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since Oct 03, 2015
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I'm a little late with this, but I can't pass up a good Photoshopportunity.
4 years ago
Let us know how that goes! We were lamenting the near impossibility of growing true soapnuts in Montana. 130 cm of rain? Not a chance.
4 years ago
Jocelyn and I are having fun with soapnuts, and we discovered that just grinding them to a powder in a coffee grinder makes a nice, gently abrasive hand/dish soap.

It works best in conjunction with hot water since we're basically using the powder to make an instant version of the "tea" usually made with soapnuts.

Used on hands it produces a nice lather even when used with cold water, probably due to the heat caused by the friction of lathering and the heat inherent in warmblooded bodies.

When using the soapnut powder on dishes, however, higher temperature water is more important. For lightly soiled dishes merely warm water will get you enough lather no problem. For greasy dishes the water will need to be quite hot and you'll need to use more of the powder. For a particularly greasy bowl I heated some water in the tea kettle (not to boiling though that might have been even better), let it sit in the bottom of the bowl with some soapnut powder for a minute while I washed other stuff, then cleaned the bowl out easily. I ended up having to rinse it twice to get all the suds off.

We're keeping the powder in a little shaker-topped mason jar with some rice mixed in to absorb moisture and keep it from clumping. We'll see how well that works.

Hopefully the powder will have a longer shelf life than the tea.
FYI when you shake the shaker it produces a fine airborne power in addition to the stuff going onto your hands/sponge/dishes, which if inhaled will make you sneeze hard enough to knock a little piggy's house down.

It's worth mentioning that this doesn't make big mounds of foamy suds like commercial dish soaps do.
The first picture shows the suds I got after soaking the powder in hot water for about a minute and then scrubbing. They are small but seem to do quite a good job. The debris on the plate is from the soapnut powder itself and rinses off very easily.
4 years ago
I've got a bit of good news! Paul started using one of these inflatable neck stretchers and the pain in his arm dropped by 80% even while he was sitting up!
4 years ago
It was a terrible game. Evan slashed our tires 3 times in a row and then got the Increvable card for himself =(
4 years ago
Other websites seem to get around it somehow.
I like using incognito mode on the common use computer in the office so I can sign in to chrome without worrying about it remembering any of my biz.

Any link I click on permies, another forum for example, logs me out and so does opening a new tab and going to permies there. This is something of a bother.

This doesn't happen in Firefox or opera's private browsing. I haven't tested it on Safari or Explorer.

Chrome Version 48.0.2564.109 (64-bit)
Kai's been planting hazelnuts with one of the awesome Hori-Hori knives that Truly Garden sent us!
4 years ago