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Near Philadelphia, PA
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Recent posts by Phil Gardener

Artie Scott wrote:There are plenty of books on the subject - here is one I found helpful.

I'm suspicious - how thick is that book?
19 hours ago
I keep watching the clock because the damn thing keeps changing . . . .
2 days ago

Larry Foster wrote:I know this was posted awhile ago but I am very interested. I am 45, still very healthy and active

It has been a while - the OP was looking for someone when you were 35 . . .
2 days ago
I tried some LED replacement tubes in some older shop fixtures and they didn't work properly.  It turns out you need newer electronic ballasts for this to work as plug-and-play for most of them (or LEDs that don't use a ballast at all, in which case you have to rewire the fixtures).
6 days ago
Great insect control!
1 week ago
Dr Martin's Lima is a pretty good size!

2 weeks ago

Geri Weitzman wrote:Hi are you still selling acorn flour? I would love to buy some if so.


Looks like Josh hasn't posted since 2014; hope his oaks are thriving 'though!
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:I'm really excited about going grey.

Anyway, this new colour is giving me great joy!

Enjoy while it lasts . . . I hate to say it but the novelty wears off fairly quickly.  lol.
3 weeks ago
Potato onions (and garlic) don't like extended wet conditions - I lost several varieties to two back-to-back wet summers when they just rotted in the ground.  Those of you in drier climes should not experience this issue, but it was a problem here in the mid-Atlantic.
3 weeks ago
Sorry to see the damage to your greenhouse, but glad to hear the truck fared better!

My those crops do look great!  Seems like one of those watermelons in particular was a hit over the others!
1 month ago