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Recent posts by C Fox

I hadn't thought of using peroxide, B. Bailey.
I will give this some thought.
2 months ago
Excellent topic. I'm glad for everyone sharing.
I've never blanched any of my food before drying living in Iowa.
I have been using excalibur dryer and vacuum seal in bags when done.
I haven't had any issues but I like the dryer you've built, Larissa.
I'm going to seriously consider doing this for next year.
Thanks so much for sharing!
2 months ago
Wow, lots of good ideas for watermelon rind. I don't know how many times I've had watermelon that is nasty.
I can enjoy and make something good out of something that would otherwise not be worth a hoot.
8 months ago
love that you make your cheesecake with 'Concept Cooking', Pearl. Goes to show just how creative we can be to whatever suites us.
I enjoy making mine with lots of fruit and I'm going to try some of the ideas you shared. One can be totally creative!
Your cheesecake sounds delicious too, Leigh Tate! "Heavenly Chèvre Cheesecake" with goats milk appeals to me too.

8 months ago
I haven't really thought whether I am a prepper or homesteader so much but wanting to be wise and be prepared. I have seen a lot of decline in so much and a lot more to come. I want to be ready and not rely on the unreliable. I've had to relocate and overcome some health issues but it's not stopping from learning and doing all I can. I'm impatient and it's not fast enough but I keep going forward. I don't know if where I live will be my permanent homestead and is way too close to the city for my liking.
It is true many I know couldn't survive well without a microwave, dishwasher or many amenities the world offers. I have few and am learning to get ready to do without reliance on power and those amenities (many of which I don't have)
I'm learning and a ways to go definitely. Learning things like how to find my water table so can put in a well and making my own solar power in unconventional ways that don't tear my head off financially. I also want to create an underground greenhouse to grow year round as well as my regular food production.
There is a lot more but for the sake of keeping it simple for now I thought I'd start sharing. I'm learning a lot from the time I've been able to be back online and here. Look forward to learning more.
9 months ago
Thanks for sharing on making mayonnaise. I've been wanting to make my own and I'm ready to do this.
Not sure which I'll like the best but I'll try them and see.

9 months ago
Great topic. Glad I found it even though it's been here for awhile.
I'm 60ish and want to be prepared for not being able to do as much as I can now.
Lots of good ideas here I'm planning to investigate.
Hope to share more again soon.
2 years ago
I am glad to find this discussion being new to the forum.
I have a 72 Winnebago Brave. I've done quite a bit of work on it in order to use it for a temp home for myself and two Shelties until a suitable place is found.
RV's can have plenty of issues especially older ones. The price for this was good. Much was jerry rigged, roof was not re-done properly and had to scrap off tar and do it correctly. I've mostly had to re-do things someone did just to sell it sigh
Generator works good but looking forward to having my own stove for heat source as soon as possible. Winter is sneaking up on me right around the corner here in Iowa. It has furnace and air but I'd miss my wood burning to depend on them much. Has working shower/ toilet although that had to be worked on too. Someone tried to put a glue on cracked water tank they didn't drain in winter and ended up finding one at salvage from same model.
All in all it's a workable solution but anxious to hear anymore anyone is sharing.

5 years ago