how we make new beds or walkways between. I'd use a few layers of newspaper. We usually use cardboard, but if you'd rather avoid the glue, newspaper does work. We find this works well for a few months, then it all breaks down and grass / weeds come back. If your work area is surrounded by concrete, that will probably slow that down. You'll want to watch for spreading by seeds more than by rhizome. If you fill the "vacuum" with plants you want, or at least mulch, and stay on top of it, I think you'll succeed.
2 weeks ago
I no longer use facebook, but I have a thought (or two) that might be helpful. Is the facebook group open to be joined by anyone? Or at least any local? If so, maybe post a link here. Maybe you'll get more members who are used to how we do things here.

Also, maybe post permies links there? Maybe that exposes some folks to how we do things here. Maybe if you can't have the discussion you want on facebook, you can move it here. Maybe some facebookers learn to "be nice". Maybe if I try hard enough, I can squeeze in one more "maybe"...
3 weeks ago
Password protecting BIOS settings has been a option every time I've thought to look. Stands to reason someone's using it.
3 weeks ago

Trace Oswald wrote:You have to open the case. On the motherboard, there is a battery that looks about the size and shape of a nickle. Pull that out and leave it out for awhile. I usually wait overnight to be sure. Pulling the battery clears the bios password. There is also a small jumper that you move to a different set of pins to clear the password and then move back. You can look up what jumper it is by motherboard on the manufacturers site.  Either works on most models. A couple, like the old IBM ThinkPad are much more complicated and you should have someone that knows how do it if you have one of those. The way i posted works for about 99 % though.

Sounds like good advice, if needed, but I would just try the bios first. I've never actually seen one that had a password set.
3 weeks ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
The seed trains that I have participated in generally have a coordinator, who receives everybody's addresses, and directs each person where to send the package next. A time limit for having the package is usually applied, something like 3 days. Often times, the coordinator will receive seeds from most of the participants at the beginning of the train.

This thread has generated one trade by mail. A good one. But It may be time to expand. So, being my first seed train, I want to put some limits on this to keep it from becoming too big of a pain in the butt. If it doesn't come together within those limits, then I have an "out". I'm open to suggestions, and willing to amend this. Tentatively, terms include:
1) 8 to 10 participants, opting in within one week from this post. Hopefully that's enough to make it fun, but not enough for me to overlook important details.
2) Within one week of announcing that the seed train will be moving forward, each participant mails a minimum of three seed packs to me, to be the original contents of the train. Please provide tracking numbers. This could possibly be waved for someone who doesn't have a seed stash?
3) Upon receipt of the last packages, I have three days to make my selections & trades before mailing to the first person who asked to participate. Upon receipt, that person has three days to repeat, sending to the second person, etc. Again, let's provide tracking numbers. I'm a little fuzzy on these details: Does the coordinator choose / swap first or last? When someone removes their selected seeds from the train, is it customary to put something back in, so the train doesn't empty? If we keep the train full, what happens to the remaining seeds at the end?
4) Addresses will be Communicated via Purple Moosage, when necessary. Alternately, I don't mind gathering your addresses from the packages sent in the begining. Or setting up a throwaway email where you can email me. I would then email you back from my real email address to exchange snail-mail addresses. That way we get the security of email, without my email address being posted on line with a big "Spam me, spam me!" sign on it.

So, give me your opinion(s) or opt in, if you like.
I used to take a supplement made from it to boost my immune system. Seemed to work. I finally quit because my local healthfood store couldn't stay open in the same location long enough for me to use up a bottle. I would think they were out of business, then find them months later somewhere else. After that happened four or five times, I just gave up.
3 weeks ago