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I'm Karen Donnachaidh (pronounced donna-key). I grew up in a large Scots-Irish family (poor by many people's scale) where we grew most of our own food; had large gardens and many fruit trees; raised cows, hogs and chickens; preserved our bounty through canning and freezing anything that we could grow or forage; and, we made most of our own clothes. Growing up, these skills were necessary for our survival. While not exactly necessary today, I choose to live a frugal life and live close to nature just because it's in my very soul. Things I love: reading everything; word games; saltwater fishing (well, any kind of fishing) mostly for flounder, croaker and sand mullet; abundant sunshine; the smell of the marsh; creating new recipes and eating great home cooked food; lots of gardening; drawing and painting when I find time; secondhand shopping for great bargains; and, listening to music from the 40s/50s/60s. And I love Gaelic music, bagpipes, knobby knees in tartan kilts and a jolly fine céilidh (party).
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Virginia (zone 7)
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Recent posts by Karen Donnachaidh

Maybe I shouldn't have read them all at once. My stomach hurts! My poor dog is sitting next to me wondering what's wrong with me. I can't stop laughing. Thanks Jocelyn!
5 years ago

Karen Donnachaidh wrote: I really wish I could view these presentations

Grow Your Own presenters wrote:Oh, and there are over 15 expert gardeners hosting FREE classes! Then if you get the paid option you get 30 more videos on top of that!

5 years ago
I think it's awesome when you can get so much for free. That's a rare thing nowadays. And, these folks are covering a ton of food growing topics. I really wish I could view these presentations, but my internet is way too slow to get to watch videos. What I think would be super cool is if Permie friends here who have registered for the presentation could post on this thread after watching and let me know what you thought.
5 years ago
Nice work! This reminds me of the old saying "a stitch in time saves nine". So, sashiko is like a decorative reinforced weaving? And, like all repairs, probably works best when the stitches are made in time. For my bags, I hand stitch using dental floss. Seems like we always have a bunch of sample packs of floss from dental cleanings. Might as well put them to good use.
5 years ago
Sure, there are plug-ins, like https://wordpress.org/plugins/ssl-insecure-content-fixer/
Though, I have no idea what is trustworthy or worthwhile. This is where my techno-brain stops working and I depend on others.
If it has to do more with pictures being http: and not https: then why is the search page insecure?
In zone 7 here and tomorrow will be a rain and snow mix with tomorrow night getting into the 20s. So many fruit trees in bloom right now. Ouch. Hoping for the best. We have this exact same scenario every Spring. Last year, you would have thought the fruit trees were toast...nope. They did okay. The year before, they were totally wiped out.
I love a happy ending. Great job there Joylynn!
5 years ago