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Recent posts by Ken W Wilson

It sounds like it should be OK.  It will probably look normal. It seems like trees have a shape they want to be and it takes repeated pruning to change that.
1 week ago
We had a really cold, wet spring. My fig trees are healthy, but I’m not sure if any of the fruit will ripen before it gets cold again. It’s going to be close.
1 week ago
I would probably mow now.  I would try to identify any small trees that might be growing there first. With all the trees in the neighborhood, you might have a lot of tiny trees. If they used a lot of chemicals, you probably don’t have little trees. Just in my yard on the edge of town, I’ve had redbuds, mulberries, and a persimmon come up. I’m letting a couple of each grow. I had a lot of silver maples come up. They are one of the worst type of trees in the area. I pulled and tilled them.

I once saw our highway department spray and brush hog brush(young native trees),  so they could plant pine trees. The pine trees all died. They don’t grow well here anyway, especially in compacted clay on the sides of the road.  It was a long time ago. Hopefully, they are smarter now.
2 weeks ago
If you aren’t trying to get fruit during the winter, you could take cuttings from the cuttings several times.  Smaller size, takes less space and less light. i think this should work for tomatoes. I am not sure how hard it is to root pepper cuttings, but I think they would probably be easy.

I have indoor tomatoes blooming. They are from cuttings off tomatoes that I planted last January. They produced inside, then I moved them outside for the summer.
Does it have good drainage? If not, you can build a mound of soil around it.

Did it have any insect problems?

Do the leaf buds look green? If not, I would prune severely.
2 weeks ago
Summers are usually mostly dry here. When it does rain, watermelons often split open. My friend was tossing them without looking at them. They seem most likely to split when they are ripe, so it pays to check them. They wont keep at all after they split.

This applies to tomatoes too, but it’s not as obvious.
If it’s partially composted, you could probably use a little now.
3 weeks ago
Ground layering mught be the best method, but I have never grown blue elderberries.
3 weeks ago
This is pretty interesting. Can they live in an aquarium? Just to learn how to care for them. If I liked raising them, I would expand to a couple barrels. Can you raise many in a barrel? Would a garden pond work? I think only virile, northern crayfish are legal here.
1 month ago