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Glen Brausky wrote:What part of ID. used to live in Kalispell MT. Moved to AK when it started to GROW in the 90s

North of Sandpoint, south of Bonners Ferry. Pretty close to Canada.
7 months ago

Jae Lowell wrote:

We can for sure chat more. My wife and I aren't quite ready to do it just yet. We are currently a year out on our lease for where we live now so we are taking the time to practice gardening techniques, building techniques, saving money, taking classes on green energy and anything else we can get our hands on.

It's certainly a challenge to get the right people aligned and ready to go at the right times, haha. I hope it works well for you. Would be happy to stay sort of in touch in case things work out in the future.
7 months ago
What are the odds you would be willing to consider co-ownership with another investor? I am in N ID and was looking toward the east coast for minimizing fire season a bit, myself. Also becausereal estate in Idaho has become outrageously expensive this last year or so, unfortunately.  It's hard to leave home because it's a beautiful place and I have never lived anywhere else... but here are my options, I guess. As for fires, it seems it isn't as bad there just yet... and the real estate hasn't  skyrocketed there yet either. I don't imagine it will stay that way forever though.

I am up for 4 seasons and the northern climate, as I grew up with those things and am not only used to them but am also partial. Vermont is in the general vicinity of the area I was considering. I was actually eyeing Maine because it's got good prices on large acreage and some mountains at least, plus the coast. But Vermont seems comparable.
I have experience with small livestock and had a horse once. I have done a decent bit of gardening, some permaculture style, some canning and food preserving, lived off grid and hauled water a while, washed my laundry with a bucket and a plunger and hung to dry (including cloth diapers, haha), and dabbled a little in alternative building methods... mostly have done a ton of research, but I have done a bit of the physical work involved in clearing land (own and run my own smaller/medium sized chainsaw for firewood and cleaning fallen trees as needed, though I do prefer to leave them standing when possible) and tried a start at an earthbag structure, but then I had spontaneous triplets and had to put it all aside. I actually have 5 little kids, and those little gems are the most trying part of this whole thing for me. 😅 It's hard to do much else than be a mom, and I don't feel I can wear all the hats without dropping something now and then. As they say, it takes a village...
My partner is supportive but not as helpful as I would like with the hard work part of things. He was a city kid whose life goals were playing guitar and writing a book, and like Cimmeron was saying, he just doesn't seem to have any concept of real hard work 😬 (at least compared to my family,  but my dad was often referred to as the hardest worker many people had ever seen; he used to go logging by himself and load his own log truck without heavy machinery,  for example,  and brought many loads in to the local mills. I was raised to a different  standard in that regard and it's hard not to compare and be frustrated with the pace here...). He also gets anxious and irritable when I put him on kid duty. 😒 So I try not to do that too much. (To be fair he has emotional and stress management issues due to a really abusive childhood and all things considered he came out awesome despite all that. Still kind of a bummer for me though.) He's often away for days at a timefor work anyway though. He's a good human by the way and I don't mean to badmouth him but I feel like I need to be transparent about it so people know what kind of dynamics they are looking at here. He does his best to do his part and he is well employed making airplane breaks, and he does participate as he is able. But I think I am definitely the work horse in my relationship, and I am sort of bogged down.
What I would love is to find other families to share kid duties with and even cooking responsibilities, in the fashion of Dancing Rabbit's food co-ops, so we can take turns getting more done while the kids still get their needs met. Still doing what I can on my own though... I am actually reflooring my house and repainting and doing small repairs as able, and usually manage to cook healthy meals for my kids, usually from scratch.
Before I had kids I worked at a local sawmill and saved the money to put a down-payment on an investment property/rental that I hoped would support my lifestyle as an off grid permaculture mom. Haha. It doesn't make much yet but it will provide a modest living once paid off, which could be done by selling my other properties, so I would have a steady income stream for projects or the like, and possibly to help support the village a bit. I have 10 acres in Idaho I had been contemplating making a micro ecovillage on, or selling and using to buy or co invest with someone else. (Value probably between $150-200k.) I am also living in a house that has a decent chunk of equity, should I sell it. Would love to buy a large parcel with someone that my kids would have the option to build on as well, should they wish to when the time comes.

Let me know what you think and we can chat more to see if we are compatible for sharing this project. Good luck!
7 months ago
Hey, I am also in Naples area but about to relocate to a 10acre property in Samuels area (about 20mim from Sandpoint). I am actually trying to start a mini ecovillage there.
9 months ago
I own 10acres of land in N. Idaho and I don't owe payments on it. I want to start an ecovillage here and have started finding my people.
My original plan was to have people sign contracts and do background checks to protect all parties involved, with a process that is similar to an official rental agreement with eviction terms and the whole 9yrds, just exchanging work for room and board instead of $. Then I/we would try to get this up and running while I maintain my position as the lead to start (since it is currently my land and too many chiefs gets complicated, especially for something sorta delicate like this, just starting out). Then, once it gets stable, I thought that I might make an LLC and sell shares of it to members with a full consensus governing system. (It will have to remain fairly small since it is only 10acres so I thinn full consensus is *probably* sustainable enough. Looking into it though.) That way too my only asset isn't tied up as an ecovillage if I ever decide to move away, also, and it ideally remains stable and functional if I leave it someday.

My question is, has anyone done it this way and do they have any wisdom to impart?
Also someone pointed out that I should make this be an LLC right away, before I even get people out there, to protecr myself and the property. Then I suppose I could add people to it later?

9 months ago
P.S. I am wondering what the simplest filtration system would be. I am wondering if just adding an inverted roof shape in between the building units to direct water to a cistern, and filling the trough with sand, would be an acceptable filtration system gor potable water? Or would we need to filter water in smaller amounts for drinking, on demand?
I saw this interesting video about a sand based filter...
9 months ago
I am trying to start a little intentional community and am considering how to go about this. I would prefer to use green roofs and I am also seeking to catch rainwaternfor most of our water needs.

Also, due to our design limitations as a result of planning and zoning, the buildings have to be interconnected. I am thinking to do this with a utility room that houses the water filtration and cistern for each unit. (Probably also solar battery banks, cleaning supplies, tools, etc, haha.)
This is my design idea, attached. Does this look like a sound design to you? What filtration system would you recommend? I am considering the rocks and sand method since I already have a green roof in place anyway. But then I must consider also the potentially structurally weaker point here. Most of my building design involves minimal cement use but I would consider some here to reinforce and create a funnel/trough for the rain catchment system if that is deemed best!

Thanks in advance for any ideas or input!
9 months ago
I have gone and surprised myself with my twisting-turning approach to planning again. Haha.
After another look in a less discouraged mindset, I think I will reinforce the deteriorating portions of wall with a form and poured concrete. Still less concrete than a conventional build, and making use of the existing structure, which I do believe will still hold weight once sealed in and once the falling/fallen bags are removed.

Any tips on this would be welcome!

Wondering if I will need reinforcement/ties to keep this concrete from falling away/separating from the bags? Some rebar placed in the wall, perhaps?

As for the kids and their helpfulness, I am doing a celebratory happy-dance today because I just camped out on the property with the kids on a *whim* yesterday (big deal considering the preparations often desired with four tiny humans) because being out there with them was actually *enjoyable* rather than just being extremely disheartening and very difficult. It's not their fault, of course, they were all two and four years old last year! It has just been a very trying phase of life. But I am finally back to starting to feel like myself, again! I am outdoors making and doing stuff with my own two hands, which makes my heart very happy.
2 years ago
Well, here is the ugly side of a failed green building project... I started the work nearly 4yrs ago now, and had to stop everything when an unplanned pregnancy turned out to be triplets (and the child I already had wasn't quite two when I had them). Life has been pretty different since then, finances had to go elsewhere, and no one else around me really knew about or cared for the green building idea, so unfortunately everything sat and went to waste. The bags are extremely damaged by the sun and the contents are all spilling out freely. People attempted to tarp them, but the tarps deteriorated as well or blew off, and the elements had their way with it all. It is what it is.
I can still barely do a small project in my own backyard these days with all of these toddlers in tow, but I am going through a divorce and need to relocate soon-ish. I would love to get back onto my property (we lived in an older fifthwheel then), but will definitely need to remove everything before I can start anything new there. That is the building site I would like to use, however, and the rubble trench foundation being there already would save me some money on this new build.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on a best method or approach to tearing down old walls.
It will probably be a pretty unpleasant task no matter how I spin it. But if someone has had experience in this area, and might have some insights, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your time and any information you may have to offer.
2 years ago
I am in beautiful North Idaho with 10 paid for acres. I have been wanting very badly to start some kind of ecovillage and/or live an alternative lifestyle for a long time now... My original goal was to develop this property, sell it and then use that money to buy a larger parcel that my friends and family or others could join me on for an intentional community/ecovillage that my kids could live on when I was gone if they still wanted to.
Unfortunately/fortunately a lot of unforseen events and learning has happened since then. Haha.
I have 4 toddlers, 3 of which are 2yr old triplets (which was an unexpected pregnancy), and my primary job and hobby these days is being a mom, plus a few side jobs babysitting, housecleaning, window painting, and starting photography for a modest income. I stay very busy and it's kind of overwhelming. My ex husband wasn't ever really into the alternative lifestyle (more of a videogamer). I have a boyfriend now, but between him wanting to help me with the kids, his job that calls for a lot of overtime, and him not really having building experience, conventional or otherwise, progress still isn't really being made. He says he would feel better about it if he had help out there, which I do understand as he really doesn't have any building experience and having help makes a big difference. But when I go out there with all of the kids, I am still basically just dealing with them the whole time at this stage in their development. Haha.

I have a rubble trench foundation and started earthbag stemwalls and was thinking to finish the walls with cordwood masonry on my experimental unfinished barn that I started before I had the triplets. I am still considering developing this land a bit before selling it and using the money from that sale to move elsewhere. I am not really sure yet. If I had help, my helpers could live on the land (off grid) rent free with a little cabin or a trailer, and could get the first opportunity to buy it when we sold (at a reduced price roughly equivalent to the work they put into it) or they could get a cut from the sale money. They would also be invited to come with us if we buy land elsewhere to continue our pursuit of an intentional community or ecovillage. I am seriously considering Oregon, but I can't say for sure yet what we will do as the future is anything but certain.
If it was something we all agreed with, there is also the possibility that we could start a mini community right there, but I would want for it to be something we all agreed to and, as previously mentioned, the future is so uncertain. If I didn't want to stay the above 2 options would be the primary ones, and if you didn't want to stay I would sell so you could get compensation for your work.
Whatever happened, my helper/s would have their opinions and preferences heard. I strive to be fair and I am pretty laid back and like to make things work for everyone if it's possible. I am in a position now where I need some help and I am very open to input or suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing your responses. Thanks for your time reading and/or replying.
3 years ago