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Susan Kay

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since Jul 09, 2015
Greensburg KY
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I’ve been reading about your chicken’s beetle problem and I’m wondering if beneficial nematodes would help. If the beetles have a life cycle stage in the soil they should kill the beetles in the larval stage in the ground.

Available from arbico organic.

I have used the nematodes on my property and had good results. Fewer Japanese beetles and ticks. They also kill flea larva and a large group of soul borne pests. They do not harm earth worms.

The nematodes infect the larvae and reproduce inside the host, then come out and look for another victim. I propagated them in wax moth larvae.

When I got the nematodes I suspended the nematodes in non chlorinated water (a gallon  or more trying to keep temperature of water and nematodes similar) then putting them into a quart spray bottle and squirting them over the ground. Have the spray mechanism wide open and spray in an arc. Shake periodically to keep the nematodes suspended.

It is best to apply them in the rain so they get washed into the soil and can go right to work. If you have a sprinkler or garden hose, water them in well after application.
1 year ago
I have had some luck growing figs in South central Kentucky. Zone 6 b.
One bush grows, dies back and grows multiple branches every year. It gets to around 10 ft tall. I have pushed the branches to the ground and covered them with a mulch for the winter. Uncovered in the spring it starts bearing sooner and I get fruit.
If I don’t protect it the bush starts fruiting later and they don’t ripen before freezing weather gets them. I will try adding some lime to see if that speeds up ripening.
It is planted beside a shed on the east side. Protected from winter wind. But still freezes to the ground. Normal lows here 0 to -10.
I make cuttings in late fall after the leaves drop. I use  dip and grow for soft wood cuttings. I put them in potting mix without fertilizer. I start my cuttings and seeds in 3 g or larger pots and let them grow a season before putting them into individual pots.  Water and leave them in the garage for the winter. Dark and above freezing. Check them occasionally to make sure they don’t dry out.
Bring them out when it warms up in the spring. Protect from wind and sun and drying out. Window screens or lattice over the container serves well until the roots are established. I have very good success rate with this method.
1 year ago
I have a 13 acre farm in south central Kentucky and a new but not yet completed house. A couple of cabin/sheds, barn , tractor and small equipment. I have a couple of acres in blueberries, fruit trees, bee hives, no bees. I’m setting the hives up now with swarm lure hoping to catch a swarm this spring.
However everything is totally neglected. I’m a truck driver and away from home most of the time. At this time I am starting a new venture with hauling cars. I’ll be closer to home but still away and not having time to care for home and property.
I’m 56 years old, quiet non smoker. I have six cats. Three of them stay in the house. Three outside and a couple of strays I’ve noticed lately.
And several tropical fish tanks. My refrigerator is full of tree seeds and there are pots of seedlings and cuttings everywhere. A neighbor comes by to check on the cats.
It’s a beautiful place with a spring and stream running in front of the house. Deer and wildlife in aboundance. But I can’t take care of it and earn a living too.
Perhaps we can help each other. There seems to be potential here.
Susan Kay
1 year ago
This property is sale pending
Thank you for your interest.
I still have the property.
This is another photo showing the Green River lake that is near the property.
Thank you for your interest.
The property is in Green County Ky.
I have two grafted heartnut trees that are about ten years old. They are beautiful trees. I haven't gotten any nuts from them yet because of the squirrels. The first crop of nuts the trees produced when they were nine years old. They should have been producing sooner, but we get a lot of rain here in Kentucky in the spring and the trees need dry weather for wind pollination.
I didn't know when the nuts matured so I was watching them closely. Every few days I checked to see if they were ready to fall. Then in the middle of October I went to check on them and every nut was gone!
Last year they produced another crop. I determined that I would pick them October 1st and beat the squirrels. In the middle of July, I was mowing under the trees and noticed nut hulls. I looked up and again all the nuts were gone!
They weren't even close to ripe.
This year I'm determined to use repellant and beat those squirrels.
They must be very tasty nuts!
I discovered that the heartnut will pollinate with the butternut or white walnut tree.
My trees are ten years old and about twenty feet tall. Butternuts get about thirty feet tall. The bark and trunk of the two trees looks very similar.
2 years ago
Ahh... have you read the 'Virgin River'series byRobyn Carr? Book 12 Wild Man Creek is exactly about that and book 13 is about the sister who is a chef.
All the books are good. I've listened to them many times. I think wild man creek is my favorite because it's about a woman who gardens with a passion and transforms her life in the process.
2 years ago
Hi Dakota.

I really wanted to live there, but I built a house on my other property that already had infrastructure, electric, water and a new barn. I bought the property that  I'm selling to pasture my horses. I don't have them any longer and I can't justify two farms. My neighbor keeps it up for me and grazes his cow there. There have been no chemicals applied in the years I have had it so it is clean land.

I looked into getting electric to the property. The electric co. will bring power to the barn or if I add onto the old house. I think a building has to be 700 or 800 sq feet before they will do that. The old house is two stories but foot print is 12x 24. The porches need to come off or be replaced. I have my bees on the back porch. They are doing well there.

City water comes out past the property. There is a spring that is part way up one hill. I don't know if it would run all the time if it was dug out. Some swales above might help. The little creek runs all fall, winter and spring, but dries up during the summer to only a few pools. The pond however always has water in it. Spring fed? It's below the spring on the hill. I never had to worry about my horses or the cows having water.

Thank you for your interest.