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André Troylilas

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since Jul 30, 2015
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Recent posts by André Troylilas

Hi there,

I started mine in a "veranda" once the first tendril appeared, so lots of light and not so much heat, as it was around March I guess...
I'm in the next stage now... I have only one plant left (the others got eaten by rodents I suppose), and I never get any fruit. In fact, I get several small fruits, but they don't get big enough before the first frost, so they die and fall down.
I definitely have to find another place to grow them... Maybe in the veranda if my significant other let me do it (already full of banana "trees").
1 year ago
Nice, Caesar!
By the way, my bulbs are still sleeping...
2 years ago

Caesar Smith wrote:I'm not sure if Customs would be an issue, but I think I can ship to France. The shipping to there might be a touch expensive though. The cheapest I've sent to Portugal was about US$15 in shipping.

I have not yet understood what works and what does not work with customs. I'd like to try my luck with your Dioscorea if you don't mind.

Caesar Smith wrote:Was Uncle Chan's bulbifera bumpy, pockmarked or smooth? Nonthaburi Yellow is pockmarked (not very visible in the eBay pictures, I'll post one at the end). Mae-sai Yellow is said to be bumpy by the vendor, it hasn't arrived for me yet.

It was pockmarked, but not as much as yours.

2 years ago
I live in the North of France. The ones that never fail me are Dioscorea batatas and opposita.
The batatas was obtained from a french producer and from edulis, and the opposita from various sources, mostly from China.
The supposedly bulbifera I bought was from Uncle Chan garden, in Thaïland.
It's not available for the time being, but it will come back I guess, depends of the time of the year. I also bought from him and lost Dioscorea pseudo-tomentosa, Dioscorea filiformis
For the time being, he has Dioscorea esculenta. I grew this one, it withstood -7°C, but died last summer of drought.
I have Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea hamiltonii seeds.
I had bought Ichoïmo, but I lost track of them, they must be in the opposita/batatas mix I have.
2 years ago
That's impressive, for sure. I'm growing whatever Dioscorea I can, and only the chinese one survives and gives small bulbils (and long roots).
The supposedly bulbifera I tried never gave me any aerial bulbil, and died when in storage.
Yours is a cultivar I would love to try if I was not on the wrong side of the pond.
2 years ago
I never ever take care of it, and it's doing fine (zone 8b).
2 years ago
I have a Pomegranate that I sowed maybe 4 or 5 years ago that withstood -7°C last winter, and which if full of young fruits.
I don't know if they will go up to their ripeness, but the tree survived at least...
3 years ago
I am already growing the wild variety (and doing nothing with it), I now have to find the edible one.