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since Oct 06, 2015
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Recent posts by Douglas Buege

My three favorite, in order, are 1) European scythe, 2) European scythe, and 3) I can't remember but it rhymes with lithe.

I have a field of 400 baby stone pines.  I was mowing but the mower is loud, sucks gas, and moves way too fast.  I can't see individual plants as I whizzzzzzz by.  The scythe is quiet, and quite careful when used with full attention.  I consider scything a key Zen activity. It narrows my perspective and focus to the job at hand.  
6 days ago
I really suggest quantifying every element in this build from cubic meters of soil moved to soil density as it varies with depth to diurnal temperature fluctuations.  Pushing the data collection will really help me translate the project to a flat site in northeastern Wisconsin.  I've dreamed of a greenhouse that doesn't contribute to climate change for decades.  This is a project that excites me!

2 months ago
I ordered the Mother Earth News archive on a jump drive for $30+.  It's in an EPUB format which means I had to download a program to read books on computer.  I was dismayed to find that there is no INDEX to search for information and the articles don't include images.  As I age, I find it harder to remember which volume had which article so I'm finding that I wasted my money.  My hope was to recycle or give away my back issues, many from the 1970s, but I won't do that now.  I might give the jump drive to somebody, though.  In fact, it's yours for $20, which will include all shipping.  But don't waste your money on it.  Yes, the drive does have a little red light that flashes in a cool way.  But that's the best thing I can say about it.

I'm in the process of making my own index.  Maybe I will post it here!
3 years ago
Indeed, you are right.  I need to jump right in to the deep end and peen.  I've got to stop preparing and just do it.

But, of course, I'm going to wait until it warms up.
3 years ago
I purchased a new scythe from Botan this summer and am really impressed with this very useful tool.  I've been establishing an edible forest garden in an old field and use the scythe to cut the grass around individual trees.

What I'm concerned about is my new level of scythe anxiety.  Botan took me out and had me cutting.  That was great.  HE also showed me how to peen.  I've looked at videos of peening, but I"m really worried about actually doing it.  I don't want to destroy or even damage a really powerful tool.

Any advice?

I'm going to pick up Ian's book with hopes that a good resource will make peening possible.
3 years ago
I'll purchase your Mollison book.  How would you prefer payment?  My email:
I agree with you.  UPS should be accountable.  I'll see what happens.
3 years ago
Yes, I could contact my credit card company but I won't.  It's not about the money.  It's about an agreement between me and Prairie Plant Systems that I would pay for healthy plants delivered in that state.  They failed.  I believe that they should remedy the situation or deal with the consequences.  The consequences in this case are having people in the Permaculture community know how they deal with customers.  When we appeal to a greater power such as the government, the police, or the credit card company, we reduce the importance of interhuman connections that help sustain our larger society.  
3 years ago
I'll keep this short.  I'll never buy another plant from Prairie Plant Systems and I'll avoid UPS as much as humanly possible.

This year, I ordered a bunch of Saskatoons and Honeyberries.  UPS messed up the shipping and the plants spent five extra days in trucks during the heat of summer.

When I received the plants, they were in sorry shape.  I contacted Derek, greenhouse manager, at Prairie Plant Systems.  He told me the plants would recover.  I said they wouldn't and they didn't.  Neither UPS nor Prairie Plant Systems took any responsibility for their failures.  I'm out a few hundred dollars.  And I'm pretty bummed about the incompetence from both businesses.

Thought y'all should know.
3 years ago
Courtesy of Paul Stamets' Mycelium Running, I've been encouraged to defeat a life long phobia of ingesting mushrooms. I started by doing a lot of reading of medical issues. Then, one day, I bought two button mushrooms at my coop. The shrooms went home and sat on a table until I finally went over and bit into one. I didn't die. So I'm in the process of expanding my mushroom experiments. I want to grow some mushrooms in northeast Wisconsin, zone 4b, where I have a maple-beech-birch forest. Any strong recommendations?

And thanks for joining the forums! I look forward to reading Radical Mycology.
4 years ago