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Chronic reader, creative dreamer, a LOT of hand skills to make things real, intense health issues that limit my activity, but not my creativity or dreams. Moved to southern Missouri with enough tools and junk to build a life that might work well with my health. One of god’s gigglers, I punctuate with smiley faces and exclamation points when I type, and smile and laugh a lot in real life. (Often at things no one else understands.) And I both curtsy at people (even when wearing grubby work clothes) and purr when hugged, both online and in real life. “Normal” is not a word that has ever been used for me.
Been organic gardening all my life, and bought 4 acres that I have designed from the ground up. Making it happen is being the most fun I have ever had in my life, the best 3D jigsaw puzzle ever! Reading Mollison’s Designer’s Manual was like coming home, ah, THERE I am! A reality where I can use all of my multifaceted talents and skills!
Dumpster diver, recycler, second hand store shopper, I tell people I am attracted to rust and lace. I have violated every warranty I have ever met, I’m a tool using animal, and I use my tools to modify everything in my world. And it only gets weirder...
SW Missouri
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Recent posts by Pearl Sutton

Phillip Lewis:
We are NOT the people who drop stuff, nor do we talk to them.
You need to contact your local utility cutting company and tell THEM your address etc.

This thread talks about what we have done with the chips we have gotten dropped from our OWN local companies, and the problems or results from that.

You will not get chips dropped by posting your address here.
15 minutes ago
When your permie instincts are not always in your best interests...
I got hurt the other day, not badly, but I was activity constrained for a couple of days.
My tomatoes are getting out of the garage, finally, poor over grown leggy things, some are staking out at over 2.5 feet tall.

I was carrying 4 pots of them, two in each hand, end of the work day, tired, tripped and fell. I had no time to consciously decide, I protected the plants I was carrying. I hit on my knees and face. Ow.

BUT! The tomatoes survived, they all spilled soil, one lost a secondary stalk (that I planted anyway, never know with tomatoes) but they are all doing fine.

My permie instincts are apparently "protect the plants!" Glad I didn't get hurt worse...
Need to find a balance here   :D
23 hours ago
I trace around things I like. If I get something and I like it, I take a pattern off it early on, before it gets stretched out of shape etc.
Or I lose it, or damage it badly, or forget to do it....

I trace it, mark anything I need to remember. then when I go to use it, I make a better copy (tracing is always wiggly) and add seam allowances etc.  

I also label tracings like that by a description of the item, the date, and how it is fitting at that point. My weight shifts...

2 days ago
Pasture or swamp?  :D
Good use of messy weather!
I have been pulling stuff too. Need to use the mud to execute a bunch of Bermuda grass.
Nice work, good planning, my compliments!
2 days ago
May Lotitio covered the frugality of sewing really well, I'll add some stuff about frugal patterning.

I buy Christmas paper after the holiday for making patterns. I look for designs that have a square grid to them, that lets me use it as giant graph paper. A design like that also lets you cut out pieces  on the grain or with the nap by laying them out as you make them so the grid of the paper is how you want the grain. And the nap is right if the snowman is right side up (or whatever lets you orient it.)  Some wrapping paper has a grid marked on the back, so when you are wrapping you can make straight cuts. That's the kind I like best, it's basically long pieces of graph paper! I'll take that type in any design, as it doesn't need gridded artwork to be useful. I hit a bunch of it a while back, bought several of the biggest rolls I could find.

I am a big fan of thrift stores, and always look for their fabric yardage, this area has a lot of quilters, and people's stashes show up when they move or die. Some pretty cloth! I also, though, look for cloth I don't like how it looks, but the feel is right for matching the fabrics I sew on. That gives me mock up fabric I don't mind cutting, that will drape the way my good cloth will. I snag cheap sheets for that too. Years ago I got 5 or 6 sets of top and bottom each, king sized, same awful print on all of them. I used that stuff for mock ups for a long time! I can't imagine having bought that for my bed, which they obviously had. Yuck! It was a horrible brown and yellow plaid, which gave it a great grid to work with!  

I also check the thrift store fabric area for things like zippers, odd sewing machine parts, any other things I can use. My latest irritant that way is I have had it with any kind of plastic zippers. I am buying up all the metal toothed zippers I see. I'm also buying needle threaders, helps with my eyes as I get older. Also odd antique things.

2 days ago
When you almost cry as you slaughter volunteer plants...

I had a reason though.
Part of my squash bug strategy this year is to not plant anything in the squash/curcubit family for a while, to starve the overwintered bugs, cut down on the breeding population.

I think these were probably cantaloupes, I don't hot compost, I bury my kitchen waste. Anything that came up from my scraps were things that were from melons that were not worth saving the seeds, as I save seeds obsessively out of my groceries.

Still. I hated to kill them off, even knowing I can't feed the bugs.
I hate killing volunteers.

But I hate the squash beetles more.

I'll keep telling myself that.
2 days ago

Jeanne Wallace wrote:
Permie Olympics Medic here.  

Glad our Olympics have a medic!  
Made me laugh :D
3 days ago
What an odd curse.
Permies might like free ducks!
5 days ago
What was it made for? It seems to have no way to do anything. I suppose it could run something off a belt...
Awesome cool thing!
6 days ago
When you are pulling weeds and feel the burn of light contact dermatitis...
So you go in, wash up. All better!
Go back out to work....

I wonder what I was reacting to? Was it this one? (Rub a bit on my arm.) Nope. How about this? Nope.
Experiments!! Not always involved with common sense.

Never did figure it out.
Rubbed all kinds of stuff on myself.

6 days ago