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We are what we are.
I like to philosophize a lot. And dream a bit. Okay...a lot. While I look at my garden and drink a beer.  Critters can't do that, can they?

What am I like now? An ant. Busy, busy, busy!

If I had a choice, a Macaw. I could converse with you! I look amazing! I live a long life, so many things to encounter.  Wild tyvm.

Wouldn't want to be lower on the food chain. So below the birds is a no-go.
2 years ago
Okay, this may seem a little gross, but, BUT it worked for me. Medical disclaimer...I did this for me, just ask your doctor about it.

Yeast infection.... not nice. I read about fecal implants many years ago and was suffering from a yeast infection at the time. Thought, hmm what about douching with warm water and a couple of lactobacillus capsules dissolved in water?  I was also reading about women who used yogurt, but thought EWWWE!
The pH in the vagina is out of whack. This is why yeast can grow. Ick.  Yeah, not a fav time in my life.
2 years ago
Thank-you for sharing this. I recently bought a used copy of "I Contain Multitudes" by Ed Yong. I do have a health practitioner background, but not in microbiology and wish I had this 'beginner' book far sooner. It is fascinating! I also purchased 'Virus' An illustrated guide to 101 incredible microbes by Marilyn J.Roossinck  and by Paul Stamets' "Mycelium Running", which is influencing me in creating better garden soil therefore happy microbes and nutrients for happy digestion.

I have IgG immunodeficiency disorder.  Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing some wonky genetics!  Currently I use human replacement IgG, so thank-you so much BLOOD Donors, you help save my life!  So yes, I am in awe of people who research, finding information bit by bit that helps make our lives better.

May you and wife have many more blessings in this life.

And yes, wash your hands and cover your mouth with your elbow when your cough, even when you don't have a cold.  Us Immunity people ( with immunity disorder and cancer) need all the help we can get!  
2 years ago
Are you grafting them Roy?  Call them something, just don't call em late for dinner!
3 years ago
Morning all.

I am looking for other amateur  apple tree growers to share scion wood with. Yes, I know its fall. But I thought I would set up an apple growing group for Zone 4, in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada.  Or perhaps there is one already I don't know about? I have Jonagold, Royal Gala and Northern Spy.  
3 years ago
Very happy for you, Yolanda!

I moved from the 'city ' of Oshawa 24 years ago an hour north to the country.  I worked for a horticulturist in the municipality of Clarington for a few years and picked his brain clean of gardening secrets.   I am now living on the edge of the Canadian Shield. Check out the geographical locations on the net. Some interesting facts about the Oak Ridges Moraine which is amazing and runs right through Toronto.  Loving your ideas of trying growing trees from seeds. Yes, its a crap shoot, as who knows were these bees have been to pollinate the ambrosia apples. I have a northern spy, royal gala and a jonagold. The apples are delicious!
Good luck! If you need tips from a former 'citiot', send me a message. Cheers!
3 years ago
Morning all.  My observations of tomato hornworms are that they indeed love tomatoes. And flowering tobacco! (Nicotiana Alata) .  No hormworms in my central Ontario garden this year.  Picking bugs, esp hornworms and potato beetles are ICKY!

I planted a lot of zinnias this year and  because we are getting an extended warm season, they are many many monarchs and other furry moths floating onto the zinnias to feed. Also saw a hummingbird moth this year! Thank-you to those that plant host plants for our insect populations!
3 years ago
Here is what I used last year....

Orchard Sox worked really well....its just nylons with the end sewn. Tie a knot at the top around the stem to keep out the earwigs too.
Sandwich bag worked okay...earwigs and spiders got in the cut corners.
Party favour bags...again worked really well.  No scab, no maggots, occasional wiley earwig.

Its almost time to put them on! I foliar spray my leaves with BT and horticultural oil. and fish kelp fertilizer and thats about it.
3 years ago
Stinky Rings

I have started too many hot pepper plants. Thinking about uses to repel the dreaded voles above ground once that pepper crop is grown.  Hot pepper paint mixed with pine sap/resin?

Sadly voles like potatoes too.  And composters for over wintering.  Made a wire cage composter last year. And growing my sweet and regular taters in pots and grow bags. Grow bags can be made of the cloth shopping bags btw.  Every year I am adding a couple hardware cloth lined raised bed for my root crops.  Time consuming work.  

Do the bears bother you? Bigger critters, stinkier rings?
3 years ago