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Recent posts by Bryan de Valdivia

Are the live zoom discussions being recorded?

If yes, is there a thread with a listing for them?

I'm unable to attend the live zooms but would like to follow along as I'm hoping to be able to build a similar structure this November. A single resource with all the relevant designs, plans, discussion threads, zooms, would be wonderful.
2 months ago
I'm having trouble getting seed for Precocious Hazelnut variety sold by Oikos, can only find small plants and have a big enough area to plant that this wouldn't be practical. Anyone have seed or runner for this variety of hazelnut?

8 months ago
Thanks Paul! And yes, I had a look at that thread but I'm afraid I didn't quite understand the proper format/procedure for invoking the rule. Sorry about that
10 months ago
Hi all, gave it some days as is the holidays, but anyone know the answer to this?

Thank you!
10 months ago
Not sure where this goes, moderator, please move if I posted in the wrong place.

Hi all,

I bought the plans for a double chamber cob oven from Erica and Ernie, but have a question on the key proportions if I change the shape of the oven.

I may have located some wedge and arch shaped fire brick, so I need to know what proportions I need to observe for the tunnel shaped oven to work to spec.

Anyone know the answer, or the question? :)

11 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:

Bryan de Valdivia wrote:Thank you Travis! Have to chew on this a bit now as to how to apply it to my needs, very much appreciate your time and help on this sir.

Give me your dimensions and what you want for a general shape, and I will draw you up a bent (truss) layout. Just be sure to add an extra one when you figure up how many bents you need...the first one is always at 0'-0"...kind of like counting up the fence posts you need!

Wow, thanks Travis!  The building I have in mind would be 24' x 40', 6/12 slope, side walls as tall as you think is safe Would 10' or 12' work? To have as many possibilities for future use. In terms of internal supports (posts) I was wondering if 24' could be free-spanned, again, to leave as many options open as possible. I had a look at a pole barn I have here, going on about 30 years old, and the trusses have the rafters made out of 2' x 6' with the rafter tie out of a 2' x 4' and no collar tie. The rafters are nailed to each other with no ridge board and the 2'x4' rafter ties are just nailed on to the face of the rafters, no gusset, no mending plates, just 4 nails at the ends and some hanger boards a'ways in. Trusses are set 4' OC.
1 year ago
Thank you Travis! Have to chew on this a bit now as to how to apply it to my needs, very much appreciate your time and help on this sir.
1 year ago
Doh, sorry, the question made sense in my brain but see now how it came out :) I meant the maximum span on the floor between vertical supports.

For example, far as I can tell from the pics and your description, you have a vertical 2×4 post at the edge, then a vertical support for the bent at 8' away, and then again another 8' away, then 7' away.

However, in the bigger barn, the brown section, it is 24' across and I only see a line down the middle, but you also wrote that it's not divided. Then again, I don't know if this section was constructed in the same manner.

ps. You don't have an overhang at the edge, do you?
1 year ago