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Recent posts by T Melville

Tom Worley wrote:Has anyone used this, or found other ways, to use photo-editing software with Linux?  That's probably my biggest hurdle with switching systems.  

I think most linux users prefer GIMP. Also nice that it has versions for windoze and mac too. That way you can use the same tool everywhere.
1 day ago
If any of the flowers are considered edible, be sure of the ID, I think we did a fair bit of guessing.
Dropped off all my outgoing seed packages today, including yours. Hope you guys like marigolds and garlic chives! Tracking #9534613969261012259454.

•Marigold 2020
•Dry Beans 2020
•Mixed Corn
•Mutt Corn 2020
•Last Stand Beans 2020
•Zinnia 2020
•Yucca 2020
•Garlic Chives 2017, 2020
•Scarlet Runner Bean 2017
•Watermelon 2020
•Tepary Bean 2015
•Muskmelon 2020
•Mospermia Squash 2020
•Cucumber 2015, 2020
•Morning Glory 2020
•Butterfly Weed 2020
•Celosia 2020
•Radish 2017
•Mung Bean 2019
•Orach 2014
•Tall Phlox 2020
•Moss Rose 2020
•Feral Alfalfa 2018
•Rapini Broccoli Raab 2015
•Radish 2020
•Brassicas 2017
•Amaranth 2019
•Unknown, like moss rose 2020
•Proto Heat Tolerant Peas 2017, 2019
•Cabbage 2013
•Hummingbird Vine 2020
•Purslane 2020
I recommend installing linux on a flashdrive or CD and booting from it. If the computer is still slow, you likely have a hardware issue. If it's fast again, I say it's software. It doesn't really solve your problem unless you like linux, in which case I'd consider installing it, but it'll probably let you make an informed decision.
2 weeks ago
I've been dragging my feet on breaking down squash for seed. My wife was cleaning Monday night and dropped a mospermia*.  It cracked, so I broke down all I had of that species. Seeds are in the dehyrator with the temp turned all the way down.

*Mospermia = Argyosperma X Moschata. Interspecies cross made by Joseph Lofthouse (or his bees, maybe). He sent seeds to William Schlegel, who grew them out with moschatas. They were fertile. He sent me seeds, which I grew with moschatas and pepos. (I think those are both relevant.) They were also near watermelons, muskmelons and laganaria gourds, but I think crossing with them is unlikely enough to just say it won't happen. The mospermias are the striped squash in the picture below.

4 weeks ago

What I've got so far. Still hoping to add some amaranth and squash. Flowers are kind of my wife's department, but she's been collecting and threshing and drying all summer. Expect something in that vein, too.
1 month ago
There's a video available here on the site where Tim Barker describes how he solved the insufficient drop problem. Looks as if the ram pump will have to be heavier duty than normal.

affiliate link
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:One guess:  those videos were put there nine years ago, using the youtube embed stuff from nine years ago.  Maybe youtube has improved embed codes now, and when somebody uses the old embed codes, youtube sorta processes that stuff on some rickety server with a tiny internet pipe.  ??

Seems to have been at least partially overhauled. I was embedding some play lists over the weekend and found the [tag? command?] to not show related videos seems to have been depricated. I'm pretty weak on i-frames, I don't know what server they're pulling from.
I can pack up some stuff and send it either way, but how about a wishlist?
1 month ago

John Weiland wrote:Am re-booting this in hopes of getting an answer to something in line with the thread.  I would like to use my older Win7 laptop to test various Linux distributions.   But rather than holding down the F12 key during start-up in order to boot to the USB drive, is there a way to re-configure the boot sequence so that it *always*, upon start-up, boots to the 'choice' screen.....where it asks you to choose which drive you wish to boot from?  And additionally, is it relatively easy to go back to its original boot-to-Win7 sequence upon start-up if I wish to reverse course?  Thanks!.....

I moved USB device (or maybe it said removable drive... media?) higher than the C drive in boot order. Now if I boot with my usb drive plugged in, I get the choice screen. Boot with it unplugged? Straight to windoze.
1 month ago