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Chronic reader, creative dreamer, a LOT of hand skills to make things real, intense health issues that limit my activity, but not my creativity or dreams. Moved to southern Missouri with enough tools and junk to build a life that might work well with my health. One of god’s gigglers, I punctuate with smiley faces and exclamation points when I type, and smile and laugh a lot in real life. (Often at things no one else understands.) And I both curtsy at people (even when wearing grubby work clothes) and purr when hugged, both online and in real life. “Normal” is not a word that has ever been used for me.
Been organic gardening all my life, and bought 4 acres that I have designed from the ground up. Making it happen is being the most fun I have ever had in my life, the best 3D jigsaw puzzle ever! Reading Mollison’s Designer’s Manual was like coming home, ah, THERE I am! A reality where I can use all of my multifaceted talents and skills!
Dumpster diver, recycler, second hand store shopper, I tell people I am attracted to rust and lace. I have violated every warranty I have ever met, I’m a tool using animal, and I use my tools to modify everything in my world. And it only gets weirder...
SW Missouri
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Recent posts by Pearl Sutton

That's my understanding. I might be wrong too :D
11 hours ago

Jay Angler wrote:Pearl, do you have a rack or a tray in the bottom of your pressure cooker?

Yup! And I went back to doing what I know works, so when the jars are in place, there is about 2 inches of water around them. I gave up on the directions on the net. I have been canning a lot lately, and they are all doing fine now. I messed myself up by listening to bad info, perhaps for a different canner than mine.  When I followed directions I had quart jars almost going under water. Pints were totally immersed.  None of that looked right.

14 hours ago
Welcome to Permies Andrea!
Interesting idea.
My two cents is a cold basement under a tongue and groove floor will make for a serious cold spot in the house. If you are in a hot climate, that might be neat, if you are in a cold climate, you may not like it.
18 hours ago
I agree. I have an extensive library. To me it's more important than a lot of other things. Ranks up there with my tools for things that matter to me.
21 hours ago
Thank you for the information!
Welcome to Permies! :D
21 hours ago
Lisa Kitinoja III,
Your post was moved to a new topic.
21 hours ago
Hi Jon! Welcome to permies :D
I learned early on that I'm too atypical for the quick words that people use online, and whatever I say ends up inaccurate. I use the term "multifaceted" for myself, and people either don't understand the word, or think they know what it means: Ok, she gardens AND cooks AND cans, I can accept that... Then find out it means: And fixes the tractor, and builds things, and dyes fabric, and can paint anything, and tears apart appliances, and and and... and they overload when they hit the whole mess.

Part of the problem with any kind of dating is how do you find a person you might mesh with when the shape of your puzzle piece in the world is seriously irregular? I can say "that person has this point, and that one has this point" but finding one that hooks better, that's complex. And I have learned that "Of course I can hook with all that" tends to be very inaccurate, due to not knowing what the shape actually is.

21 hours ago

Mary Cook wrote:I put this in yesterday in response to the request for  votes on new threads, and one was mycelium insulation panels.

Mary: I was looking for threads that are made that I could add to the forum, you make excellent points about the mycelium insulation! If you started a thread on it, we could all learn about it. You said you don't know much on it, so post it as a question. If you post it, they will come! Check your PMs, I'm sending you something...
22 hours ago
Welcome Angi!
I'm one of the people who reviewed your book, I loved it :D
If I were giving someone a gift of a canner and a book, your book would be my first choice for that, lots of great looking recipes, and good instructions.

I'm looking forward to the week here!
22 hours ago