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Ken W Wilson

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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

Finely ground stock salt works good on most weeds if you apply when they are wet. Bermuda grass likes salt though.
6 days ago
I’m trying to find some Blue Ridge blueberries, Vaccinium Pallidum. They sound like they  prefer much dryer sites than most. The only Nursery that I’ve found selling them has terrible reviews.

Oikos Tree Crops sells seeds for a blueberry that likes dryer sites.
1 week ago
Edible Landscaping Nursery is great. They have a lot of american and Asian varieties. Their plants are in pots instead of bare root. I was disappointed in the taste and texture of Nikita’s Gift. Sweet and mushy.
1 week ago
The most productive types aren’t perennial, but sunflowers are extremely easy to grow.  They require very little tillage and can out grow most weeds. Easier to harvest than plants with tiny seeds. No need to bend over to pick them.
1 week ago
Rhubarb and raisin pie is my favorite. The sweet and sour work perfectly together. I like pie to have a little tartness.  I lost the recipe. It just had the fruit, sugar, flour for thickening, and a little cinnamon. I don’t remember the amounts. I’ll try to find the recipe.
1 week ago
I meant that you might already have catfish in there stirring things up.

I think catfish is the only fish that could thrive in it until the water is cleared up. I’d go fishing and see what you have. You might the check depth too. It might not be deep enough for fish.  It probably is.
2 weeks ago
Does it get runoff from a cultivated area or maybe an eroding stream bank? Any source of mud other than the banks?

I’m surprised there aren’t many plants around the bank. What part of the world are you in?  Is it a dry climate? Some plants like willows might protect the banks but damage the pond with leaves falling in the water.

I don’t think underwater plants would get enough light.  

I have read that bullhead catfish can keep the mud stirred up.  They are fun to catch. They can probably survive the muddy water better than any other type.

2 weeks ago