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John Elliott wrote:
To get a lot of UV protection you want to get some aromatic rings into the mix. Natural plant pigments are a good source of such aromatics as is lignin. If you boil your own linseed oil, throw some flower petals or brown oak leaves into the mix and you can extract some aromatic compounds from them that will markedly increase the UV protection. Of course, you're going to end up with a much darker oil and a darker finish to your wood.

Is it the aroma compound or the colouring that increases the UV protection?
For example if one add a rose/levender oil into the mix will it result in higher UV protection?
hi all,
I'd be happy to know more about wood preservatives depending on different types of wood.
We want to build a porch, pergola and decking around our house. We are going to take Siberian larch for the porch and we choosed it because it hardly rots. But my concern is the UV protection. Fortunately, where I live, they sell the natural oils of OSMO
Our other concern is that oiling should happen quite often (at least once/year).
I like the natural colour of the wood but it won't stay long without UV protection.
So my questions are:
- is Yakisugi appropriate for larch for exterior use and does it need additional protection (maybe only flax oil) ?
- does larch need treatment with fungicide/insecticide?
- can I rely on natural oils (with UV protection like the OSMO oil) to protect the larch from UV rays?
- can one make oils with UV protection - Jay C. have wrote a lot of information about oils (and his favorite Heritage Natural Finishes) and there was a thread in permies ( - " throw some flower petals or brown oak leaves into the mix") with ideas for UV protection - someone tried it? or other ideas?
- is Yakisugi appropriate for other wood species for exterior use, esp. pergola - here pine is most popular (with all its troubles to conserve it), there are spruce beams imported from abroad (BSH „brettschichtholz “). May be one can find oak and black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) (used for deckings and garden posts but most of all for heating - burnt in home stoves! )
4 years ago