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Recent posts by Olga Booker

Myron Platte wrote:

I think some of the biggest reasons are glyphosate, other pesticides and herbicides, soil contamination, air contamination, and water contamination. The ambient toxic load in the good ol’ US of A is astounding.

Amongst other things, I would tend to agree with the above, especially with the ever more popular use of Round up at pre harvest time.

Sorry Jenny, he just scrapped it, there was so little interest in it.
3 days ago
Hi John,

Please forgive me but I'm not sure that I understand your question.

Who I am and what I do are two different things.  The things that I do, do not define me or maybe only in other people's mind.

Changes are inevitable and a natural process but why should it change who I truly am.  Over the years, my ideas, ideals, hobbies, jobs even my looks and beliefs have changed along with my ability to do things the way I used to, but at the very core of my being, I am and will remain the same. Wether I give up, hiking, biking, off-roading, or whatever, it doesn't take away my integrity, kindness, sincerity, and all the other things that makes me who I am.  My heart is still the same - this is my reality.

Well, this is the way that I feel and maybe, like I've said, I did not understand your question or your concern.
3 days ago
Jocelyn Campbell wrote:

Coq au vin
(Cock/rooster in wine)  

In the North of France they do 'Coq à la bière' which is pretty much the same except you replace the wine with beer. It is lighter and I admit to prefer it to 'coq au vin'.

Anyway, tonight I cooked wild boar ribs with cabbage, carrots and roast potatoes- all from the garden, followed by apple crumble with cream and a dash of agave syrup.
2 weeks ago
Burra, you made my Sunday morning! You really made me chuckle, you've got it spot on!!!
1 month ago
Chris Kott wrote

I think voting with one's dollar and living one's convictions as much as practicable are some of the common threads I have seen here.

You are absolutely right, voting with one's dollar is an answer.  If it hurts the pocket, changes will be made.  However, they need to know if we want to change the balance of supply and demand.

Another thing that I do is that I write very nice, polite letters to big companies.

For example, a few years ago, while I was eating a toast with organic peanut butter, I idly looked at the label and to my horror, realised that they were now adding palm oil to it.  It is a fairly reputable British company and I sent them a letter to say that although I had bought and enjoyed their peanut butter for many years, I would no longer do so as I noticed the recent addition of palm oil in their product.  They replied that it was OK because their oil came from a sustainable palm oil plantation.

I then pointed out to them that mono crops, by its very definition, is unlikely to be sustainable and that in any case, they'd already destroyed, land, habitat and ecosystems for the sake of greed - after all there is no need for that oil except as a bulking agent.  Not withstanding that the oil is very high in saturated fat and not especially good for one's health.  They never replied to that one but I've noticed that they have changed their label and proclaim now that ingredients contain "sustainable" palm oil.  I do not claim that I alone made this change happen, and maybe there are more people like me out there, but it is a tiny little change.  Just a tiny step, and if more people voiced their concerns, maybe, just maybe a few, more changes could happen.

Still, I'm grateful to them, I now make an outstanding peanut butter at a fraction of the cost!.
1 month ago
Douglas Aplenstock wrote:

Madame Booker, I hereby confer upon thee the honourary degree "Master of Badassity." Wear it proudly.

Well, kind Sir, I thank thee!


Blimey! as they say in English, thank you so much everyone for all of them apples and pies! Never expected that.  As I re-read my post, I only noticed the spelling mistakes, (but then it was 1:00 am my time when I wrote it), and the fact that I told a lie.  I did buy some item of clothing recently, I bought some new knickers!

Have a lovely day you kind people!
1 month ago
OK, so I plant trees.  But it's not the only thing I do.  I have been off grid for 25 years, except for this new house that we've just moved into, but we are working on it - as fast as we can!

Yes, I have seen the movie "The man who planted trees", but long before that, I had read the book.  After all Jean Giono is a prolific French writer and he was part of the curriculum in our literature classes.

I have never had a dish washer, a microwave, a clothes dryer, an electric cooker, a freezer, a hair dryer, never used deodorant.  I have not used shampoo, detergent, cleaning products for years.  My washing machine is one of those: https://uktwintubs.co.uk/product/7-2kg/  It uses 365W for washing and 185W for spinning.  I know the power consumption of every appliance in my house - which you need to if you are on solar power.  By the way, I don't iron clothes either, but if I really, really need to then I use one of those cast iron "iron" that you heat on the stove top.

It was 1999 when I started in earnest to lower my carbon foot print, but I had been aware of my faulty living long before that.  It was then that the TV went and I curbed my use of plastic.  I stopped buying anything with palm oil in it which was not easy then because they used about 50 different names for it, so reading the labels was fairly confusing.  By the way, I am sure you know that it is not only in food produce.  It's almost as difficult to avoid palm oil as it is to avoid plastic: https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/which-everyday-products-contain-palm-oil

Plane travelling went a long time ago, except for the one time when my eldest son had a stroke on the other side of the world.  We have a big 4x4, but we use it only 3 or 4 times a month.

It goes without saying that I gave up on many things that came from far away, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. We eat local or grow our own.  I am trying to avoid supermarkets, I go to local shops if I need to.  My entire house is furnished from second hand , inherited or gifted furniture and my wardrobe also is second hand.  I can't remember the last time I bought a new item of clothing.  Of course, I recycle, re-use, re- purpose, mend, repair and what not.  There is very little waste in our house.

We often stop on the side of the road and pick up rubbish and where we lived before, we had a "clean the village day" twice a year. That included cleaning the stream and its banks, cutting dead branches, clearing gutters & gullies, weeding the communal gardens and many more.  Always ending with a meal that every one contributed to.

A few years ago, we switched to an ethical bank that did not invest our money into arms deals and/or drug money laundering.  We can choose witch green good cause we want to support and 1 cent of every card transaction is automatically given to those by the bank.  Of course you can add to your donation if you wish to.

We have had WWOOFERs for many years and although we never preached, just the fact that those young people lived with us changed the course of their lives.  With no expectations, we shared what we had and many a time, sometimes 6 months or even a year later, we'd receive a letter telling us that somehow, their stay with us really changed their lives, some even ended up going for a PDC.  Only a lit candle can light another candle.  Sometimes, you don't need to do anything, you just need to be.

We've just sold our well established Permaculture site and home to a young couple who wanted to have a foot on the ladder and carry on the project.  We now have bought 8 hectares of very degraded land and we are starting all over again, hence: I plant trees, loads of trees and it fills my heart with joy - but then, I'm just a simple soul.
1 month ago